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Top 10: The Best Free Movie Download Sites




Best movie and serial download site

The selection of the best movie and serial download sites (Torrent, Direct, Streaming …) totally free. Download your favorite movie movies with the best sites.

In 2018, the movie industry has never been so profitable. Although downloading and streaming may be a fight for some companies in the film, it seems that downloading does not prevent this industry from getting ever more rich.

Not that we have to apologize for downloading that is illegal. But do not go too far from the original subject. What are the best free movie and series download sites?

Find the best movies, to start on, using download directories . Otherwise there are many sites, Torrent or Direct that offers a wide choice of film and series. Discover the TOP 10.

The top of the serial and movie download sites:

# 1  : with are very good directory to find the link of your movie or series.

# 2 Z.Download  : A very well filled forum, which will allow you with a simple search to find the movie of your choice.

# 3 LibertyLand  : which offers series and movies. Direct download or torrent, in VF or in Vost … You have only embarra the choice.

# 4 Emule Insland  : The site offers download via eMule or live. The advantage is that there is even streaming if you do not want to download.

# 5 Torrent9  : The site ranks movies by genre, very handy if you’re lacking inspiration in movie ideas to watch.

# 6 Planet Series  : The specialist of series, manga, cartoons and TV shows.

# 7  Cpasbien  : Simple fast and effective. It downloads everything, even music.

# 8 MegaTorrent  : A young site, but full of future. He offers films, music series and of course a TOP.

# 9 YourBitterent  : Like all the others, although it is not necessarily the easiest of use.

10 # Netflix  : Yes, it must be mentioned. The application is paying, but the movies are many, good quality and fast with a simple click. For those who are really movie buffs.

Reminder: To be in legality, you must download files / royalty-free movies. Be sure to pay attention to the public domain product or not. We can not be held responsible for the use resulting from the exploitation of the sites presented here.

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