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Honor 9X, the latest Huawei mobile with WhatsApp and YouTube?

Mazhar Hassan



The Chinese brand renews its mid-range dodging Trump’s veto and maintaining all Google services.

Honor, the second Huawei brand, has presented its new Honor 9X mobile phone in Spain that, despite its notable advances over its predecessor the 8X, above all presumes that it has managed to dodge Donald Trump’s stocks to the brand’s mobiles China and continues to integrate the Android 9 Pie operating system and all Google services (Maps, WhatsApp, YouTube, Gmail, etc.).

In this way, the Asian manufacturer takes a truce in his fight against the US veto, which led him to present his Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, the new series of high-end mobiles that, for the first time, do not have pre-installed Google services.

The trick is that the Honor 9X was released in China at the end of July, taking advantage of the suspension of the ban from the US Administration for technology such as Google to support their devices. Now it arrives in Europe with all the features that Google and its Play Store app store allow.

And it is that the Chinese brand wants to position itself with strength in the mid-low range – mobile phones that cost between 200 and 350 euros -, increasingly competitive, especially for its Chinese rivals such as Oppo (which has just launched its second brand Realme) and Xiaomi. And it is difficult, if not impossible, to convince that millennial audience that demands strong benefits at a moderate price to spend 300 euros on mobile without WhatsApp or YouTube.

Technical characteristics

The Honor 9X comes equipped with a triple camera with a 48-megapixel (MP) main lens, an aperture of f / 1.8 and a half-inch sensor that allows users to capture photos more clearly. Its night mode (SuperNightMode), based on artificial intelligence algorithms, takes quality photos even in low light environments. It includes a camera with a wide-angle of 120 degrees with an eight-megapixel sensor and a third two-megapixel depth lens, especially for portraits.

The 6.59-inch screen uses IPS technology with a maximum resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels (Full HD +), which takes advantage of 91% of the front of the device. And it is that this Honor 9X adopts the periscope or pop-up front camera, which is hidden inside the chassis when it is not in use, which has already been used by other manufacturers such as One Plus (7Pro), Xiaomi (Mi 9 and Redmi K20), Oppo (Reno) or Samsung (Galaxy A80).

The camera includes a fall detection mechanism that retracts the camera when it detects a sudden acceleration such as a fall and also prevents any speck of dust or liquid from entering the mechanism.

In addition to the front screen, Honor also includes a touch of design on the back of your smartphone, with geometric diamond-shaped mosaics that reflect and refract the light to create an X-shaped design.

The Honor 9X works thanks to a Kirin 710F processor designed by Huawei, with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, which can be expanded up to 640 GB with a microSD. The 4,000 MHA battery, gives it a range of more than one day at full capacity. 

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Gucci Mane shared A New Photo in response of Angela Yee





From the outside trying in, The Breakfast Club seems like an All-Star team. However, even the most effective groups have their problems, which was evident by the means Charlemagne that God handled Angela Yee’s beef with Gucci Mane.

Angela Yee stopped by The Quicksilva Show recently, wherever she self-addressed Charlemagne’s latest interview with Gucci Mane, despite their beef. “Would you are doing that?” Yee asks the show’s co-hosts at the 5:30-mark. “If it was you and Quicksilva and you guys, would you are doing that… I knew he was doing the interview. I simply suppose normally, if you’re employed with someone and somebody is expression things nasty—things you cannot even say on the radio—in a derogatory means… I feel that is the real issue. You cannot simply sit there and laugh once one thing like that happens.” Gucci Mane Posts A New Photo To Respond To Angela Yee, throughout the interview, Gucci was asked regarding the rumors that he’s prohibited from the radio show.

“The day he did the people’s court factor — he was there. He and also the woman or no matter,” Gucci told Charlamagne, who is additionally a bunch on The Breakfast Club. “So he ain’t having the guts to come back once he did that. I used to be getting to confront him too. I used to be getting to say ‘Hey man, you bought one thing to mention to me?’ I simply wished to visualize what he was getting to say.”

“I’ ma confront him regarding what he and Angela did, and if he comes back at me wrong, I’ ma slap the s— out of him … It ain’t going to be his 1st time obtaining abused.”

