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How to Build a Sales Page Easily

Corey Alvarez Keller



Do you have a product or service for sale? It’s time to create a relevant sales page that will ensure the success of your website and your online business. In this article, I present the key points that will help you create a successful sales page. But before that, you will need a landing page where you will send your potential customers to view your offer. You can create one using a free website builder at

A sales page has only one purpose: to encourage your visitor to click on the BUY button.

It’s a bit like an email capture page but with a higher barrier: you ask your visitor to make a financial investment. It’s huge compared to just asking for their email.

The style, length, and format of a successful sales page vary depending on the audience and product you are selling. On the other hand, the general structure remains the same: the AIDA model!

AIDA is an acronym for Attention Interest Desire and Action, and it simply describes the events that occur when a visitor reads your sales page.

Your visitors will interact with your content in 3 different ways:

  1. They read the whole page from beginning to end.
  2. They read the title, then fly over the subtitles to find a point that interests them.
  3. They search directly for an interesting subtitle.

No matter how your visitors interact with your page, it must absolutely be flyby-friendly! It must be easy to scan to find the content.

Do it by integrating good subtitles. A good subtitle is both informative and engaging. That is, it must answer the question of “What is this section about?” and also to provoke curiosity, or an emotion in the reader that will make him want to stop and read.


The 8 elements that turn interest into desire

These are elements that experts use to make out of the ordinary sales pages.

  1. An irresistible title that captures attention

A captivating title must follow these 3 points:

  • It must be clear. Do not take yourself for Shakespeare trying to make incomprehensible word games.
  • What will they stand to gain from reading your page?”
  • It has to offer something really compelling: a concrete solution to an extremely frustrating problem or a deep desire.

If your title does not attract attention, the rest of your page will have no interest since it will not be read…

To create a good title, you have to know your audience. Learn about the frustrations and deep desires of your readers, and offer an irresistible solution to these problems with your title.

Do not worry about writing a perfect title. Listen to your readers and use their words.

  1. An intro paragraph that makes you dream

Start by talking about a common dream or a deep desire in a specific area. Then come back to reality by describing their frustrations.

Speak to them directly and feel their feelings. When a person is emotionally invested, it’s hard to give up. They will want to continue reading.

The function of an intro paragraph is to engage your readers. Show them that you know exactly what they are feeling and help them to get involved emotionally.

  1. Tell a personal problem

Selling using words is difficult. It’s like trying to convince someone to fall in love based on logic.

To create a relationship with your readers, you must show your vulnerability, your humanity, you must show that you are a real person and you have gone through the same problems they have today.

By showing your readers that you already had these problems and that you felt all these emotions, you created a relationship of trust with them. You’re not a typical person trying to sell them something. You sincerely feel empathy for them, and they feel it for you when you describe your problems and your emotions.

  1. Solve your problem with a personal solution

Now that you have been able to capture the attention of your readers with your introduction and personal problems, now is the time to tell them a solution. A solution that will introduce your product.

Do not try to sell a product yet. You offer a solution to a problem.

These solutions should bring real benefits and real gains to people’s lives.

An error often made in sales pages is to focus on product features. Your reader is not interested in that at this moment.

What interests him on the other hand is the advantage or the concrete gain that your product will bring him. So study the features of your product, then focus on the benefits these features bring to your audience.

  1. Trustworthy testimonials

Buying and selling are two real emotional experiences. Your reader will feel anxiety and doubt before buying, and it is your job to appease them.

The best way to do this is to offer customer testimonials. By the way, do you prefer to listen to a salesman who tries to sell you his product, or rather a happy customer who has already bought the product?

So go ahead and put customer testimonials on your page. You will create trust in your product by showing the enthusiasm of satisfied customers.

Offer your product or part of it for free before selling it. It will allow you to have testimonials and to improve it even before D-Day.

  1. An irresistible offer!

Your readers must feel that they have more for their money. You have to offer them things that are very valuable to increase the perceived value of your product.

After that, you offer them the opportunity to buy it at a price that seems derisory. They will feel like paying little to get a lot! And in truth, that’s what will happen.

You can even estimate your product and the bonuses that you offer by announcing the prices. For example: my product is worth $500 + bonus 1 = $200 + bonus 2 = $200 + bonus 3 = $100 so the total = $1000.

Then you announce the real price at which you are selling it at the moment by saying for example: But today you have access to all that for $99 only.

You may feel that it sounds a bit like teleshopping, but believe me, the principle is true. You sincerely estimate your product at one price, and you sell it at a lower one.

No matter what price you charge, show your readers that they are buying a product that is worth 10x more than the money they invest.

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee

Many sellers offer this kind of guarantee. Your potential customers will be much more comfortable buying if they know that they can simply ask for a refund in case the product does not please them.

Offering a satisfaction guarantee is part of the norm. I would even say it is a mark of honesty and trust for your product, and also to your audience. It shows that you really believe in your product to provide solutions to the problems of your readers. Above all, you prioritize their success stories before their money.

You can offer several types of guarantee:

  • 30-day trial: You offer your reader a free trial period to test the product, after which he is free to continue by paying or canceling.
  • 100% money back guarantee: You offer your reader total satisfaction during a given period. When they purchase your product and don’t like it for some good reason or it doesn’t solve their problems as promised, then you refund their money without asking any questions.
  • Lifetime Warranty: You offer a lifetime warranty for your product. Often used for physical products like tools or other. Imagine the confidence of the manufacturer/seller in his product to offer this type of warranty.


  1. The call to action!

It is imperative to end your sales page with an unmistakable and clear call to action button.

Call-to-action buttons are often overlooked while a fault at this level can dramatically change your conversion rate.

Common errors:

  • It’s too vague: buttons like “click here”, “buy”, or “sign up” do not tell your reader anything about what will happen after clicking.
  • It’s invisible: Your button is too small, its color is not pronounced enough, so it blends with your page.

3 elements for a successful action button:

  • It recalls an irresistible offer: Instead of the famous “Click here”, the button must answer the question “What do I get by clicking here?”
  • It stands out: Get your button out of the lot with a beautiful color and a white space all around.
  • It’s in the right place: When your reader is ready to buy, he must see a button just a click away.

A good call to action button is a direct and clear request of what your reader needs to do now. You explained everything to your reader on the page, now is the time to sell with a nice button.

Now, go take action and create a website for your sales page!

Corey Alvarez Keller is a performance-driven and highly accomplished IT security specialist with more than 7 years of significant experience in Quality and Risk assurance. She had applied his skills in diverse domains which cover Business and Banking solutions. When not working you will find him spend his weekend watching movies or clubbing around.

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