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Tactical Smartwatch V4 Review – Why You Should Buy This One

Mudassar Hassan



If you have been looking for the best military grade smartwatches for your activities, you won’t need to waste your time anymore since I am here with the best recommendation. YES, as the title says, I am going to explain the sensible reasons why you must pick Tactical Smartwatch V4 Review as your new companion. But before going further, I’d like to propose a common ground with you.

In a genuine purpose, the tactical smartwatches are designed for those who will use the wear for heavy and risky activities. But that’s not all. It is such a prevalent option for users who are fond of security, durability, and longevity. That’s why the tactical smartwatch is not only prevalent for military people, but also for travelers, outdoor lovers, nature lovers, explorers, and even regular users.

Amongst the many tactical smartwatches that you might have come across online, only few of them can deliver what the manufacturers promised. But only one that I am proud enough to recommend you: the Tactical Smartwatch V4. Here are the reasons why:

Military-inspired watch that is stylish and relevant

Believe it or not, some people have this stereotype that the military-inspired watch looks dull, intimidating, unwanted, too bizarre, or any other negative connotation. If you are not one of them, it is great. But if you are one of them, it is still totally okay. It is understandable since we have these directions since world war II. But the Tactical Smartwatch V4 From Evofine appears much differently. This military-inspired smartwatch is not like any other military-grade smartwatch. Hence, it is different from other common smartwatch as well. The uses of this tactical smartwatch can bring you to the next level.  No matter what your premises, you will always be accompanied by this amazing smartwatch.

The fashion statement

The Tactical Smartwatch V4 is a perfect smartwatch that really define what the military-grade smartwatch should perform. Despite its gimmick as “tactical” and “military-inspired”, you will agree that it is relevant to the present by looking at the design. It is the design that both men and women want to wear regardless of their age, profession, and status.

You can wear it proudly and stand out of the crowd without people noticing that it is a military-grade smartwatch.

Tough and strong companion

The appealing concept of the smartwatch does not overwhelm the important physical feature of the model. This smartwatch is made of high-quality stainless steel which is a perfect one to make the device long-lasting. Meanwhile, the 4th generation of the Corning Gorilla Crystal strengthens the display part of the device. It can withstand any impact in heavy activities or extreme sports.

The next pivotal thing to emphasize is its amazing rubber strap. Made of high-quality ultra-resistant rubber, the strap can easily withstand the water, cold, and extreme. So, no matter where you go, you can rest assured that your buddy will always support you. It is not fragile. It is so reliable.

The manufacturer designed the smartwatch in order to give more features that you could meet in any other normal type of smartwatch.

The harsh environment out there challenge you to be sane and on the right track. This smartwatch is designed to support you wholly. It also has up to 33 months battery life until you recharge it again.

Once you’ve upgraded to this companion, you will never want to replace it anymore.

The fantastic features

The body of the smartwatch is designed with the Drilling Carbon Coating which provides protection against water and dust penetration. Its waterproof solution can cater to as strong as 5 ATM. the IP67 standards also contribute to the strength of the device.

As mentioned it comes with the Protocol Crystal Corning Gorilla Glass in the 4th generation. But that’s not it all. It is also equipped with the Sunlight-Visible framework which allows you to see the display although the sunlight overwhelms your sight. Although you are doing your activity in the extreme sunlight conditions, you will still be able to read the comprehensive information provided by the device.

The features of The Tactical Smart watch V4 also lies on the functions. The smartwatch, when you wear it around your wrist, will be your best companion ever. If you have specific fitness goals, this device can help you to make them. Here are the functions that you can rely on: App Own, Calories Counts, Steps Counts, Energy Save, Alarms, remote Camera, incoming calls, and notifications from social media.

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Online stock trading includes the buying, by using a shop to make transactions for you, of small portions of a product. During the past, you would deal with an agent who would buy the stocks during your name, and sometimes take a share of your expenditure.

