Twitter to Re-Continue Apple Desktop Apps Soon


A little over a year after discontinuing its Mac desktop app, Twitter says that it’s launching the program back in the App Store after Apple revealed Project Catalyst for macOS 10.15 Catalina. It described why it took the decision to drop the app last year.

Twitter has been facing an ups-and-downs of sorts with Apple Inc. in recent years with Silicon Valley giants preventing Twitter to incorporate its app in the App Store in 2018.

Twitter declared the same during Apple’s WWDC conference in the previous week, mentioning that the app would inaugurate with the start of Catalina this year and that the updated version will have a lot of new characteristics like the dark mode and power saving mode, shortcut keys, multi-tasking features, and a notification bar.

In February 2018, Twitter drew the call from Apple’s App Store after a series of frenzied reviews and claimed that people rather use the web version of its site. In its post last day, it also provides a bit more of an explanation for why the first Mac app was brought into discontinuation: while it began with the iPhone app, the Mac app deviated as Twitter constantly concentrated on its mobile apps. As a result, the company couldn’t balance both efficiently which ultimately, led to the closure.

Twitter says that with Project Catalyst, they’ll be capable of utilising their current iOS codebase and will bring in some more interactive characteristics for desktops while keeping their maintenance effective as they continue to develop this shared codebase.