The Technology That Is Used In Making Footballs

Football is a game that has the most number of fans all around the world, but what most people don’t know is that this game is much older than we all know to be. Officially football started around 2nd to the 3rd BC in China. But some studies suggest that the game is a lot older than that.

However old the game may be, the rules of the game have never been that different for the time it has lasted. However, the equipment that is used to play the actual game has changed substantially over the centuries, and that is to be expected because over the year’s technology has also improved a lot thus creating new opportunities for people to use it and make better versions of the equipment itself.

Today we will be taking a look at the infamous football, how was it made and what kind of technology is used to making the footballs that are used in some of the most famous football games in the world.

The History of Football

Originally the football was a ball that was filled with feathers to provide a structure to the ball itself. Over the years the first big change that came to the ball was the introduction of air-filled balls on around 206 BC -220 AD. Now the ball was a two-part construction, the inner layer for holding air and the outer layer for strength and shape.

The outer layer was made from real leather back then which made the balls much heavier but since there wasn’t an alternative back then the people stuck with it and used the same materials and techniques till the introduction of the artificial leather. Since then almost every football is made from artificial leather on the outside and rubber bladder on the inside for capturing the air.

Since the game is so old, we have come to realize that people back then also used to bet on these matches much like people today who use websites like Bet365 to place their bets.

How Modern Footballs Are Made?

The football making and testing process have greatly improved over the centuries and FIFA footballs are made from the finest product there is to date. So let’s discuss more about that process.

The process can be broken down into 3 parts, first making the necessary parts from raw materials, assembling the footballs, testing the footballs.

The first part starts when the raw materials are brought to the factory. The bladder or the tube of the football is made by melting a specific combination of rubber and other materials and pouring them into a pre-made mold to make the form of the bladder. Once it cools down and solidifies the valve is added into the rubber bladder to complete the bladder portion of the build.

On the other hand, a trade secret recipe is used to make synthetic leather, and then it is converted into sheets. Those sheets are then used to cut out the shape of the outer layer components. A laser-guided cutting table is used which works by adding material to the table, the computer sensing it, and then making the cuts to minimize waste.

After the materials are cut and made, the assembly process starts which sews the outer shell over the bladder completing the build. Now each ball is tested using specialized digital pressure chambers to ensure its reliability. If passed the balls are good to be used.

Ending It

Even though the game and its equipment have changed so much over the years, the only thing that has not changed is the enthusiasm of people betting on this sport using websites like for their ultimate enjoyment. Everything written about this article represents only our personal opinions.