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WhatsApp can now be used on a phone without a touch screen

Imran Javed



All those who demanded to use an ‘old’ mobile phone that, in addition, allowed to have some app like WhatsApp are in luck.

It is already possible to use the famous instant messaging application in a terminal of that type in Spain.

It is the Nokia 8110 4G, which does not have a touch screen, but with Internet access. A terminal that uses the KaiOS operating system, for which WhatsApp has been adapted.

Through the ‘old’ phone, which has been on the market for 60 to 90 euros, you can not only send messages but also play with other services such as Gmail or Facebook .

However, it is not easy to use all of them, since the screen of only two and a half inches of this terminal makes navigating quite difficult for a long time.

I am a professional blogger/writer and have been writing as a freelance writer for various websites. Now I have joined one of the most recognized platforms in the world.