You can save commissions and even make commission-free trade by collaborating with an online stock trading platform. Before you invest, you can access important business information and instead of waiting for the availability of your broker, you can do business on your time. These advantages make online shopping an ideal way to moisten your feet in the investment world. Software for trade: opening, closing and controlling market positions through a financial intermediary (e.g. online broker) is a commercial tool. In exchange for maintaining a sponsored account and/or carrying out a specified number of business operations each month, brokers often offer online trading platforms at either free or discount rates. The best trading sites provide a combination of strong characteristics and low costs.


Cryptocurrency unveiling in recent years, the production of cryptocurrencies has been quite significant. Many even came to crown 2017 as the Bitcoin Year, because this topic was at the forefront of worldwide discussions on news, the online, magazines, friends and family etc. Of course many have opted to jump on the bandwagon and learn how to trade and invest online with increased interest in this subject. In the case of the trading of cryptocurrencies, newcomers need to be mindful of many issues such as using an online trading platform.

This trading platform is essentially software that combines traders and investors in one position and enables them to purchase and sell their currencies and other financial instruments. There are a number of various business platforms available and are mostly offered free or with a minimum number of businesses per month by brokers.

These online trading platforms offer many advantages over standard brokers and financial traders. Firstly, this is fast and easy to use, and secondly, it provides investors with a variety of education opportunities to learn more about markets and exchange in many products, shares and monies.

The great feature that offers more versatility is the added convenience of connecting to your online broker whenever you want, day or night. Additional advantages of online trading platforms include:


The days are gone where a broker is called to organize purchases or sales for trading. Online trading does it in a few clicks and traders never have to speak to their brokers directly.

As mentioned above, online trades can be carried out day or night at any time, which enables traders to choose when to trade. Trading that mobile devices or laptops can also allow for even greater versatility, mobility and on-the-go trading.


Because there are growing numbers of brokers offering online trade, online trading has lowered dramatically the costs of trading, thus enabling traders to benefit from higher income when they trade successfully.


Online brokers offer advanced technology and real-times pricing, so that traders can keep an eye on their offers at all times and get the latest prices.


It is extremely fast online trading. Once an online broker account has been created, it may be exchanged immediately as long as enough capital is included in the account. The trade with NAGA provides the above and you know that you’re trading with one the most common, trusted online broker on the Web. There are numerous online trading platforms out there. Make sure that you are adequately attentive and familiar with online trade in general and the various trade techniques available to help make the most of your trades and have more detailed industry knowledge.

The place you go to buy and sell stocks at low costs is your online stock trading platform. Since hundreds of options are open, knowing who to trust your money and stock trade can be challenging. Within the next segment, we will cover ten of the most popular channels, but first, let’s discuss what you need to remember before you start. Do you want your investments to be managed or do you want your consultant? How many times are you going to trade? What kind of investments would you like to make? How much are you going to deposit into your brokerage? What is the usability of the platform? Could you quickly find the details that you need? Try to search answer for all these questions and adopt the best online stock trading platform of your own choice.

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VelSEOity’s Reputation Management Tips To Increase Positive Online Reviews

Mazhar Hassan



Are you looking for ways to increase the positive reviews on your website? Well, you should know that it’s not difficult. advises all businesses to take more care of their online review presence. In short, customers are put off by anything below 80% in reviews or 4/5 stars and this makes for a harder sell for businesses – not something that’s needed in the current climate.

Here are 6 of the best strategies from VelSEOity to increase positive reviews on your profile.

  1. Ask Customers To Leave Reviews

It might seem obvious but only a few businesses ask their customers to leave reviews. On any passing day, consumers make a lot of buying decisions. You need to ask yourself how many of these customers you have requested to leave a review.

If you are sure that your customers are satisfied with your service or product, you should request them to leave a review. Ask them to share their experience when buying the product or service on your website. Most customers always agree to do it. Leaving a review will not be a huge burden if they are satisfied with the product or service you have given them.

