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Samsung cancels Galaxy Fold reservations and avoids giving a new release date

Imran Javed



The Galaxy Fold, the first folding smartphone from Samsung, has become a blip in the strategy of the South Korean company. After postponing the launch, the technology company has announced that it will cancel the pre-purchases already made unless the client expresses himself in the opposite direction.

“If we do not receive your news and we have not shipped the product before May 31, your order will be automatically canceled,” the South Korean technology giant’s US affiliate said in an email to customers, a communication that has been confirmed by the company. to Reuters.

Samsung has also apologized to customers who bought the terminal and did not want to announce a new arrival date of the innovative terminal, which was to become the first folding smartphone for sale to the general public.

The telephone, of 1,980 dollars, had predicted to arrive at the North American market the past 26 of April, but due to the problems suffered in the units of review by journalists and influencers, it decided to postpone its exit to the sale and to analyze what is happening.

Although the Galaxy Fold had “a high demand” and the reserves sold out in the US earlier than expected, the truth is that due to its features and price was focused on the very high range, with which the available units are scarce and not It will especially affect your balance.

Specifically, according to Reuters, the company plans to manufacture around 1 million Galaxy Fold, a residual figure in the gigantic production of more than 300 million phones that Samsung manufactures annually.

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