Keeping Cool Under Pressure: High-Tech Industrial Tools and Techniques

When you think about technology, what do you think about? Do you think about the latest computer systems? Do you think about high tech games? Or does your mind wander to communication systems as an example? 

Those are all fine, but some uses of technology aren’t as obvious, even if they have a more significant impact on your daily life. Especially when it comes to industrial industries that use technology to function more efficiently, a little research on your part can be very eye-opening.

How might industrial technology create this ripple effect on your life? Well, think about some of the uses for purification, depressurization, or energy systems. Any time industry uses hot materials, there has to be something to cool it down. Chiller systems are super high-tech and ubiquitous in industrialized manufacturing. Even though people are scared of nuclear power, it isn’t as frightening as you might think. Much of the reason it works as well as it does is because of cooling systems that operate within the nuclear framework. 

Lastly, whenever a company needs to create large, highly-machined pieces of metal, there is going to be a foundry involved, and that naturally leads to the necessity for a cooling process for safety purposes.

Chiller Systems

In an industrial workflow, temperature spikes come and go. To make sure everything is operating within a safe set of parameters, there are different types of chiller units at play. These are high-tech, highly specialized machines that have an incredible amount of engineering and automation behind them. Without these chillers, many products would not be able to be created.

Nuclear Power

Have you ever wondered how nuclear power works? Most people think it’s some dark art or magic. This is not the case. But, you do need some of the science behind nuclear power in your back pocket to fully appreciate it. The heat generated from a nuclear power plant is massive. Most of the energy that is required to keep it contained is energy that alleviates temperature and pressure created during the atomic process.

Industrial Foundries

If you’ve ever watched videos of foundries, it’s hard to look away. There is so much heat and motion represented that it’s truly hypnotic. In these super hot environments, there always have to be safeguards in place to make sure no one is injured. Many of these safeguards rely on the scientific application of pressure and cooling machines. 

If you think of the largest piece of metal that would be required to build something like an airplane or space shuttle or a huge truck, it’s interesting that you can recognize that the pieces had to come from somewhere. Often, the source is a metalworking shop.