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Top 11 Anime Sites as Alternatives to KissAnime




KissAnime is probably one of the most popular anime streaming sites on the Internet, and offers a variety of videos of the highest quality. There is no doubt that this site is popular and loved by millions of people! You can visit their site and see free animes and you do not need to register. If you decide to register, you can create a list of your favorite videos and then share them with your friends. In addition, you can make comments in several videos. That said, sometimes it’s a good idea to visit other similar sites that are surprisingly really better. Let’s see some other sites like KissAnime. All these excellent anime streaming sites can be considered decent alternatives of KissAnime to enjoy your favorite anime videos.

Anime Freak


This is a very popular anime site like KissAnime, and it offers one of the largest and highest quality anime databases, and it’s absolutely free! They have more than 10,000 anime series and add new ones every day. They also add new anime episodes directly after their release. Simply register and start watching videos immediately. Its interface is very similar to all others and provide categories so that viewers can navigate through them. You can see the videos in alphabetical order, by the latest releases, by genre, etc. I do not think there’s anything on AnimeFreak that you can not find. Once you visit them, you can decide that this is the only anime streaming site you will need!

Are you looking for an efficient way to download videos to watch them offline? If so, the Video Master will be an ideal solution. It allows you to take a movie clip on a local disk and watch it without internet. It also has a media converter to convert the downloaded videos to the desired format to watch them on your TV, mobile device or tablet without Internet. In addition, this tool allows you to edit video files, burn the computer screen and create animated photo albums.



AnimeLab is a 100% legal website like KissAnime that offers literally thousands of programs and is completely free. They provide one of the largest Internet libraries for your anime shows, which means you will not need to visit KissAnime ever again. The disadvantage, at this time AnimeLab is only available in Australia and New Zealand. With luck, they will diversify and offer their service in many other countries soon. For your convenience, they are compatible with the most popular devices, such as iOS, Android, Apple TV, Xbox, Chromecast and PlayStation. AnimeLab also has a unique and useful feature that separates them from the crowd. When you hover over the thumbnail of a series, it will flip over and give you information about the program. It will indicate a general description of the program, how many episodes there are, their classification by the spectators and whether it has been doubled or subposed. Also, if you need help, you can check your Questions section or get in touch by email and someone will be there to help you.



Like KissAnime, Chia-Anime offers anime broadcast for free and has a large selection of movies, shows and videos. The disadvantage is that its interface is quite crowded with advertisements all over the place, which makes browsing a little uncomfortable. Otherwise, this is still an excellent alternative to the KissAnime series. Chia-Anime also allows you to download videos to watch later. All series are replaced and folded so you do not have to be Japanese to watch a show or movie! This site is very safe and suitable for all ages. It seems that the most popular language is English. Check it out, you will not be disappointed!

Anime Planet


Anime-Planet is also a popular online anime broadcast website similar to KissAnime. On this site, you will find all the newest and oldest anime series easily, in high quality following the friendly interface. The animes are classified into different categories and on the home page, there are several sections such as this week’s popular anime, the most recent anime recommendations, etc., to instantly inform you of the most popular and new anime. Information about anime episodes is offered for your reference. Although the website has a user-friendly interface, there are some ads that will appear when you enjoy anime like most free anime video sites. Apart from that, Anime-Planet is really a great place to enjoy your favorite anime videos.


This site is one of the most important websites, for the transmission of anime and an excellent alternative to KissAnime. It has almost everything and anything an anime lover could want. Getting is really easy and you do not need to register. The only requirement, you must have the latest version of Flash Player. If your Flash Player is outdated, you will have to download the latest version. Its interface is very easy to use and its homepage presents the last loaded videos. Because of its user-friendly site, there is absolutely nothing that can confuse visitors. Also, if you want to check your schedule to watch anime shows that will be uploaded, click on the Programming section at the top of the menu.



Since its launch in 2006, Crunchyroll has been attracting thousands of users from all over. A very interesting point, this site is not limited only to anime. All their shows are in many languages, not only in English and Japanese. This is an excellent online anime site that offers Asian video streaming options that include anime, drama, manga, entertainment, music, etc. They have approximately 25,000 episodes of Anime and 15,000 hours of content “with official license”. If seeing something pirated is against your principles, Crunchyroll is an excellent alternative to KissAnime. Having said that, not all of their shows are free! They offer a good combination of free shows, as well as their premium content. If you only plan to visit from time to time, you’ll be fine with its free version, but if you want to watch programs, videos and movies continuously, you should opt for its premium version. The free version is somewhat limited, so keep that in mind. To date, Crunchyroll has surpassed the mark of one million paid subscribers and has proven to be an excellent alternative to KissAnime. Go see it!



Anilinkz offers a great selection of anime series similar to KissAnime and is considered an excellent alternative. This site is also one of the sites that are updated more frequently and anime uploads are both replaced or doubled for all types of users. Due to their continuous update, they have many new episodes. The Anilinkz interface is very clean and very easy to find to find your favorite programs in their categories. You will find newly added series, continuous series and a complete list of everything on your site. As Anilinkz is 100% free, this is another great alternative that offers a great selection of high quality videos.



GoGoanime should not be lost in the list of websites like KissAnime. This website has a large database that offers all kinds of anime, from the rarest to the most recent and most popular. Anime series are classified by alphabet so you can easily see and find the one you like the most. On the home page, there is a recent release, a popular popular update, a recently added series, etc. to help you get access to the most popular, newest and most recent anime series instantly. There is also a New Season tab, which shows the newly launched anime series. In addition, anime movies are provided in the Movies tab. If you are an anime lover, remember to visit this site and you will find something amazing.



A good option for reliable and reliable anime sites like KissAnime is 9Anime. This website has a very large database of more than 26,000 anime shows, movies and videos and more is constantly being added to the library. All animated videos are sorted by Genres, Most Recent, Update, In Progress, Types, A-Z List, Language, etc. and you can quickly find the desired one by following the easy-to-use interface. One feature that should be mentioned about this anime site similar to KissAnime is that it offers a request section that allows you to request the anime that you like, but it is not available on this site. In addition, 9Anime allows you to stream animesin HD HD folded. If you want to enjoy anime series in English, 9Anime may be your first choice.



One more place like Kissanime is Animenova, formerly known as Anime44. Although she changed her name, Animenova still has the same library of new and old anime series. The anime episodes are updated every day, almost at the same time as Japan. The home screen shows the recently updated anime list, and the most popular series of the season. Apart from the anime, Animenova also has a “Mangga” library that is also updated on time. They have series in both Japanese and English, which is why it is popular even with people who do not speak Japanese. One good thing about this, is that everything is ordered, by categories, keeping the site organized. However, to survive, the site has tons of ads that appear before the video is played. But do not deny the fact that it is one of the good places like Kissanime to watch anime series.



Kuroani came to the list as one of the best places like Kissanime. In terms of content, this site is not lagging behind among others in the list. Filled with the latest episodes of anime series in progress, it has a wide range of episodes in its database. The tool also runs on ads, so do not be surprised when another tab opens when you click on the site. One good thing about this site is that it has a programming button, which shows the launch of the anime scheduled for a specific day. But one thing that really sets him apart from other sites like Kissanime, is his exclusive “Random” button. The button shows a random anime series when clicked. This is good for someone who is looking for a new series to watch. In general, Kuroani is a good place as Kissanime because it provides a good observation experience.


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