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Tactical Smartwatch V4 Review – Why You Should Buy This One

Mudassar Hassan



If you have been looking for the best military grade smartwatches for your activities, you won’t need to waste your time anymore since I am here with the best recommendation. YES, as the title says, I am going to explain the sensible reasons why you must pick Tactical Smartwatch V4 Review as your new companion. But before going further, I’d like to propose a common ground with you.

In a genuine purpose, the tactical smartwatches are designed for those who will use the wear for heavy and risky activities. But that’s not all. It is such a prevalent option for users who are fond of security, durability, and longevity. That’s why the tactical smartwatch is not only prevalent for military people, but also for travelers, outdoor lovers, nature lovers, explorers, and even regular users.

Amongst the many tactical smartwatches that you might have come across online, only few of them can deliver what the manufacturers promised. But only one that I am proud enough to recommend you: the Tactical Smartwatch V4. Here are the reasons why:

Military-inspired watch that is stylish and relevant

Believe it or not, some people have this stereotype that the military-inspired watch looks dull, intimidating, unwanted, too bizarre, or any other negative connotation. If you are not one of them, it is great. But if you are one of them, it is still totally okay. It is understandable since we have these directions since world war II. But the Tactical Smartwatch V4 From Evofine appears much differently. This military-inspired smartwatch is not like any other military-grade smartwatch. Hence, it is different from other common smartwatch as well. The uses of this tactical smartwatch can bring you to the next level.  No matter what your premises, you will always be accompanied by this amazing smartwatch.

The fashion statement

The Tactical Smartwatch V4 is a perfect smartwatch that really define what the military-grade smartwatch should perform. Despite its gimmick as “tactical” and “military-inspired”, you will agree that it is relevant to the present by looking at the design. It is the design that both men and women want to wear regardless of their age, profession, and status.

You can wear it proudly and stand out of the crowd without people noticing that it is a military-grade smartwatch.

Tough and strong companion

The appealing concept of the smartwatch does not overwhelm the important physical feature of the model. This smartwatch is made of high-quality stainless steel which is a perfect one to make the device long-lasting. Meanwhile, the 4th generation of the Corning Gorilla Crystal strengthens the display part of the device. It can withstand any impact in heavy activities or extreme sports.

The next pivotal thing to emphasize is its amazing rubber strap. Made of high-quality ultra-resistant rubber, the strap can easily withstand the water, cold, and extreme. So, no matter where you go, you can rest assured that your buddy will always support you. It is not fragile. It is so reliable.

The manufacturer designed the smartwatch in order to give more features that you could meet in any other normal type of smartwatch.

The harsh environment out there challenge you to be sane and on the right track. This smartwatch is designed to support you wholly. It also has up to 33 months battery life until you recharge it again.

Once you’ve upgraded to this companion, you will never want to replace it anymore.

The fantastic features

The body of the smartwatch is designed with the Drilling Carbon Coating which provides protection against water and dust penetration. Its waterproof solution can cater to as strong as 5 ATM. the IP67 standards also contribute to the strength of the device.

As mentioned it comes with the Protocol Crystal Corning Gorilla Glass in the 4th generation. But that’s not it all. It is also equipped with the Sunlight-Visible framework which allows you to see the display although the sunlight overwhelms your sight. Although you are doing your activity in the extreme sunlight conditions, you will still be able to read the comprehensive information provided by the device.

The features of The Tactical Smart watch V4 also lies on the functions. The smartwatch, when you wear it around your wrist, will be your best companion ever. If you have specific fitness goals, this device can help you to make them. Here are the functions that you can rely on: App Own, Calories Counts, Steps Counts, Energy Save, Alarms, remote Camera, incoming calls, and notifications from social media.

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Visionz2turnt does it again with another Ep





Visionz2turnt or V2T for short, is a versatile rapper who pins down his music on everyday struggle and real-life experiences.  He mixes rap, trap, hip hop, and pop all into one ball and delivers it both at a rapid speed and mellow.

Clarksville, TN– — Javon Everett better known by his stage name Visionz2turnt is a diversely gifted personality.  Visionz2turnt is an in-demand rapper who started rapping at the age of eleven. Born on November 11, 1989, in Washington DC, he started writing poetry in elementary school, which later turned into freestyles. He was the middle child of five in which he was the oldest male in the home. Music became more and more distilled with his life due to the daily struggles endured growing up.


It wasn’t an easy ride growing up for Visionz2turnt. After the loss of his oldest sister (from kidney failure), he moved to Henderson, North Carolina to finish high school. While in NC, he met Bigmoshawty, a great rapper who seeing his talent, started him a recording in a studio to elevate his sound. Amidst his early desire to make waves in the music industry and care for his family, Visionz2turnt was not alone on this cause of success as he has been inspired by different artists like DMX, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, 2Pac, Lil Wayne, Outkast, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, etc.

Visionz2turnt has worked on many albums that have continued to attract great fans to him. As he got older the talent began to grow and the music became stories of his life, family, and friends, which he witnessed firsthand. Visionz2turnt has worked on several EP’s like “DRIP GLITCH” & “Shattered Heart”, which you can find on Datpiff, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc. His 2019 hit Video “IDK” is now out on WSHH in which numbers are rising tremendously. Despite his spell in the United States Army and his interest in Urban Street Design Automotive, he has never lost focus on his inner burning desire for music. His objective is to bring the fun back into the love of music. Visionz2turnt is lyrically versatile with the ability to not only Freestyle but write. He just released a new video titled “Letter To The Heavens” on Youtube. V2T(Visionz2turnt) formally known as “Visionz” has also signed a distribution deal with Bentley Records. In all, he is awesome and a great talent to watch.

