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Parcheesi Ludo Berry- Multiplayer Dice Board Game



It is the fact that ludo game is very old game. It is the updated version of very old game called Parcheesi. But Pachisi is much more difficult and exclusive game. That’s why percheesi ludo game are somehow similar.

Pachisi originate from sub- continent India and is the national game of the country. It is also the descendant of an older game name Chaupar. Chaupar comes in 4th century BC. Pachisi was started in the era of Mughal. It is one of favourite game of Akbar Mughal king. He even had an enormous ‘board’ made in his courtyard in Fatehpur, Sikri. Young girls dressed in the respective colours of the sides replaced the pieces, with each player having 4 girls per side.

Cross and circles games are the design of such games like Pachisi or Chaupar. Their players racetheir pawns around a circle. Game was divided in to four portions around the cross inside the circle.Many other games were evolved from Parcheesi like LudoParcheesi, Aggravation  or for some extend Malefiz.

Ludo dice game and its alternatives are famous in many other countries but under different various names.
• Mens-erger-je-niet (the Netherlands),
• Parchís Parkase (Spain),
• Le Jeu de Dada Petits Chevaux (France),
• Non t’arrabbiare (Italy),
• Fia med knuff (Sweden),
• Parqués (Colombia),
• Griniaris (Greece).
• Arabic Pachisi
• Barjis / Bargis (Palestine),
• Barjis(s) Bargese (Syria),
• Pachîs (Persia/Iran).
• da’ ngu’a (‘Vietnam’)
• Fei Xing Qi’ (China).

General rules different in both games

  • Ludo has most of the rules of Pachisi but some of the rules and items are change like ludo have dices in place of crowie shells.
  • Highest number is 6 in ludo but 25 in pachisi. Board are also different

General rules which are same in both games.

  • Both are the board games of strategy and luck for 2, 3 or 4 players. Game can be played in teams
  • Each player throw shells, coins, chips or dice. Then he or she makes a move according to number which comes in that turn.

The Ludo game has recently crossed into the virtual platform. Like many other board-games and their virtual counterparts, the virtual Ludo too maintains the same rules and almost gives a homely vibe. Taking advantage of the internet, it enables family members and friends who are divided by distance to rekindle the excitement of the game and play it on the same board while still being far away.

Given the timeframes allotted to each player, the game offers a brief but much enjoyed respite to the busyness of life. Moreover, as Ludo has always been a strategic game, it also exercises the mind and gets the brain juices flowing.

Ludo King, Parcheesi ludo berry and Ludo Star have the most colour full and unique features. And they can suggest u to play with computer and with friends from all around  the world. One of the best feature in these games are chatting and sending emoji to your opponents. They also listed some pre-greeting in such games.

Anyone can play this game with their friends and families. Ludo dice game and board game is the great time pass and the fun way to spend time even with strangers with enjoyment. There are old and new and updated version of ludo dice and board game to play with your friends and strangers.

You don’t need wooden board for playing ludo any more neither you need any preparation or any arrangement for playing ludo game. This dice game and board game will allow you to play ludo on your mobile even you are alone you can play with real people as your random opponent from around the world.

Latest ludo game is also the good way to socializing with strangers. You just need your mobile and internet and yourself. If you want to practice alone u can play in offline mode without internet and play with computer and Play free among players in Ludo king Game.

How to play ludo game

  • The main game play is on the track. Which are 52 in number
  • If you color of home run matches the color of pawn then you can go inside the home.
  • Game will be start if player roll six. This will activate pawn to play. Then play will do another turn to move the pawn. You can only move according to number you have thrown must follow the number that is thrown.
  • If there is not a legal move you can make, you have to pass your turn.
  • To win the game, you need to run your all the pawn inside the home pocket before other opponents. .
  • If you have one space to move and you roll a three or a two, you cannot move that pawn one space.
  • Kill the opponent if you pawn comes on the opponent pawn.

One of the most finest ludo game or Parcheesi game is Parcheesi ludo berry- Multiplayer dice and board game.

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The Schwinn 220 Recumbent Exercise Bike



There are plenty of reasons to set up a home gym, but it’s not always practical especially when you have a limited budget. One of the biggest mistakes is buying a fancy machine only to see it end up in the garage or attic a few months down the line. You always want to combine a reasonable price with solid performance for something that could potentially revolutionize your fitness routine. If you are ready to amp things up with a quality piece of exercise equipment, then the Schwinn 220 is an excellent choice. It’s reasonably priced for something that offers such an efficient way to get back into shape or to keep yourself healthy. It’s not the cheapest product on the market, but it’s a smart investment for anyone who wants a comprehensive work out.

Almost everybody has tried working out on exercise bike at some point or another. Recumbent technology takes things one step further to offer you a workout that won’t put unnecessary strain on your body. You get less stress on your joints and muscles than you would if you were jogging, and it’s definitely better on your back than a regular exercise bike. The Schwinn 220 offers an extremely comfortable work out while being able to get your heart rate up at the same time. You’ll appreciate the ability to go at your own pace and don’t be surprised if your overall endurance level improves dramatically within just a few weeks.

Assembly for this machine is relatively easy since there aren’t a lot of loose bits and pieces. Just follow the instructions carefully and you’ll be ready to go in about half an hour. You should also take the time to read through the included instruction book and training guide so that you get full use from this model. On the surface it might seem like a simple exercise bike but there is actually a lot of variety included in the package. You can choose from 16 different resistance levels so that you can find your most comfortable starting point.

There are also 12 separate workout programs that will allow you to focus on different types of workouts. You can create profiles and track information while you work out in order to fine-tune your approach. You can also take personal fitness tests and record information related to calories burned, heart rate, and distance pedaled. All of this means you can make your workout routine as simple or complicated as you like as these options cater to both rookies and veterans alike.

In addition to being user-friendly, the Schwinn 220 is also one of the most practical recumbent exercise bikes on the market. It has a comfortable seat and solid footholds that will ensure a smooth workout with maximum results. You’ll enjoy being able to set up this bike in front of your big screen TV or being able to read using the attached magazine rack. It’s as close to getting a workout from sitting on your couch as you can get, and it’s quite portable as well. It can either serve as the centerpiece of your home gym or you can easily store it in a closet until you’re ready to tackle a new fast weight loss program in 2019. Overall, this is a quality addition to any existing home gym or the perfect way to start one off.

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