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Twitter already allows to include images and videos in the retweets

Imran Javed



Renew or die … or how to keep users happy so they can stay with you. This is what is repeated insistently Twitter this 2019. If just two weeks ago changed its interface (and gave us the option to choose the previous one if we did not like), now brings changes in the retweets to make them more interactive and more attractive.

In this social network, we can now share attachments to retweets. Twitter allows us to include GIF, images, and videos when we make a retweet. He has announced it through the account of his Product Design team.

The new design is specially oriented to the structure of the retweets. The company explains that with these changes the hierarchy is modified to ” prioritize the voice of the author and provide more context”.

So now Twitter shows the attachments present in the original publication that is retweeted, which includes images, GIFs or videos. All this appears in a smaller box inside the retweet.

The redesign of the tweets i also includes an avatar that is displayed inside the box and that has the profile picture of the author of the original tweet.

The technology company based in San Francisco announces another update soon. The only thing advanced by the Twitter design team is that it “will make retweets with more interactive and simpler-to-read attachments.”

This social network tripled its profits during the first quarter of the year to 191 million dollars, representing an increase of 213.11% year-on-year, thanks to the increase in advertising revenues and the sale of software, according to the company.

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