Gucci Mane went on the offensive against Yee and DJ Envy throughout his one-on-one interview with Charlamagne. Throughout their conversation, Gucci self-addressed the rumors claiming that he was prohibited from The Breakfast Club.

Gucci’s accusations were the result of him misunderstanding some playful banter that materialized in 2009. Yee touched on it conversation whereas talking to Quicksilva. “I had a show wherever we talked crazy all the time,” Yee explained 4 minutes into the clip. “But I feel mature adults apprehend you’ll be able to conduct sex in conversation which does not imply somebody likes you… He should think about it for 10 years. I do not apprehend.”

Unlike Charlamagne, DJ Envy stuck by Yee’s aspect. Envy responded to skilled and true through Gucci’s threats in an Instagram post that explains he refused the rapper’s request to try and does an interview while not Yee. He additionally said that Yee has the proper to defend herself on the show as a result of they share the platform and he will not stop her from speaking her piece. “[Gucci Mane] was never prohibited from The Breakfast Club. When asked, ‘Would I interview while not Yee…’ My reply was, ‘I won’t do something unless you clear it with my co-worker.’ we decided that riding for your team wherever I’m from!!!” Envy wrote. “When Gucci did that post regarding Yee, she defended herself on the Breakfast Club and he’s mad because “I let her do it”… I have ne’er run from a conversation in my life.”

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Complete guide regarding celebrity news





Though you hurt a personality’s feelings, there’ll still be a way to form them perceive through your apologies. Typically there are instances wherever individuals do not get a chance to see an entire match because of work or another excuse. Perhaps, the foremost fascinating portion of the entire story is that people utilize physical look to deceive the less blessed of us at the public places.

There is a large array of capitalist programs provided by thousands of mortgage businesses. The terrible news is its The Hollywood Gossip.” Through net promoting, your company will make a full life.

Whenever there are loads of various news magazines that come out containing different elements of celebrity news, one typically appears like they’re going to ought to get all of those as the simplest way to receive all of the celebrity news they were searching for. Since looking Marco bocci reviews doesn’t earn cash, they are better off using the chance to compose articles. Regardless of what the reason, the assorted ways in which celebrities became progressively more well-liked has resulted in a very general rise within the amount of audience that each celebrity magazine has.

The Ultimate Celebrity News Trick

The most recent craze for extended fringes is putting individuals on the road at risk. Assumptive you would like to understand a lot of regarding creating cash; this is often Andrew Garfield reviews. Regrettably, the inaccurate kind cannot facilitate anyone.

Thus, you’ve got created the choice to shed some weight. The problem is choosing the one which can most likely work best for you. It’s just about general knowledge a well-balanced, biological process diet has a crucial half once you are getting ready for pregnancy.

You must be persistent and wish success but if you’d like your blog to do well. Browsing on the net may be tight suggests that to find your most well-liked website. This informative article can reveal the simple technique supporting the scene.

If you are related to sports as a coach, you’re progressing to wish to form bound that you simply facilitate your players to stay safe and provides a large berth to prospects for injury. Close to golf clubs, an instrumentality} is among the foremost vital playing equipment there’s. Because of the very fact that you are doing not ought to rise whereas boogie-boarding, it is a fantastic activity for those that lack the balance or skills to undertake surfing.

The Debate over Celebrity News

Your mental wellness is an improbable portion of what causes you to as a person. This study’s results, he stated, are of marvelous worth to alcohol analysis solely as a result of the assist to clarify that different studies’ results are also because of distinctive choice criteria leading to distinct rates among subgroups. Addiction is not brought on by the drug, however, it is brought on by biological and mental vulnerabilities leading to totally different forms of desire.”

With every nice chance, there is a doable unhealthy chance additionally. You have been involved in many different MLM businesses that build several guarantees.

The True that means of Celebrity News

You’re going to be developing a newspaper. Designer clothing for the total family may be found at the local discount search and online at the bottom rates. There are tons of and many recreation magazines and newspapers out there on the market and there is forever room for more.

