Top 10 Sites Like SolarMovie for Watching Movies Online

Top 10 Sites Like SolarMovie for Watching Movies Online

It has become really easy nowadays to watch a free movie online or a video and that’s very convenient too thanks to the internet. Solarmovie is a great website that will help you watch free movies online. The amazing part about the site is you don’t have to register or create an account. One merely finds an advert popping up and that makes watching hindrance free. People love this site for watching online because it has a mammoth variety of Movies along with TV serials. The problem is that you will not always be successful to access SolarMovie because of different reasons. In those times you should have other options like SolarMovie that can provide you HD content. We have listed some alternatives that might help you in the hour of need. Just like SolarMovie, these websites also provide quality content.

  1. LetMeWatchThis

My personal fav LetMeWatchThis has been around for quite a sometime now. I still remember back in the day this site used to provide me a great number of options when it came to the old, new, release date, featured movies and different genres as well. Either it is a movie or a TV show you name it and you will find it here. It was always quick navigation because the interface was really smooth and simple. The part I hated most was the ads, as they appeared every now and then. Apart from little glitches, it is one of my personal favs and the best one can find as an alternative of SolarMovie for watching free movies online.

TIPS: Since the platform is not available on iOS or Android you may not find LetMeWatchThis app but the good part is it is mobile optimized. It will give you the same experience as of web on iOS and Android devices.


One can find out the latest addition of movies on main-page

You will find new releases here

A great Number of High-quality movies can be found


It will ask you for registration in order to watch a movie online

  1. Movie Watcher

MovieWatcher is another tool that can be used as an alternative of SolarMovie. You will get updated content either it is movies or TV series on this website as it keeps updating new content. If it is a popular TV show or a movie that is freshly released, you would easily find it on the home-page. One added features is biographies of actors and actresses that are most popular can easily be found here. It is mobile optimized therefore you can watch your fav movie anywhere anytime through mobile. Name your fav actor or any actress you find their movies easily.

TIPS: The mobile-friendly interface allows you to search for any movie through iOS or Android phone and watch online using any browser. You just have to type MovieWatcher on the URL and there you go.


Really easy navigation with a cool interface

A movie just released can also be watched

Everyday TV shows can also be watched


Third-party website redirection for playing a video

  1. WatchMoviesFree

WatchMoviesFree makes to the alternative of SolarMovie due to some cool features. This site where you can stream free is known for movies in HD quality. You are regularly posted with latest movies through this site very frequently and also the TV series. A movie of your fav actor or actress is just a click away as you just need to scroll through and click at your desired name. These features rank this site high to watch a movie free online. That is why we have included this site on our list of favorites.


Free movies are available to watch in High Definition

The list continues with many other popular movies


Ads will appear if you click at any place on the page

  1. AllMovie

AllMovie turns the head as we speak of sites where you watch free movies online. Here you will find the latest movies trending and best movies as it will easily allow you to search through newly arrived movies in theaters along with new DVD that you would easily be able to stream through the webpage. Choose form genres, themes and moods whichever movie you like to watch. You can always filter your search with an option of “Advanced search” based on the release date, genres, and ratings of a particular movie and you would be able to find the movie you want to watch. For the latest content do try this platform.


Genres of different movies are well sorted

Advanced search can be used to quickly find movies to watch


You will have to close ads before starting to watch a movie

  1. TVBox

Sorted library with the alphabetic placement of movies along with TV shows with timely order brings TVBox to this amazing list. Yes, TVbox has a huge variety of TV shows as the name tells the story. A huge database of TV series along with animes and movies to stream free, this website has a lot to offer. Whether it’s an upcoming film or a TV show, this site has it all. One can even find most popular series of films that are only available on HBO, Netflix or Fox. This makes this platform special for free streaming.


You will find complete episodes from a famous series in this website

Alphabetic placement of movies along with TV series


The older looking homepage

  1. IMDb

We all know about the IMDb as a familiar website that is why it listed here. Name anything related to movies of TV show, this website serves as an institution as they know all about the industry of film making. Not a site for streaming videos but it has it all that is concerned with movies and all. Any new movie or any new TV serial, this site has a review about them all and that is considered the most reliable. It has articles and trailers of new movies. Because you can find the most accurate reviews here about any movie that is why we have added this site to SolarMovie alternatives.


IMDb is the most reliable source of ratings

A stop shop for freshly released movies


Some newest movies have CAM quality still

  1. MovieWeb

MovieWeb is yet another site that can alternatively be used for SolarMovie to stream free movies. Although it is in the list as an alternative the site is more of blogs and articles related to fresh movies and info related to new releases. In this website, you will come across reviews about films and also you can find out the posted recommendations by different visitors about any movie. You can also find trailers of new movies here but you need to be logged in for full access of content. When you can’t watch through SolarMovie, this is perhaps a good choice to use alternatively. That is why we included it in our list.


A great feature of news is available on site

Watch trailers for fun here as you can find a lot here


You won’t be able to play a movie here on the website

  1. YesMovies

Talk about alternatives, here is one more in the list, YesMovies, a top site for viewing movies free online. Name it a movie or a TV show, this site contains mammoth variety for its viewers available all the time. Since it is run with the help of ads so one must find frequent popping up of ads here. The bad side is if you click on anything on this page it will redirect you and that will be an annoying thing to face. The quality of movies here is really good and overall it is a very good site to watch HD content. The interface is crisp and clear and you will have a good experience exploring this site either you want to watch a movie or a series.


For every month a fresh movie is updated

Quality is HD for most movies


Ads are a real headache to counter before starting to watch

  1. Yify

Yify is now YTS as we know is best for High Definition content may it be movies or series. Year after year they have attracted a number of streamers due to their quality services. Many times the site was blocked but the kept changing the domain names and came back. They only have now the option to download movies. When it comes to quality people only visit YTS to get movies they need as the quality is guaranteed.


With the help of torrents, you will be able to download high-quality movie

Older movies are also available in this site


Ads will keep bugging you all the times while selecting movies

  1. HouseMovie

Similar to other movie sites, HouseMovie provides quality content on demand. They rigorously update their databases and this the reason people select them ahead of the competition. The astonishing part is movies not even premiered can also be found here. As an alternative to SolarMovie, people visit this site for quality content. When it comes to quality you will know it beforehand and this makes this website special to watching online. This is the reason we have included this site among our selection of movie sites as the best alternative.


A movie about to release is also shown at the website

The latest movies that release in a specific month can be viewed here


The reason is not known but a few movies are not available temporarily

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