Reasons why WWE wants The Fiend to content for Universal Title at Hell in a Cell 2019

Bray Wyatt addressed the recent rumors of him getting a Universal title match during Firefly Fun House on the latest edition of RAW. However, it was another mind-blowing segment.  We saw Wyatt confronted puppet Vince McMahon and fed him puppet cash, attempting to get a turn either on Strowman or Rollins at WWE Hell in a Cell 2019. Wyatt spoke about both The BeastSlayer & The Monster Among Men. He called them selfish and greedy, who can’t team up the way he does with his “friends” in the Firefly Fun House. The episode revealed WWE’s plans of making The Fiend contend for the Universal title at Hell in a Cell. Here are a few reasons why the company wants Wyatt to do so.

I think that Wyatt challenging for the WWE Universal title could be all Paul Heyman. We have seen many incredible episodes of RAW since WWE appointed him as Executive Director of the red brand. Undoubtedly, the quality of the show has increased quite a bit in the past months. Perhaps, this could be the first colossal shocker of sorts that he has planned. We are still to see a significant change despite Sasha Banks & Bayley heel turn being the most prominent ones. WWE News provides RAW Results.

The company is ready to give Bray Wyatt momentum. WWE has been very clever with how they’ve handled the character – just making The Fiend show up for his assaults. Besides, the way that he’s barely in the arena itself gives him an extraordinary feel. However, the company realizes that he’s not the sort of character who should wrestle on every Monday Night while he’s an exceptional character. WWE has figured out how to give him much momentum by carefully pushing and protecting him. They are pushing Wyatt to a Universal title shot is to keep his momentum up. Also, they want to have him turned out to be stronger than at any other time.

Braun Strowman will challenge Seth Rollins for Universal title at WWE Clash of Champions. The Monster Among Men can win the title from Rollins because he has a size advantage. In addition, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode will challenge Rollins & Strowman the same night. But The Architect knows how to defend two titles. Whenever Strowman has both enough momentum and title shot – it benefits the other superstar. There isn’t any good challenger for the title except The Monster Among Men. The Savage Scotsman doesn’t have enough momentum to challenge for the title. There’s no other man is more exciting for The Architect to confront than The Fiend – if we talk in term of momentum.

It’s been a long while since Bray Wyatt last contended inside Hell in a Cell. The last time he did, he confronted Roman Reigns and lost in what was a somewhat incredible effort. It’s astonishing that he hasn’t contended in it from that point forward. He was never a completely included Superstar during the time the PPV would occur. So, this time around, things are altogether different. He has a staggering new dark character that has just had one match.

It was about his character and the story, and they didn’t need a long match. At SummerSlam, it took The Fiend everything except three minutes to crush Finn Balor.  That didn’t prevent the crowd from chanting “That was wonderful.” WWE may seek after the same inside the Cell. In case Rollins versus Wyatt is certainly not a sufficient main event, at that point, having it inside the Cell would add to its force in a significant way. We can imagine that he would ultimately flourish inside the five walls of the cell.