We want the climate change government!

We want the climate change government!

The last few weeks have been marked by new symptoms of the climatic emergency: 10 billion trees and an area as large as Portugal have burned in Siberia , while in India an exceptional heat wave has left over 1700 dead on the ground . And even our country, although protected from normally moderate weather conditions, has had its tragic events, such as the whirlwind that killed a young woman in Fiumicino, or the record hailstorm in Pescara.

These phenomena are not the result of the whims of chance, but have a manager with name and surname: global warming. Centuries of climate-changing emissions have brought the planet to the brink of collapse, and if anyone still thinks this is only a problem for pandas and penguins, they are wrong.  As it is already starting to do – extreme weather events, desertification and raising of the level of the seas, which will result in deaths, enormous economic damage and biblical migrations.

After decades of substantial indifference from public opinion, the effects of climate change have led more and more people to mobilize: millions of young people around the world took to the streets with the has tags , while London was paralyzed for weeks by activists of Extinction Rebellion. And even in the last few days important signals have arrived, such as the news of the Belfast shipyard occupied by workers asking for nationalization and ecological reconversion. However, politics remained at the window. While openly denial leaders like Trump and Bolsonaro rise to the world, from our analysis less than 1% of the tweets of the last three leaders of our country have been dedicated to the emergency climate, and newspapers have no room for the government crisis.

But if, as science tells us, we only have 11 years left to try to reverse course, we can only shudder at the hypothesis of other years lost behind technical,  purpose, timed governments . The government that serves people, the only possible government is yes, the government of change, but climatic. This is an appeal to all those forces that applauded us when we occupied the squares throughout Italy, to all those who – across the board – believe the climate is a problem to be addressed. You have the opportunity to move from words to deeds, to show your commitment to the young, the weakest, and your land.

We need a government that declares the climate emergency, that cuts incentives to fossil that blocks new investments in climate-changing resources, that realizes a great plan for energy efficiency and renewable, that respects the Paris agreements and goes even further, following the indications that come from the scientific community. Be careful not to think that dealing with the climate means neglecting work, democracy, and health.  A radical change in the production system, housing and cities in the green sense would be a formidable driving force for employment; the conversion of climate-changing companies almost always coincides with the elimination of polluting and dangerous plants for the health of citizens; facing the climate crisis means for the first time listening to the millions of young people worried about their future.

Are there political conditions? Probably not, none of the actors on the field has shown the necessary will, and perhaps our appeal will be a scream to a deaf man. But we have too little time and too much need to fight not to make this attempt, and to shoot until the last cartridge we have available.

Dear politicians, carry out the government of climate change, and show us that you are better than you have been so far.