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Mueller Investigation Draws Closer To Oval Office As Trump Abandoned By Confidants

NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump has now been abandoned by two of his most powerful protectors, his longtime lawyer and the company that owns the National Enquirer tabloid, bringing a perilous investigation into his campaign one step closer to the Oval Office. Both Michael Cohen and American Media Inc. now say they made…



NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump has now been abandoned by two of his most powerful protectors, his longtime lawyer and the company that owns the National Enquirer tabloid, bringing a perilous investigation into his campaign one step closer to the Oval Office.

Both Michael Cohen and American Media Inc. now say they made hush money payments to a porn star and a Playboy Playmate for the purposes of helping his 2016 White House bid, an apparent campaign finance violation.

The women alleged affairs with Trump, and federal prosecutors say the payments were made at Trump’s direction.

The admissions by Cohen and AMI conflict with Trump’s own evolving explanations. Since the spring, Trump has gone from denying knowledge of any payments to saying they would have been private transactions that weren’t illegal.

Though prosecutors have implicated Trump in a crime, they haven’t directly accused him of one, and it’s not clear that they could bring charges against a sitting president even if they want to because of Justice Department protocol.

Nonetheless, Trump’s changing explanations have clouded the public understanding of what occurred and are running head-on into facts agreed to by prosecutors, AMI and Cohen, who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and other crimes and was sentenced on Wednesday.

“You now have a second defendant or group of defendants saying that these payments were made for the primary purpose of influencing the election, and that it was done in coordination with Trump and his campaign,” said Rick Hasen, an election law expert at the University of California, Irvine.

Trump’s first explanation of the payment that would eventually help lead Cohen to a three-year prison sentence came at 35,000 feet over West Virginia.

Returning to Washington on Air Force One, Trump on April 6 for the first time answered questions about the reports of $130,000 in hush money paid to porn star Stormy Daniels, issuing a blanket denial to reporters while saying they would “have to ask Michael Cohen.”

Three days later, the FBI raided Cohen’s office, seizing records on topics including the payment to Daniels. Furious, Trump called the raid a “disgrace” and said the FBI “broke into” his lawyer’s office. He also tweeted that “Attorney-client privilege is dead!”

The raid was overseen by the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan and arose from a referral from special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian election interference. At the time, Cohen said he took out a personal line of credit on his home to pay Daniels days before the 2016 election without Trump’s knowledge.

Later that month in a free-wheeling “Fox & Friends” interview, Trump acknowledged that Cohen represented him in the “crazy Stormy Daniels deal.”

In May, Trump and his attorneys began saying Cohen received a monthly retainer from which he made payments for nondisclosure agreements like the one with Daniels. In a series of tweets, Trump said those agreements are “very common among celebrities and people of wealth” and “this was a private agreement.”

People familiar with the investigation say Cohen secretly recorded Trump discussing a potential payment for former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal two months before the election. On the tape, Cohen is heard saying that he needed to start a company “for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend David,” a possible reference to David Pecker, Trump’s friend and president of AMI.

When Cohen began to discuss financing, Trump interrupted him and asked, “What financing?”

“We’ll have to pay,” Cohen responded.

Prosecutors announced Wednesday that AMI acknowledged making one of those payments “in concert” with the Trump campaign to protect him from a story that could have hurt his candidacy. The company avoided prosecution under a deal with prosecutors.

In August, Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and other charges, saying he and Trump arranged the payment of hush money to Daniels and McDougal to influence the election. That next day, Trump argued that making the payments wasn’t a crime and that the matter was a civil dispute, then took a swipe at his former employee.

“If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you don’t retain the services of Michael Cohen!” he tweeted.

Earlier this week, Trump compared his situation to one involving President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. The Federal Election Commission, which typically handles smaller campaign finance violations, where the actions aren’t willful, with civil penalties that are typically fines, docked the Obama campaign $375,000 for regulatory civil violations. The fines stemmed from the campaign’s failure to report a batch of contributions, totaling nearly $1.9 million, on time in the final days of the campaign.

But legal analysts said the accusations against Trump could amount to a felony because they revolve around an alleged conspiracy to conceal payments from campaign contribution reports – and from voters. It’s unclear what federal prosecutors in New York will decide to do if they conclude that there is evidence that Trump himself committed a crime.

