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Uber drivers confess what they really think of their passengers

Imran Javed



We are in the age of applications, in which we all qualify ourselves, whether with likes or stars. However, this does not tell us much. Such is the case of Uber drivers.

Just as users demand impeccable service, drivers also want passengers to have certain considerations with them.

With Business Insider research, we share what Uber drivers really think of their passengers and would like them to know.

– It’s hard to be nice when the last passenger was very rude. It requires a high level of professionalism. Especially when the trips are very fast and followed.

– The application tells you how much we will get exactly. Why are you making us wait?

– We like gossip and hear conversations from strangers. It is entertaining to know information from people that we will never see again. Pity that people stay texting.

– Like any service, tips would fall very well.  If you think that Uber pays very well, well, he does not.

– A sincere “thank you” from a client can make your day. If they gave you a good service, thank also with tip.

– Avoid the hassle of trying to get more passengers to the car than they fit.

– Do not smoke before getting in the car.  The smell permeates and I stay with him.

– Avoid getting into the car with alcohol in your hand. And if you go up drunk, at least be clear where you’re going.

– I’m a worker, not your servant. “At the end of the day, it’s my car, my time and my life. I’m a human being, like you, and you’re treated the exact way you treat me. “

– Put your exact location. If it takes us too long to find you, you do not answer the calls and it takes time to leave, we will cancel the trip.

– We are more limited to saying “no”. Especially, for the qualifications.

– “The trip can not always be perfect”. Like, having the car intact, predicting traffic and road works and always being in a good mood.

– Please, do not leave your garbage.

– Use a seat belt. Finally, it is a car and the risk of an accident is the same.

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