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Wing app to provide air-traffic control for drones

Mudassar Hassan




A new app called OpenSky which hopes to becomes the basis for an established air-traffic control system was unveiled on Tuesday by ‘Wing,’ an offshoot of Alphabet’s Google. According to James Burgess, the CEO of the wing, It is holding discussions with many countries related to the approval of this app. The wing is also working on demonstration programs with the Federal Aviation Administration.

In an interview, Burgess said “This is Wing’s effort to try to make drone flying easier and safer for all operators. We envision a future where it’s easy to access the sky and all drone operators are collaborative, able to follow the rules and work within the constructs of whatever aviation regulation and rules are in place in a country.

Many other companies like AirMap and Iris Automation, are developing similar products and testing them with the FAA. Wing along with helping the drone operators planning their flights, it also ensures they adhere to legal instructions and avoid mid-air collisions.

Since some of the companies like’s prime air are seeking to use the drones for deliveries, it’s necessary for Wing to keep track of the air-traffic to avoid collisions. Burgess said “It’s a fundamental part. Because, for Wing to do the advanced delivery operations and provide that service that we envision, drones will have to share the skies safely and be able to operate in a highly automated fashion while still being compliant and interoperable with everything around them.

Using its OpenSky app, the company has made 80,000 test flights in three continents. It is available to apple and android operating system users in Australia. A PC version is also available. This app provides notifications of no-fly zones, such as a sporting event and also tells the drone pilots whether a flight Is legal.

Wing received government approval as an airline in the month of April. The wing was the first US drone company to achieve this feat.

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