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TOP 07 Sites Like Movie4K




Movie4K is one of the most famous movie streaming sites that contains a massive catalog of the most recent / old movies. You can enjoy watching free movies at a high speed video upload and a wide variety of movie genres. Along with that are the complete reviews of the IMDB movie. In addition to that, each movie can be shared directly on different social media platforms if you want to let your friends. Although the site has to change its domain address several times for some reason, it is still one of the best you can find. In addition, it is easier to download movies from here. In general, the site is competitive, but if you want to try other sources, we collect the 10 best sites like Movie4K as alternatives. Read on to learn more about each option.



The first free website recommended as Movie4k is Putlocker, one of the most popular streaming services that is relatively safe to use. You can find a lot of movies, TV shows and new releases looking for in your large collection of productions. Its search interface is much more detailed compared to that of Movie4k. There are many more criteria to configure to find exactly what you are looking for and the movies are accurately labeled, showing even the official IMDB rating for each movie. Just look for the new Putlockers site on Google to discover Putlocker, which is one of the best alternative sites like Movie4K.

More movie sites will be reviewed after the jump, if you are looking for a way to save any movie video to watch it offline, then you can mark Video Master. This tool has a comprehensive solution to download and convert videos to the desired format. With this, you can easily enjoy movies on your TV, iPad, mobile device or other devices offline. In addition, it also allows you to record the computer screen, edit video files or create animation students easily.

COOLMOVIEZONE is another good alternative to Movie4K to watch free movies easily. You can find star ratings, views near the videos. Registration is free and you will then have access to high definition videos. The best thing is that your videos can be downloaded or saved for your system, which is a feature that does not offer many other streaming services, such as Movie4k. Each movie has a number of external links provided to the content, so in case the main link is broken or you are not satisfied with the quality, you will have other sources to transmit the video.



WatchMoviesfree is another great site like Movie4k. The good thing about this is that, apart from Hollywood blockbusters, the site also has collections of films from different countries. There is a button on the home page that allows you to select a country where a movie is located. One way to easily find movies is by ordering the year a movie was launched, which is also available on the website. Apart from the movies, the television site shows in its database for more diversity. But what really sets it apart from other sites like Movie4k is that it shows what movies will be added next to your library. This means that people can expect a certain movie on a specific date.



When talking about alternatives to Movie4K to watch free movies, you should not miss 123Movies. It allows you to see anything of the new brand and the latest versions. This website has a modern and well-designed interface that makes navigating your large database much easier. Their search criteria is much more complete than that of Movie4k and the movies are well labeled with accurate IMDB ratings. You can even request the addition of movies that currently do not appear in the 123Movie collection.



Vudu is a streaming site for mixed movies. This means that not all movies, especially recent ones, can be viewed for free. The site has a lot of classic movies that can be seen for free, but that contain ads, just like any other website. However, the site offers premium membership that removes ads and allows you to watch any movie in your database. The site is updated regularly to make sure you do not get left behind in the latest movies. Another feature of the site is that it allows the rental of movies, which is paid to watch a movie during a specific period of time. One way to enjoy a movie without ads and have to download it is why it is an excellent alternative to Movie4k.



Filmyanju is a torrent site where you can watch movies from different countries. But since this is an Indian torrent site, most of the films are concentrated in Hindi movies. In addition, this site is very popular because it provides a great catalog for Bollywood movies. All movies can be viewed with a maximum resolution of 1080p. In addition, all the films listed have a complete description, video quality information and genre for your information. However, as we all know, when we play movies from torrent sites, we download and upload and share the movie. So you look at your own risk. You can consider downloading a VPN to protect your IP address and browse anonymously.



SnagFilms is a popular free online streaming service that has a collection of over 5000 documentaries and movies and can be considered a decent replacement for Movie4K. The site received several awards since its launch in 2008. The service is based on ads, but considering that all movies are available for free for all users, it is definitely worth it. The way in which the SnagFilm collection is built is something revolutionary, since it organizes its films in groups based on similarities between the different films. The site is safe to use, but you will need a good ad blocker if you find annoying pop-ups

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