The Justice Department, in opinions issued by its Office of Legal Counsel, has said a sitting president cannot be indicted because a criminal case would interfere with the duties of the commander in chief. Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, and with Mueller’s office, would presumably be bound by that legal guidance unless the Justice Department were to nullify the opinions.

Politically, Trump’s shifting claims could harm his credibility with voters, but legally they may not make much of a difference.

“It’s not clear to me that he’s made any false statements in legal documents that could open him to liability for perjury,” Hasen said.

For the payments themselves to be a crime rather than a civil infraction, prosecutors would need to show that Trump knew that what he was doing was wrong when he directed Cohen to pay the women and that he did so with the goal of benefiting his campaign.

Trump has not yet laid out a detailed defense, though he could conceivably argue that the payments were made not for the purposes of advancing his campaign but rather to prevent sex stories from emerging that would be personally humiliating to him and harm his marriage.

That argument was advanced by former Sen. John Edwards, a North Carolina Democrat, in a similar campaign finance case that went to trial. But that may be tougher for Trump than it was for Edwards given the proximity of the president’s payment to the election — timing that, on its face, suggests a link between the money and his political ambitions.

Still, the cases aren’t always easy, as proven by the 2012 trial of Edwards. Jurors acquitted Edwards on one charge of accepting illegal campaign contributions, but couldn’t reach a verdict on the five remaining counts including conspiracy and making false statements. Prosecutors elected not to retry Edwards, the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2004 and a candidate for president in 2004 and 2008.


Tucker reported from Washington.


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Free Credit Card Numbers with Security Code and Expiration Date 2019



Free credit card numbers with security code and expiration date:

The credit card is the most famous method to make payments nowadays. It has its own merits and demerits. But, getting a credit card is not easy. You must present a stack of documents and you must have a good credit score. This limits the credit card to the rich only. Therefore, many people look for free credit card numbers to use online. This may seem illegal, but many people do it for fun and it actually works. You can use these free credit card numbers with the security code and the expiration date without taking into account the disadvantages of the credit card.

Knowing how to obtain free credit card numbers with security code and expiration date 2019 is useful if you have a low credit score. You do not have to do the paperwork and you do not have to worry about your bad credit rating when you get these cards.

You can use these free credit card numbers without worrying about credit card security problems. However, you can not make any real transactions using these cards. To make transactions, your card must be linked to the database of the provider or the bank. But, still, you can use these cards to get free tests, test your application or anything else that does not include real transactions.

People who have real credit cards become the target of hackers and scammers. They can hack your card information and make transactions from it. This is a major security concern with credit cards. When using free credit card numbers, you do not have to worry about this problem.

What are the concepts: credit card number, security code and expiration date 2019?

First, we will discuss the basic details of the credit card. This will help you use them. The credit card does not only have to do with your number, but other details are also important to make the transaction.

Compared to debit cards, credit cards are better. There are several reasons for this, but the most important is that you can pay your bills later. You do not have to worry if you have enough money or not in your account. You can use your credit card without any worries and pay at the end of the month when you receive your salary.

All credit cards have a credit limit. You can use your credit card without any worries until you reach your credit limit. You can reset it by paying the pending invoice of your credit card. This credit limit also depends on your credit score. This makes it difficult for people with a low credit score to obtain a real credit card number.

Even so, the credit card is considered the superior method of making payments. It is very easy to make transactions with them. After all, only free credit card numbers are generated. You can pay your bill in installments instead of paying it once as in debit cards or PayPal.

Active Working Free Credit Card Numbers with Security Code and Expiration Date 2019

Type of card: Visa

Card number: 4551 0564 8393 6475

CVV: 323

Expiration: 05/2023

Name: Melina J. Sanford

Type of card: MasterCard

Card number: 5360 8495 3456 1278

CVV2: 2532

Expiration: 02/2020

Name: John S. Chasse

Type of card: Visa

Card number: 4937 9450 8863 1245

CVV2: 201

Expiration: 11/2020

Name: Mark Wise

Type of card: MasterCard

Card number: 5123 4896 4354 5543

CVV2: 814

Expiration: 12/2020

Name: Juanita S. Kirkland

Type of card: MasterCard

Card number: 5519 5678 4536 4210

CVV2: 745

Expiration: 04/2023

Name: Michelle J. McGaughey

Type of card: Visa

Card number: 4420 6453 4565 1164

CVV2: 236

Expiration: 03/2020

Name: Jennifer J. Williams

Most people try the online credit card generator tools to get a working credit card that they can use for free. They believe in all the false promises of the credit card generator tools and believe that they can use these cards online. However, you can not even use these cards online to get free trials because they do not have a security code or an expiration date.

