How do Yoni Eggs Work

What are Yoni Eggs

Did you recently get to hear the word yoni eggs? Are you wondering what this fancy term means?  

Other names for the yoni eggs include Jade eggs, vaginal eggs and even love eggs. 

But what does it mean?

Yoni is a term in Sanskrit. It refers to a woman’s vagina. 

Yoni eggs refer to the stones in the shapes of an egg for vaginal insertion. 

They have become prevalent in the previous few years. But it is possible to track down their uses to older times. 

Understanding yoni eggs

The word yoni egg consists of two separate terms, that combine to form a meaning. The first part yoni in Sanskrit, refers to the womb, rather the vagina. The term egg, referring to the egg shape.

How to use Yoni Eggs, the yoni egg is a smooth stone with polishing that makes it non-porous. The shape is ideal for insertion into the vagina with the smoothness and easy to slip. 

Yoni eggs use natural gems like quartz, obsidian, amethyst and jade. There are ones that come with a hole inside and a string to pull. It makes it easy to insert and remove depending on the requirements. 

The uses of stone eggs are over 5,000 years ago. Empresses and mistresses in palaces of China were the first ones using these non-porous jade eggs. The purpose was to seek youth, sexual powers and energy. 

The applications are popular with Taoist practitioners.

However, they are now prevalent almost everywhere on the Internet. 

Some believers also believe yoni eggs to possess spiritual healing properties. The reason behind this is crystals contain vibrational healing frequency. Varied yoni eggs with different crystals cater to various intentions. 

Besides, they are available in various sizes that include the small and medium, including the large sizes. 

Uses of Yoni eggs

Yoni eggs were once ancient exotic secrets. The scenario has evolved over the years. 

The yoni egg has physiological characteristics. Also, the original ones indicate that it has a dynamic and pure dimension. 

Earlier uses of yoni eggs were about increasing sexual pleasures and firmness. 

There is less information to backup the medical benefits of yoni eggs. 

Yoni eggs now come in use to focus on the pelvic muscles. The eggs help with contracting and other exercises to provide strength to these muscles. 

The uses include yoni breathing and placing yoni eggs inside the vagina, and then meditating. The practice claims to help women connect with feminine energy. 

The uses of yoni eggs in exercises can help to conserve chakra energies with gradual progress in training.

The other claims include preventing leakage and advancing healing after childbirth. 

It is crucial to assure that the yoni eggs are of genuine crystals and are smooth enough to get into the vagina.


Yoni eggs are crystals cut into the shape of eggs. And that is not everything about yoni eggs. 

Serving multiple uses, they are non-porous egg-like small structures for vaginal insertion. There is barely any scientific data to back-up their advantages. However, yoni egg fans and users say otherwise.

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