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Making the Case for Arabic Grammar





When Arabic language learners get together to discuss their difficulties with learning the language, there are many topics that rise to the top of the conversation. One example is that, unlike learning other European languages, Arabic writing doesn’t use Roman letters, but rather its own characters which can make Arabic writing as well as learning to read in Arabic more difficult to learn. Arabic pronunciation can be another obstacle in the path to speaking Arabic like a native. Perhaps the feature that strikes the most fear in the hearts of Arabic students, however, has to do with Arabic grammar – and that feature is called grammatical case.


What is Grammatical Case?


To explain it as simply as possible, the grammatical case is the way a noun is inflected to signify its function in a sentence. In the world of linguistics, inflection means the modification of any word to change its role in the sentence. If a language has many grammatical cases that represent a variety of roles, then that language is said to have a case system.


Most cases specify roles like the subject of a sentence (the nominative case), the direct object of a verb (the accusative case), and the indirect object of a verb (the dative case), to name a few. Many languages around the world have case systems; however, they range from the extremely simple to the extremely complex.


Even English has a case system, but it is so simple, it is hardly mentioned when one is learning the language. There are three cases in English – nominative, accusative, and genitive – all of which can be seen in the three-way differences in how pronouns are used (I, me, mine, for example).


The simplest to understand of these is the genitive case, which we use to signify possession. For instance, if Gary owns a house, English speakers don’t need to say “the house of Gary”, but rather they say “Gary’s house” and add the “s” (or actually the “z” sound) at the end of the one who possesses, in this case, Gary.


As mentioned before, however, English cases are relatively simple with only three cases, but they also represent a quite simple version of a case system. Other languages like German have four.  Russian, Polish, and Finnish have an incredible six, seven, and fifteen cases, respectively.


Arabic like English only has three cases: nominative, genitive, and accusative. However, they are for the most part not written which can make them a bit more difficult to learn and you may be tempted to slow down, or even give up altogether. Please don’t do that. You can succeed, even if you are initially intimidated. I lived in one of the Arabic speaking countries for 14 years before I started to learn Arabic officially. I always hesitated because I thought it was too difficult. However, I’ve succeeded and if I can understand Arabic cases, so can you!


How You Should Learn Arabic Language Cases

Through studying how children who learn to speak Arabic learn and master the Arabic case system, even as a foreign language learner, I was able to come up with an efficient, more natural approach to learning Arabic cases

Don’t rely so much on grammar books, but rather rely more on language in context 

Hey, if you like grammar, books go for it, but a much better way for you to learn Arabic cases is by observing them in natural dialogues and live conversation. This means looking for transcripts of actual conversations or getting out there and trying to speak with a native speaker on your own. Study and scrutinize how natives speak and do your best to mimic their speech patterns. Through listening to how the repetition of Arabic cases are used naturally by natives, you’ll be able to develop a greater sense of how and when to use them yourself.


Learn words and observe their functions in a sentence 

Since the grammatical case is all but how a word functions in a sentence, learn how the same word can be used in a number of different ways, with a number of different case endings. Don’t just settle on how that world works in a particular sentence, but observe other ways it can be used in different sentences and how it changes from one situation to the next.  A good way to remember how these words are used is by writing them down and using them in example sentences so you can understand how the word is used a whole.


Practice using these words and don’t be shy from feedback 

You’re going to make mistakes at first, but think of them as a learning opportunity to improve, so speak and write as much as you can and welcome feedback when you do.  Over time, you will slowly learn to master Arabic cases.


If you’re language doesn’t have cases, it may seem a bit difficult to wrap your head around the idea of cases, but that doesn’t mean cases are too difficult to learn. Remember, they seem difficult to you because you are unfamiliar with them. However, by using the different approaches mentioned above, you’re well on your way to understanding how they work. So, keep at it until they come just as naturally to you as your mother tongue.

If you would like to know more about Arabic cases, or any other part of Arabic grammar, Arabic language or Arab culture, please visit us at, and don’t forget to check out our soon-to-be-released Arabic language learning app. Out of all the Arabic language learning apps out there, it is the premier app to help you learn Arabic at home or on the go.


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