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Benefits of using online exam platforms




The way of conducting the exams and tests have totally changed with the influence of elearning and online tests. Exams are not only conducted by the academic institutions at the end of every academic year. They are conducted for several purposes including admission, training, and staff selection process. Most of the businesses, organizations academic institution depends on the reputed online exam service providers to make the process so easy. Reputed online exam providers depend on the well-designed and developed online exam platforms to provide can of benefits of the intended users and customers.

Location is no more a problem

Online test platform helps the candidates from any part of the county or the world to apply for the intended exam. Everything right from filing application for studies and profession are now made online. This cut down the distance between the candidates and the interview table. Now the exams can be conducted on online exam platform to e help the candidates in attending the exam from any part of the world without making a drive to the exam center.

Avoid delays

Now the test can be conducted in the intended time without any sort of delays or lags since everything needed for the test can be arranged within in hours. Reputed online exams portals provide the customized exam papers for most of the professional and academic tests.  The clients can create the exam within an hour of time and can share the exam link with single to several candidates through multiple platforms to help them in taking the test from a convenient location at convenient timings.

Saves time

It takes a good time to arrange the necessary infrastructure to conduct the test in the halls or in classrooms. Several arrangements have to be made right from the verification purpose to proctoring of the candidates. The process is really time-consuming since each of the candidates has to be verified in person and to provide with exam papers. On the other hand, the online test helps the candidate in attending the test from their locations making the client totally free from any sort of infrastructure arrangement other than making just a few clicks.

Quality proctors

Quality proctoring is always a big question to ask in case of hall exams. Manual proctors have limitations in tracking and checking all of the candidates in the halls for suspicious activities or the presence of any restricted exam aids or materials. Moreover, there are no methods to access the quality of proctoring during the exams since proctors have limitations with their tasks. But online exams make use of live proctoring with the help of cams, video algorithms and AI to find and report any of the suspicious activities of the candidates taking the exam.

Prevents impersonation

Impersonation is one of the common issues with hall based exams. Candidate can make use of the fake identity to engage in impersonation. It is really difficult for the proctors to check for the fake identity of each of the candidate within a short period of time before the commencement of the exam. Online exam platforms are supported by the best verification and proctoring solutions to prevent impersonation.

Better verification process

As said earlier verification process is one of the important processes in conducting the tests. Traditional forms of conducting general exams with a large number of candidates take more time and lack the intended transparency. Online verification process using the facial recognition software checks for the registration details, ID card and the photo of the candidate in detail and that too within seconds or minutes before the commencement of the exam. The verification process is conducted without any manual involvement.

Recorded sessions

Online exam platforms with live proctor record the complete sessions with real-time audio and video feeds. The candidate takes the exam on a computer or a laptop connected with internet and supported with cam and mike. These recorded sessions stored on the exam platforms and are used by the examiners to check for any of the suspicious activities. The candidates are well aware that each second of taking the test are recorded and hence maximum numbers of candidates never attempt to commit any sort of frauds in the exam even though they take the test from their favorite locations.

Live proctoring

This is one of the fantastic benefits of using online exam portals. These portal make use of live proctoring along with the solutions like facial recognition, face detection, device detection and body detection to make the exam free from any sort of suspicious activities using of any unwanted sources. The solution checks the computer screen of the candidates for any type of external apps, screen sharing, screen recording, unwanted software, mobile devices etc. The advanced proctoring solutions allow only the relevant software or online exam portal to take the exam.

Instant results

Most of the online exams carry objective type questions and hence the verification of exam papers is done instantly. Individual scores of the candidates are generated instantly and are sent to the concerned department for the selection process. It is so easy for the clients to filter the names and details of the candidate with good scores to select the right candidates for the intended purpose.

Everything online

The exam paper and reports are stored on the cloud platform by most of the exam providers. This helps the clients and candidates to access the exam paper, scorecard and relevant reports from any part of the world. The clients can manage the exam on the go and the candidate can take the test at the right time irrespective of wherever they are in the world.

Detailed reports

Online exam records the complete exam sessions to monitor the activities both the candidates and the proctors. These recorded sessions are very useful in report generation and credibility index.

Now, you are all well aware of the benefits of using online exam portals. There are reputed online exam portal providers in the country to help the academic institutions, elearning centers, and any organizations to conduct any of the exams with quality proctoring in well-developed online exam platform.

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