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This is how the amazing augmented reality feature of Google Maps works on Pixel 3a

Cheri Lynne Marie



On May 7 Google announced several developments in its I / O 2019 developer conference. In the event, in addition to presenting the new Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL, they showed many of the news that will come related to augmented reality.

Google Maps is one of the applications that already have these new and impressive features available, although only in the new Google Pixel 3a at the moment.

As if it were Pokémon Go, this feature allows users to see giant arrows in three dimensions and the names of the streets written on the real scene. Through this augmented reality, the user will be able to see the map and the image of the live camera at the same time to be able to orient themselves.

Undoubtedly, it is a function that many with good guidance will consider unnecessary, but it can save more than one from a hurry. Because, how many have not hesitated to go to the left or to the right when leaving the mouth of the subway? Now Google Maps solves that problem at a glance.

With a Masters in Computer Science, Cheri Lynne Marie is passionate about game development, game programming, and game testing for computers and mobile both. But it is not just about games for him. Apart from the gaming world, he also loves to play guitar and create one or two rhythms of his own.