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Things to consider before writing an essay




Writing skills can never go in vain. At some point in time, every individual needs to write an essay related to anything. It can either be an application, a formal draft or a news article. We have always been taught from scratch on how to improve writing skills. A good writer can connect in a more effective way with the targeted audience.

Whether you are writing something as simple as ‘my mother essay’, or a research article, here are some things that can be taken into account to write a more effective essay:

An outline

Before beginning an essay, it is important to create an outline. Before writing the first word, you must know what you about to write are. Narrow down the points and brainstorm the ideas. You must know what is there going to be in the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay. Then try to connect everything with the thesis. As well organized outline can work in a miraculous way.

Basic grammar, style and punctuation

One of the areas where essay writers lack is grammar, style and punctuation. These are the very basics of each and every essay being written. Before beginning with the draft, make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of the grammar. You must know where to use a full stop and where to use a comma. These small things can make a considerable impact on the overall quality of essay being produced. Also avoid any unnecessary words that can reduce the overall impact.

Using the right vocabulary

This is a gradual process. It takes a long time to have a strong grip on the vocabulary. The words that are being used in the essay must be able to connect with the reader. This can be done by using simple and effective words. Do not use a word if you do know the exact meaning of it. Obscure language can also reduce the clarity of the argument. The words must be used in a clear sense.

Analyze the plan

Before even beginning to write an essay, you need to analyze that the propositions being put onto the paper holds weight or not. Have the main argument in mind and use the supporting evidence to substantiate the arguments. Everything being included in the essay must relate with the topic in a clear way. This is how the readers will be able to understand the points you are making.

Conclusion matters

Your conclusion matters a lot. This is one of the most undermined areas in essay. Conclusion is basically the element that ties all the arguments together and demonstrates the audience what the point actually is. Conclusions are usually concise and to the point, however, it can be altered according to the nature of essay. Quickly outline the main points within the conclusion.

Above are the most important points to take into account when writing an essay. It will help to form a more organized draft.

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