Clarksville , TN

Clarksville is the country seat of Montgomery County, Tennessee, United States. It is the fifth-largest city in the state behind Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.The city had a population of 132,929 at the 2010 census, and an estimated population of 158,146 in 2019.

It is the principal central city of the Clarksville, TN–KY metropolitan statistical area, which consists of Montgomery and Stewart counties in Tennessee, and Christian and Trigg counties in Kentucky. The city was founded in 1785 and incorporated in 1807, and named for General George Rogers Clark, frontier fighter and Revolutionary War hero,[2] and brother of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Contact: V2T (visionz2turnt)


Tel: (919)397-5898

Twitter: @visionz2turnt







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How Fintech is Transforming the Banking Sector





The rise of digital-only banks with Fintech at the core of their operations

In September 2020, Qazikoo is opening its virtual doors to more than 10’000 subscribers who have already signed up to its Challenger Bank services. Harnessing fintech to improve users’ banking experience, Qazikoo is set to shatter the foundations of traditional banks and establish itself as the bank of the future.

Developed and designed by the London-based entrepreneur Kevin Kelpinwietz, Qazikoo is going to change the way banking is done.

Kelpinwietz is widely known for being a visionary ahead of his times with unparalleled business acumen for addressing and simplifying complex issues.  So how is he using fintech to provide a revolutionary financial service to business and consumers?

In his own words: “Fintech allows us to offer a wide range of banking services that lead to a more flexible and simple banking experience. Today, technology is at the heart of everything we do, and by using fintech, we can provide our clients with the best technology, services and solutions through our user-friendly app.”

Kelpinwietz’s Challenger Bank has, therefore, changed the way people access their bank records and manage their finances. To ensure ease of use, Kelpinwietz has used fintech to let users connect their bank accounts in one place and manage their funds, send money, make payments online, and much, much more.

The tools and features provided by Qazikoo using fintech are in line with today’s digital era, dedicated to giving consumers control over their bank accounts and finances through easy-to-use technology.

Challenger Banks are born on the need to manage and streamline banking operations in one app. As a matter of fact, Kelpinwietz first got the idea of starting a Challenger bank in 2018, after having had enough of wasting time trying to manage multiple bank accounts through different apps.

Using fintech’s simple yet cutting-edge technology, Kelpinwietz has created a Challenger Bank that securely integrates account information from other banks, as well as ensuring that all banking operations are quick and easy. This simple yet ground-breaking concept is very different from traditional banks, which haven’t quite caught up with the digital era.

As part of Qazikoo’s marketing plans, Kelpinwietz also sold 5% of its shares to 1’000 celebrities and brand ambassadors, thus securing that Qazikoo features on social media and reaches all smartphone-users who could highly benefit from opening a Challenger Bank account.

“We’re heavily investing in providing an innovative and fresh banking system that appeals to a younger generation. Our services are personalised and innovative without compromising on security and transparency,” concluded Kelpinwietz.

Qazikoo’s flexible approach challenges traditional banking payments and financial services, proving to be a hit in today’s digitized world, where people expect excellent customer service, as well as a quality service and affordable products within a click of a button.

Director Kelpinwietz has unlocked the banking possibilities of the future, and in September 2020, he’ll mark a key milestone in the history of banking with the unveiling of the highly anticipated Qazikoo Challenger Bank. For more information, please visit XX (website).

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Evening Graphic Designer Courses UK





Every minute we see hundreds of designs every day. All these are designed for visual communication by graphic designers. Graphic designers manufacture advertising, logos, news, and storeys in all formats, magazines, book covers, and platforms like web browsers and social applications. As with technological growth, graphic designers’ roles and skills continue to evolve over time.

Learning graphic design online is the most convenient option for people interested in this field as it saves your time and money. Online learning is now referred to as the new normal. Students feel relaxed at home and study at their own pace. Online education does not require a rigid schedule, so you have a very flexible schedule. So head over to Blue Sky Graphics School and start your career as a designer now!

The Work of a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are typically attached to their computers when using the mouse to create logo designs, etc. You cannot offer an illustrator a job as a graphic designer unless professionals know that they have expertise in both of these works. These areas require a different set of skills. An illustrator walks around and paints and sketches in books.

A graphic designer needs to send a message to the target audience. For this purpose, the design elements of colours, types, images, symbols, and others are carefully selected. For example, the designer can aim to evoke a young audience’s emotion of passion and aggression. In order to elicit these feelings, the designer may be red. If the brand message is about hope and luminosity, then the colour of choice is yellow.

A graphic designer takes the customer’s brief seriously to design the logo, website, and other graphic designs. The designer will also investigate the business of the customer. There is always a target audience to be targeted by a designer. The designer would like to know more about the audience.

A designer then picks colours and fonts that can evoke a specific set of emotions for a customer. Once it comes to choosing the right colour scheme, a professional artist knows which set of colours and shades can express a collection of emotions. Normally there are only two colours in a successful picture. More colours are only implemented if it is required and a customer’s requirement.

Similarly, other factors decide the right typeface preference. For instance, imaginative use of the typeface in graphic design means giving the design a personality. For example, a logo of the law office is designed to create an official image of law offices and services using serif fonts. A business that manufactures children’s toys or other items would possibly have a funny logo. This logo is created with handwritten fonts.

Overall, each item is chosen by a graphic designer to produce a simple design. Usually, one or two colours and types are used in a logo, the design of the business card, etc. The goal here is to convey a brand message at first glance immediately.

The job of graphic artists focuses on comprehensive picture and text works since they have the task of providing a particular message and call to action or emotion based on the needs of the client.

Nevertheless, many graphic designers enjoy working freelancing with several clients. Many customers contribute to versatility, and the overall demand can be increased.

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