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In countries in food crisis, moringa is considered a “miracle tree” because it could provide the lack of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Although the popularity of moringa is fairly recent in western countries, but based on some studies, moringa has been widely known for its medicinal properties for home and traditional remedies. Therefore, in the Philippines and some developing countries, moringa is well known as the “best friend of the mother” because of its ability to treat some common diseases, so mothers should not bring their children doctor.

Excellent source of powerful antioxidant

The fact that moringa is called ‘miraculous tree’ is confirmed by some studies because it is true that moringa leaves contain powerful antioxidants such as quercetin, kaempferol, caffeoylquinic acid, rutin, zeatin, acid chlorogenic, beta-sitosterol and others including vitamin C and vitamin A. Certainly you have known that antioxidants are essential for the human body to fight free radicals, harmful substance that could cause cell development cancer and other health problems .

Alternative to anti-inflammatory medicine

It is not just a hypothesis, but already scientifically proven that moringa leaf extract is powerful enough to treat certain conditions caused by inflammation and one of them is edema. The same studies showed that the effect is equal to the anti-inflammatory drug that was already considered the most powerful drug . That means, there is a more natural solution for treating such a painful condition as edema by using moringa leaf extract.

Natural solution to damaged liver

Some studies have stated that there is indeed a positive effect of using moringa leaf extract to treat damaged liver caused by anti-TB drugs. These studies have also been validated and the impact is still positive since the moringa leave extract not only protects the liver, but also helps to speed up the healing process to prevent further damage to the liver.

Solution to certain stomach disorders

When it comes to stomach disorders, the list could be endless and it seems like you need different types of medications to deal with each of these disorders. Well, some studies have shown that taking moringa leaf extract has the same effect as taking antacids and antihistamines. So what is the point of taking things that are harmful to your liver while moringa leaf extracts are not only natural unlike chemical-based medications, but also promote liver health while taking care of your stomach disorders? ?

Ulcerative colitis cures

Ulcerative colitis is another example of a stomach disorder that could be cured by taking moringa leaf extract. Studies have been conducted specifically to prove that certain contents found in moringa leaf extract could act as a powerful prednisolone. However, this type of medication does not take care of the condition by reducing the ulceration while the moringa leaf extract does not stop there because the moringa leaves contain antibacterial agents that could prevent the infection caused by bacteria that could lead to diarrhea.

Solution to weight loss

You may think that the reason why moringa leaf extract is excellent for weight loss because it is low in calories. Well, that’s true, but science has found something more because moringa leaves contain vitamin B complex that does not improve bowel movement to ensure optimal absorption of nutrients but can also help convert certain nutrients into energy. body. In other words, moringa leaf extract could also act as a booster of natural energy.

Contains powerful antibacterial agents

It is probably true that due to some modern medical research studies, there is no need to worry about being infected with bacteria, even though some infections should not be considered as infections caused by salmonella that could cause diarrhea strict. coli. However, some studies have shown that moringa leaf extract contains powerful antibacterial agents that are not only capable of killing and suppressing Salmonella and E. coli from your body, but also other bacteria like Rhizopus, Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacter aerogenus.

Cures Cancer

Maybe moringa leaves really deserve the name “miraculous leaves” because while therapy and some drugs can only slow down or prevent the development of cancer cells, some studies and scientific research have shown that moringa could cure cancer. This is because according to these studies, moringa leaf extract contains chemo-modulatory effects that could cure certain types of cancers, including ovarian cancer and hepatic carcinogenesis, not only by inhibiting the development of cancer cells but killing them completely.

Ideal for the brain

Moringa leaf extract will not turn your brain into an Einstein brain, but based on some research studies, moringa leaves contain compounds that have an effect similar to some drugs widely used to treat the disease Alzheimer. This is because moringa leaf extract has a positive effect on the brain component such as serotonin and dopamine to protect the brain from certain neurodegenerative diseases.

Support healthy bones

It’s obvious that all calcium-rich foods are good for bones and moringa leaf extract is no exception. It has been scientifically proven, but among those who know moringa leaves must have known that these leaves are rich enough in some essential minerals especially calcium and phosphorus. In addition, as it also contains anti-inflammatory properties, moringa leaf extract is also ideal for treating bone diseases caused by inflammation such as arthritis.

Natural immunity booster

Moringa leaf extract is quite rich in vitamin C but this is not the only reason why moringa leaves could act as a booster for natural immunity. These medicinal plant leaves also contain a natural compound called ethanol that will provide an extra layer of protection to the human immune system.

May have a positive impact on autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune disease is considered one of those diseases that are difficult to cure and are not easy to treat either. However, some scientific studies have shown some positive impact of using moringa leaf extract to act as immunosuppressive properties.

Ideal for the heart

The fact that moringa leaf extract could prevent certain conditions caused by the cardiovascular state has been well known and even some studies have argued with some valuable data. Moringa leaf extract has cardioprotective and antiperioxidant effects that will protect the heart by inhibiting the production of lipid peroxidation.

Solution to diabetes

Some studies have been conducted in some diabetic patients and the result is quite important because these patients have a positive impact on the reduction of blood sugar and urine, while the hemoglobin level increases at the same time.

Precautions Moringa leaves

Although taking moringa leaf extract is safe enough, but that does not mean you do not need to know some warning words.

Be wary of allergic reactions, because no matter how good an herbal plant is if you are allergic to it, it will only be dangerous for you. If you decide to take moringa leaf extract as part of your treatment under certain conditions, it is highly recommended to contact and consult your doctor to avoid certain negative interactions with the prescribed medications that you are currently taking. Moringa leaves are quite safe to consume but you should be careful with bark or moringa tree root because they could cause some stomach problems.

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