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Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Tween girls can be a joy, but planning a birthday party for them can be quite the challenge. Think about your girl’s personality and interests and then examine the following birthday party ideas to help you form a memorable party for her tween years.

Idea 1: Auction Party Theme

When you send out invitations to your tween’s guests, ask them to bring a white elephant item wrapped up in a box or sealed in a bag. Once everyone arrives, give the tweens play money and auction off the gifts. You can add gag gifts of your own, food, and other items. Let the winning bidder open the gift once they receive it and then, let them buy each other’s presents or trade. The leftover money can be used to bit on the first piece of cake.

Idea 2: Spa Party

Many tween girls are beginning to show an interest in their appearance so a spa party complete with plenty of pampering might be the perfect theme. Have the guests bring bathrobes and slippers and set up a day or night spa in your home. Create a few stations for facial masks and peels and make sure you have cucumber slices on hand. You can also set up stations for manicures, pedicures, hairstyling and other items. The girls will need to rotate through the stations. As party favors, give gift bags with emery boards, nail polish and other items.

Idea 3: Fashion Show Theme

Tween girls love to show off and this party theme allows them to do just that. Grab some old clothes from a thrift store and let the girls dress up in glamorous accessories including sunglasses, hats, scarves, boas, wigs, tiaras and so on. Then, set up a runway with a red sheet and a long walkway. Let them put on a fashion show while someone takes pictures. Give each girl a CD of the fashion show pictures as a party favor.

If you choose the right birthday party ideas for your tween, she is bound to love the party you throw for her. Her friends may even want to repeat the idea for their own birthdays.


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