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Russian Electrical Power Grid Faced Several Cyber Attacks from US Cyber Command

Mudassar Hassan




Russia’s electrical power grid recently faced many cyber attacks by The United States Cyber Command. This news by The New York Times states how Donald Trump’s administration is working more to apply new ways to use cyber tools rapidly.

The officials reported some unobserved American codes are running under Russia’s grid. This situation is quite alarming as they never thought the case could get this much worse for them. It is found that such ideas were already taking shape long back when warnings regarding Russian malware was suspected. It is said that the malware could destroy American properties like oil and gas pipelines, power plants, etc. Back then, the US denied speaking about the steps it was about to take. Thus, this current situation is suspected to be one of their past plans.

John R. Bolton, President Trump’s national security adviser, said on Tuesday that the US is sure to take steps against such an act. While analysing this problem of power grids and working in-depth with the present malware, an official said that at current America’s actions are quite unlawful, as it has targeted the less discussed battlegrounds, and thus this going to be a meaningful discussion about cyber attacks between Washington and Moscow.

As the situation got farfetched, so this problem will be listed under the questions by the defense secretary. Now the main thought of concern is, how much the Russian grid is affected and the amount of data this malware fetched; satisfying this questions can only help the cyber department to give proper aid to the problem. They also decided on a proper meeting with Mr. Trump so that they can discuss and present their problem well.

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