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Top 10 Sites Like SolarMovie for Watching Movies




Watching movies and videos online has been a trend due to the comforts of the Internet. If you like to enjoy movies online, then you must have tried SolarMovie, a free video streaming website that offers tons of movies and TV shows. Do you want more sites like SolarMovie to find more of your favorite TV show, series or movie? Are you looking for suggestions? Well, there are many popular movie sites like SolarMovie and they can be used as SolarMovie alternatives. Here we have compiled a list of 10 great websites that are very similar to SolarMovie. It is always good to have different options because people like different designs, formats and capacities when it comes to watching movies and TV shows online.

Let Me Watch This – Movies for View and Download


Let Me Watch This is an excellent website similar to SolarMovie. It’s free and has a wide selection of old and new movie movies. You can select a movie to easily see or use one of its search filter functions to find the perfect program for you. Users can rate movies so that others find it easier to choose something to enjoy. There is also a large section of “If you like this movie, you’ll like it too …” on each page where similar movies are listed. The only negative aspect of this site is the fact that they show ads before the movie is played. This is how they keep all the free service for their users. All you have to do is click on the ad or close the web page that appears to access the movie. They can even be downloaded for viewing later.

If you are interested in downloading and converting the movie from the sites reviewed here, feel free to visit Video Keeper, which is a good tool to enjoy the movie on your TV, mobile device, tablet or other devices without Internet.

Movie Watcher


Movie Watcher should not be lost in the list of SolarMovie alternatives, as this website has made watching movies online easier than ever. Here you can find movies, TV series, comedies, etc., and the genres, years and popularity organize all the videos. You can comfortably navigate to the desired video and see it immediately without annoying ads. Usually, the latest movies are organized in sequence on the home page, while you can also search for the movies you want through the top right search bar. Another advantage of this site is that it offers many HD movies that are not available in other broadcast sites and the transmission speed is dizzying. However, to transmit or download a video, you must first create a free account.

Watch movies free


This is a free and reliable streaming movie that offers a lot of movies and high quality TV shows. You can find almost all genres of films from different countries and years on this site, including Comedy, Terror, Country, Action, Drama, Science Fiction, etc. and the video library is constantly updated so you can access the latest trends. content here One of the reasons for the growing popularity of WatchMoviesFree is that it allows users to watch full movies online for free without having to register an account first. In addition, most videos can be downloaded directly to enjoy them offline. Although some movies and television programs require you to register before you start the transmission or download, registration is free and simple. So it does not matter if you like watching movies online or you prefer to download videos, watching free movies can satisfy your needs.

All Movie


This video streaming site has a powerful search engine so you can navigate through the immense collection of movies with ease and find the perfect one for you. In addition to a large selection, AllMovie offers articles on film news, actors and actresses and other items of interest to movie lovers. You can find box office listings in any case that you want to leave your home and go to the theater, as well as many full movies to watch at home. Video thumbnails make your choice easy.

TV Box – Watch Latest TV Shows


The films on this website are very well organized, so you can find the perfect show for your mood without delay. Tube Plus has many registered users who can comment and provide comments on all the movies. The site provides graphics so that people who stop can find the most popular genres or individual programs they can see. You can have a good time watching the movies you like so much and engaging in a conversation about them. Tube Plus allows you to see the videos directly on the website screen, but there are also download capabilities, so you can save them and view them to your liking. Note that Tube Plus has been changed to TV Box with a new interface.

IMDB – Authoritative Movie Review Site


Although IMDB is not a video streaming service, it offers the most extensive database of movies and television shows that are now available to watch in theaters or on cable networks. It serves as a guide for different episodes and movies, so you know what is playing when. Networks such as ABC, CBS, Fox, TBS, TNT and VH1, among others, are covered. People who love watching movies or television shows will enjoy the community spirit found in IMDB. You can register directly on the site or log in with your Facebook account to add information to the pages of the movie, discuss the favorites with other fans and give and receive recommendations for your next election.

Movie Web – Blog Concentrated on Offering Movies


This website requires registration if you want to get involved with information and communication about movies, celebrities and other news in the entertainment industry. One thing that makes MovieWeb different is that it seems to be a blog instead of a database. There are easy-to-use menus for new releases, movies, trailers and other movie options, or you can simply read the articles and watch the videos that are frequently posted on the page.

Yes Movies – Quickly Everything Loads


YesMovies is one of the best online movie streaming sites like SolarMovie. It has a beautiful design in which you can easily and quickly find the video that you like. In addition, the best thing about this SolarMovie alternative is that the loading speed is quite fast, since it enjoys the reputation of “quickly everything is loaded”. If your Internet speed is decent, then Yes Movies may be your best option to watch movies online. Like SolarMovie, a wide range of videos is provided in different categories such as comedy, war, horror, etc., so you can look and enjoy. There is always a slide show running on the site, which informs you about upcoming new movies. In addition to the movies, you can also watch the television series on Yes Movies.

Yify – Watch HD Movies for Free


Yify is considered a high quality replacement for SolarMovie. It also has a fairly intuitive interface so you can quickly search and find your favorite movie. One fantastic thing is that you can watch all the videos in HD for free and that’s why it’s one of SolarMovie’s best alternatives for watching movies online. Although Yify is a tremendous online movie website, it does not directly provide the movie on your site. Instead, the transmission is offered by a third party. But you can only use it to watch free movies from a wide selection of genres, which include horror, drama, action, etc.

Movies.GG – Large Collection of High-Quality Movies


Movies.GG is a free online movie streaming service that is available in English and German. You can discover the extensive movie collection of Movies.GG, through various search aspects. On the home page, the latest movies are shown, but by using the toolbar on the left side of the page, you can easily access the latest movie additions, the best rated movies and search for movies based on the genre.

Also, when you watch a movie, you are offered many related videos. In total, however, the site offers fewer features and is less sophisticated compared to SolarMovie. The labeling of the film, for example, is not as detailed and the download is not available.



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