Life Guarding Kidney Transported by Drone

Interestingly, in recent times, a drone carried a kidney to one of the hospitals in the US. Surgeons found this flight unique in every way because nothing like that happened to appear in history. It was one of a kind flights because till date only medical products like medicines and injections were delivered to parts of Africa from the US.

The US drone that carried organ (kidney) was not an ordinary one. It was actually especially designed that could monitor as well as maintain kidney. It is said that in near future drones will be able to carry organs from one place to another with all the safety tools. Unique methods will be applied in achieving this purpose.

Kidney which was transported to the hospital in the US was installed in the recipient from Baltimore. He was 44 years of age and had been waiting for the transplant for eight long years. In 2018, more than 110,000 individuals were on the waiting list for transplants for whom only 1.5 percent of organs were not able to make to the destination, mostly hospitals. However, four percent of them used to get delayed by approximately two and a half hours.

Now, with the help of drones, delivery of organs from the donor to the patient is very sacred, reported Joseph Scalea, one of the assistant professors at UMSOM (University of Maryland School of Medicine) and one of the finest surgeons who performed the surgery.

The journey of three or fewer miles actually needed innovative technology. It also had to have a customized drone to make the flight safer to reach the hospital on time. According to Charlie Alexander who works as a CEO of “The Living Legacy Foundation”, if the transportation of organs becomes a real success and it works for the patients, then they will start working on the bigger plans of covering more distances.