First, let’s talk about the security code or CVV and the expiration date. The security code is a security feature added by banks to make sure that no one is misusing their credit card. It is printed on the back of your credit card and is usually a 3-digit numeric code. You should never share it with anyone until you want them to use your card.

The expiration date is written on the front of your card and consists only of the month and the year. Each card has this date and you have to change it with a new one before the expiration date. Make sure you know the expiration date of your credit card to be able to replace it at the correct time. The expiration date is also used to verify your transactions online whether it is legitimate or not, so it is important to know.

If you want your fake card to be of some use, make sure you also have a security code. Most fake credit card generators can generate this data and also generate more data. They make sure that the generated card looks like a real card.

How to get free credit card numbers with security code and expiration date 2019?
Now that you understand the importance of the Security Code and the Due Date, we will inform you how to generate free credit card numbers. Below are some methods that you can try to get free credit card numbers.

The use of the credit card generator.

Credit card generators are the most famous method for generating free credit card numbers. There are a number of free tools available to do this task. Make sure you use only free generators. If a paid generator declares that it can generate a real credit card number and ask for money, then it is false.

Some of these generators only generate a credit card number that is useless to us. Do your own research and find a credit card generator that can generate fake credit card numbers with security code and other information.
These free tools use a banking algorithm to generate fake credit card numbers. Each bank has its own algorithm to generate credit card numbers that comply with government regulations. To deal with this, these tools also write their own algorithm to make sure the card number looks legitimate.

After finding the perfect tool for you to download and run it on your computer. You can select the type of card on the first page. After that, you have to select the issuer of the card and that’s it. It will take some time to generate a fake credit card number.

You will get information like a real credit card. You will have all the information such as the card number, the name of the cardholder, the expiration date, and the security code. All these data are false and are generated, so you can use them only to get free online trials. You can not use this card to make real transactions online.

Get it through a bank:

The first place where you can go to obtain a credit card is to a legitimate issuer. These include bank and credit card union. All other sources depend on the bank, so the bank is the most famous place where people will get a credit card.

You may think that the way to obtain these credit card numbers for free is from the official issuer. The credit card number is very confidential information and the banks never share it in public. But, you can get some of these numbers because banks have to test your payment system. They want to test their payment system and, therefore, publicly publish fake credit card numbers that are used for testing.

All these cards contain all the details such as the name of the cardholder, the credit card number and other details found on a real card. In this way, you can also obtain free credit card numbers and thus help the payment system of the credit card issuer.

However, all these fake cards cannot be used to make transactions online. You could think that they are useless. But, even these fake cards have some important uses. You can use these free credit card numbers to get free trial accounts and skip verification. We are going to discuss them shortly now.

Free tests:

Most services and software provide a free trial account for one month. Even large websites like Netflix offer a free one-month trial account. To activate these accounts you need to enter the information of the credit card.

Your card is not charged so it is possible to use fake credit cards. Also, if you want to verify if the website is a scam or not, you can use these fake cards to verify before using your actual credit card.

Fake cc:

For some services and software, you can actually ignore the verification using fake credit cards. You can use your service for life but without paying anything. This is better than getting free tests because in free trials you need to create a new account each time your test expires. Avoiding verification will save a lot of time.


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Financing a Motorcycle



It has never been as easy to get endorsed for a bike credit.

It doesn’t make a difference whether you have a past filled with horrible credit or whether you have been in chapter 11 as of late, you likely feel that you have positively no possibility to get a motorbike advance and that it will be by unthinkable!

Well, fortunately, moneylenders are changing their procedures for bike and an automobile advance so now is your opportunity to check whether you can exploit these uncommon changes!

Online organizations and loan specialists furnish online cruiser and auto purchasers with money without going into an inside and out a credit report.

With awful Credit Can You Get a Motorbike Right Now?

Indeed! Regardless of whether you have terrible credit or no credit at all and you wish to buy any cruiser, so what. You can go underneath and basically fill in the no credit check 60 Second online car advances application and check whether you qualify. It is that basic. Best of all there are no costs, the advance applications are free, and you are under positively no commitment to take a money cruiser quote.