Depending on the type of business, you can also request your customers to review your business as you are speaking with them. If asking them to review your product or service is not appropriate, you can always send a follow-up email or a thank you note and request them to post a review. If possible, you should include a link to reviewing the site.

A good rule of thumb is to request positive reviews to use on your website or social media profiles once you have confirmed that they are satisfied with your product/service. That way, you can realize the advantages of your goodwill with the least effort since the experience is still fresh in your customers’ minds.

Research reveals that 68% of customers are ready to provide reviews when invited. You can gain a competitive edge on your rivals by the way you ask customers to review your products or services. Use the right words such as invite, instead of ask or feedback instead of review.

Also, you should educate your clients on the need of the review. Remind your clients that without providing their experience, other customers might simply assume that the business is average

You should ask for reviews from customers when it makes a lot of sense for your business. For instance, you should do it when you have completed the job or after sending out thank you letters or emails. It’s the best way to boost your review volume as well as improve your search rankings.

  1. Incentivize Customers To Leave Reviews

If it is appropriate for your business, you should offer your customers a small token such as a coupon, voucher or discount after leaving a review. Make sure you have communicated clearly that the reward is for satisfied buyers who take the time to leave positive feedback about their experience.

Note that, you should work on getting reviews without offering incentives. Sites such as Yelp often filter out reviews that were offered after an incentive. Also, Google relies on analytics to assess the traffic from reviews.

  1. Reward Employees Who Gather Review

Make sure your employees understand the importance of excellent customer service. Also, you need to teach them the best way to ask for reviews. Give them an incentive for every review they get.

  1. Exhibit Great Reviews

People should know when you get a good review by posting them on your website. You should also include them in emails. If possible, use a review widget or a direct feedback option to the home page on your website.

Use screenshots of these reviews in your marketing materials such as videos or newsletters. Make sure any potential customers know that your company delivers the best and has been doing it before. It’s the best way to convince them that your business offers high-quality services or products.

  1. Dominate Your Social Media Presence

Your social media presence should be active on the platforms with your potential customers. These include LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Add reviews in the middle of the informative content.

Having an engaging social media feed will keep customers interested. It’s also the best way to ensure that customers are aware of the positive brand equity.

  1. Reply To Negative Reviews

A single negative review can result in a 22% loss in the search list for your potential customers. You should follow up with the negative reviewers. Make a point of thanking customers for their feedback, especially those who had a bad experience. Don’t forget to offer a sincere apology and find the best way to turn around their experience.

If you can transform a negative experience into a positive one, you can ask for permission to post the positive result once the issue is resolved completely. Act quickly to avoid the negative review from becoming worse.


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EIS investors can now invest in fintech start-up Qazikoo





The latest technology is used extensively in the financial services sector as these companies can afford to pay for these technologies which improve accuracy and productivity. There are now a large number of fintech start-ups that are using the latest innovations to make it is easier and faster for people to access the financial services they require. Banking is the most frequently used financial service for most people and people are interested in finding a bank that offers a wide range of banking services. Qazikoo is a fintech start-up that specializes in exactly this.

Qazikoo digital banking

Qazikoo is aiming to become a challenger bank with its innovative use of the latest banking technologies. Customers can easily access their bank account on their mobile phone or other online platforms using the well-designed user-friendly app. They can check the balances, transactions in their account, or make payments online. Since military-grade encryption is used, customers can be assured that their financial information remains secure. Notifications are provided immediately for all transactions and you can also get personalized cards with images of the customers choosing. Customers can even open a multicurrency account, transacting in 25 different currencies without any fees.

Investing in Qazikoo under EIS

All these digital banking features are likely to make Qazikoo a unicorn company, attracting a large number of customers. Investors who wish to purchase a stake in the innovative start-up can now do so, using the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) from the UK government. Since there is no guarantee that a start-up will be profitable, most start-ups find it difficult to get the funding they require. However, the growth of the economy depends on the success of companies like this, hence encouraging investors to look at these companies in more detail! Another advantage is that the government is offering substantial tax-breaks under the EIS.

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