Meet TezLab, the Fitbit for Tesla vehicles


Some of the best real-time penetrations into Tesla and its elite set of electric vehicles, much outside the restrictions of its Silicon Valley office might be through the eyes of a tiny startup in Brooklyn. The name TezLab is possibly an adopted one. In certain groups though, namely, Tesla owners preoccupied with knowing how their electric vehicle functions, TezLab is a close companion.

Tezlab is a complimentary application that resembles a Fitbit for a Tesla vehicle. Tesla proprietors who download the application can follow their proficiency, total trip miles and use it to control certain elements of the vehicle, for example, unlocking the doors or regulating the air-conditioner. There’s even a gamification piece that gives clients a chance to gain points and tokens for achieving certain goals or completing tasks.


The company has begun planning about a component of a longer-term plan pointed at monetization. One of these features, which crowd-sources data like Waze to give analysis and ratings on Tesla Supercharger sites, is running now. The video below exhibits how this supercharger feature will function.

Tesla’s architects include Ben Schippers and William Schenk who were invited to Tesla essentially because of its tech-centric strategy and one significant detail: the Tesla API endpoints are accessible to outsiders. The Tesla API is actually private. But it subsists, enabling Tesla’s first-party app to interact with the cars to do things like learning battery health and lock doors. It’s possible for a third-party app to interact directly with the API. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has spoken recently about opening up the API to third-party engineers.

Mudassar Hassan

By Mudassar Hassan

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