Most online organizations will endeavor to enable you to be in your new or utilized vehicle inside a couple of days and regardless of whether you have past awful credit or insolvency issues.

What is involved with Finance Motorcycle Quotes Online?

With online organizations, it is very basic for you to apply for vehicle advances Once you land at the application you will be asked to quickly fill in a short structure which takes around 2-3 minutes to check whether you are endorsed for financing.

At times you will get a moment endorsement statement of the amount you’re qualified to have lent to you regardless of whether you have awful credit or none by any means.

When you have taken a couple of minutes to finish the application online you will at that point be advised promptly of the result. You might be totally amazed at what the outcomes might be.

Keep in mind, since you have awful credit you should continue hunting down considerably more account bike sites on the web. You should analyze at least three vehicle credit cites so you get the best motorbike advance rate and most reduced regularly scheduled installment plan.

When you secure a cruiser advance you like, you would then be able to go to the merchant and buy a bicycle as though you have money. This permits you to arrange the most minimal cost on the vehicle you need at the most ideal rate.

Many fund bikes cites offer low loan costs that can even be significantly less than what you would pay at a bank. There are effectively available specialists that are online presently prepared to help you through the whole credit process.

Do You Qualify?

Snap beneath to round out the 60 Second online application. Try not to pass up a major opportunity basically in light of the fact that you figure you won’t be affirmed! Commonly when you complete the applications online you will be told inside minutes and get a quick reaction. At that point, you will get guidelines on the best way to go ahead.

It generally looks at least three car advance statements on the web. Obviously, doing it online is particularly less demanding to since you don’t need to leave your home or office to discover them.

When you get your endorsement you will have a vastly improved thought with respect to what your choices are for a bike, how you can reimburse the cash and what your installments will be.

The web has made it exceptionally simple for anybody with great or awful credit to discover advances, not on the web. Pick the most minimal and set aside some cash today!

Go to motorbike finance to see which advances are accessible for you! On the off chance that you fit the bill for a credit, you will be reached right away.

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10 ways to save money as a student



When you are a university student, this type of responsibility does not seem significant, either because you are still dependent on your parents or because there is no reason to save you. However, it is important that you know that saving opens the doors to adapt to the management of your own economy and teaches you not to waste your money on unnecessary things to take advantage of what is truly special and necessary for you. 

Believe it or not, it is possible to save money when you are a student. It is not an impossible task! You should only use it with intelligence, thinking that saving is what you contribute for future generations. In the end we all want a country with better opportunities. In this article i will share how to save for college tuition fund.

1. Plan your budget

Make a list of daily expenses in which you prioritize your needs: transportation, food, etc. Currently there are several apps that allow you to keep track of your expenses, such as Fintonic and Splitwise, completely free and available for iOS and Android.

2. Share your expenses

The majority of college students live alone, therefore, saving for college is essantial to minimize your expenses, you can share a department with a partner and thus divide the budget destined to the purchase of food or the payment of basic services.

3. Save a percentage of your money

Adopt a savings program from your preferred bank or keep it in a piggy bank or in a safe place in your home, where you can not use it until it is extremely necessary.

4. Motivate yourself

Set yourself a goal or goal that you really want to achieve. A great motivation can be to save money to travel with your friends or to enroll in a university to pursue the career or master of your dreams.

5. Mobilize effectively

Save money using your city’s public transportation or transportation from your university, if you have one. If your city is small or your place of study is close you can walk or use your bike.

6. Avoid unnecessary expenses

Do not fall into compulsive purchases so you do not spend on things that you will not use periodically in your life.

7. Open a savings account

Many times carry money in your wallet, purse or backpack, only encourages you to spend on unnecessary things. To avoid this you can save your money in a bank and only carry a small amount in cash for daily expenses.

8. Recycle

Reuse your notebooks, pencils or things that you use for your study, so you will reduce the purchase of all this.

9. Look for an alternate way to earn extra money

You can take risks and undertake some innovative idea as a result of your academic learning or your hobbies and passions. If you study in a face-to-face mode, a good option is to work on your free time.

10. Take advantage of your student benefits

Your student card can give you the possibility of having discounts in some places, like in the movies or in restaurants.

Cheer up! Accept these recommendations and insurance when you realize you will have the money you need to study, build a house, buy a car or travel the world. All up to you.

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