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How can you download videos from Facebook to your Desktop or IOS/Android.

Imran Javed



Contrary to what happens with photos, Facebook does not allow downloading videos uploaded by third parties directly from your page.

Yes, you can export a video uploaded by yourself, from the tool “Download your information”.

But what about third-party videos, for example, personal videos of relatives or uploads in closed groups?

Facebook did not clarify to journalists questions what its rules are in this regard since it is not a service that your app does not offer.

And, as a general rule, in addition to what the existing laws in each country specify, the creator of an original work owns his copyright and has the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute and publish it.

How can you do, however, if a friend, relative or even an institution gives you permission to download a video they shared on Facebook?

From the Android

If your mobile is Android, there are different free tools.

One of the ones you can use is “Video Downloader for Facebook”.

You can download this app from Google Play and it allows you to download videos uploaded by other users or pages.

You can Download Facebook videos from as well.

To use it you simply have to log in and then select the material you want to download.

From the IOS

If your cell phone is iPhone, there is a smaller range of options. But you can download the free application “Documents 5” from the Apple Store, as the specialized website Cnet explains.

Once downloaded, you must go to the browser and type: ““.

Then, open the Facebook application, choose the video you want to save and select, within the “share” menu, the option “copy link”.

Then go back to the app and paste the link in the search bar that you opened before. Then the download option will appear automatically. The video will be saved in the Documents 5 downloads folder.

From it, you can save it on your reel by sending it previously by mail.

Documents 5 is a file manager for iPhone and iPad, with many possibilities, including connecting different storage services in the cloud, including Dropbox and Google Drive, as explained by the Applesfera website .

It allows seeing Word and Excel documents, open zip files, PDFs, images, download mp3 and watch movies on iPhone, in other things.

From your Desktop

There are several websites that offer you this possibility for free, but they can represent a danger for the security of the machine.

If you want to do it safely and with quality, it is best to buy legitimate software.

For this you can use Parallels Toolbox , as recommended by the specialized Techadvisor page .

It is a secure software and it has a lot of possibilities. It is available for Mac and Windows.

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