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Overwatch Hero Leak Next Hero Might be “Sigma”

Imran Javed



Sigma’s name is a character portrait that shows what seems to be a recent man. On the far side, there is not a lot of else which will be learned from the art. If Sigma is the next character in Overwatch, we aren’t sure what kind of Hero he is or anything likes that at this time.

The Twitter account announces some screenshots, reportedly force from the Overwatch Espanol news blog however since removed, showing the new role queue feature in action. In one in all the screenshots, labeled “TEMP ART,” players will see an unexpected character named letter of the alphabet at the highest of the most-played characters list.

Last week, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan Overwatch Hero 31 Leak revealing that the new character is male, however not confirming a lot of else concerning what to expect from him. We tend to still haven’t detected something official on Hero 31, however, the Mexican Twitter account for Overwatch World Cup may have leaked the hero’s name and face.

Now, there’s a definite chance that this art is faux. One sensible indicator is that the Twitter account, purportedly a politician Mexican account for the Overwatch World Cup, has left the image up. One thing else to contemplate is that, as many folks within the Twitter thread have observed, “Sigma” is terribly near to “Ligma,” that is an online joke.

That being same, there’s some proof that indicates Sigma could be the real deal. The most issue operating in sigma favor is that the proven fact that there’s a consumer goods line within the Overwatch universe named Sigma. Since Blizzard likes to tease new characters in some capability before really adding them to the sport, maybe sigma is that the man guilty of the consumer goods line. Instead, perhaps he’s some quite in-game celebrity and therefore the consumer goods line is simply supported his fashion sense.

What can we realize Overwatch Hero 31
The new Overwatch Hero is sigma, the recent man is trying near to the age of Reinhardt. The leak shares two main things – his name and a portrait. The official Twitter page for Overwatch World Cup announces multiple pictures as “temp art” to indicate the coming role queue feature. One in all the pictures options sigma, our doable new Overwatch Hero.

At the highest of the character list, you’ll be able to see sigma because the most compete Overwatch Hero. This diode USA to believe that the unexpected Overwatch Hero 31 can be letter of the alphabet. His name and therefore the proven fact that he’s a recent man, there’s nothing we all know concerning his role in Overwatch. Is he a healer? Shield? We tend to don’t recognize. However since the last Overwatch character, Baptiste is a therapist, we tend to doubt Blizzard can add another therapist therefore shortly. We are able to a minimum of safely rule out a letter of the alphabet as a therapist.

While this is often exciting to seem at, this would possibly all right be faux. The name letter of the sigma sounds pretty near to an online joke, “Ligma.”
But there’s proof to counsel letter of the alphabet can be our Hero 31 for Overwatch. Those following Overwatch lore would know there is a clothing line called Sigma in Overwatch universe. Our hero 31, Sigma, could be the man behind this clothing line.

Blizzard is known to tease upcoming characters in one way or another so this could be its way of teasing the new character? Well, it could be since the original post hasn’t been removed.

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