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Home remedies for the Inflamed Prostate or Prostatitis




The prostate is a gland found in all male mammals, which secretes a whitish substance that stimulates the movement of sperm. As can be appreciated, it plays a fundamental role in the reproduction of the species, as well as the correct functioning of both the urinary system and the organism in general.

This gland can be affected by all kinds of pathogens such as bacteria, which cause a disorder called prostatic hypertrophy. Likewise, when an individual leads an unhealthy lifestyle where they consume excessively cigarettes, alcoholic beverages or narcotics, they are very likely to suffer hyperplasia (benign inflammation of the prostate) or prostate cancer, which are next to prostatitis the most common disorders of this gland. Here we will give you some important recommendations to maintain a healthy prostate.

  1. Saw Palmetto

This plant has ant estrogenic characteristics, which gives it healing and beneficial properties to relieve benign prostatic hyperplasia. This can be obtained in any powder pharmacy or in capsules.

For prostatic hyperplasia treatment you should drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of saw palmetto powder twice a day. In case of getting the capsules, it is best to consume one at the start of the day and another at the end.

  1. Tomato

The tomato has a large number of minerals, folic acid and vitamin C, which makes it a powerful ally to combat all types of infections, among which may be mentioned prostatitis. This vegetable contains a large amount of lipocene, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps fight benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The best way to consume the tomato to treat the prostate is by drinking its juice. In fact, experts recommend the consumption of tomato juice daily in people with a family history related to the prostate.

  1. Nettle Capsules

In the case of benign prostatic hyperplasia, nettle is one of the main home remedies that exist, due to its qualities to reduce the enzymes that cause inflammation of the prostate gland.

It also helps regulate the amount of testosterone in the body, which can aggravate inflammation. In health food stores it can be obtained in capsules, which you can consume three times a day after each meal. Normally these capsules come in presentations of 120mg.

  1. Pumpkin seeds or Aoyama

Pumpkin seeds are known for the enormous anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect they have on the body when consumed. This seed has a double positive action by causing benign prostatic inflammation and preventing cancer with its antioxidant action.

You can consume the pumpkin seeds directly, either as a breakfast companion or at snacks. In some places, energy bars are prepared with honey, pumpkin seeds and other cereals beneficial for health. Pumpkin seed oil is effective for the prostate and is an excellent companion to meals.

  1. Pygeum Africanum (African Plum)

The substance inside the bark of the African plum is an excellent ally to combat urinary and prostate problems due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also works as PBH cure and helps reduce the urge to urinate gradually.

Pygeum africanum can be purchased in health or specialty stores. Its most usual presentation is in capsules between 25 and 200 milligrams. The recommended daily dose does not exceed 200 mg.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is rich in minerals, especially potassium and magnesium, which in the companies of its vitamin content (A, C and B complex) are excellent antioxidants to combat and prevent the appearance of free radicals, responsible for all types of cancer that of the prostate.

You can consume it in the meals because it confers an excellent flavor, or in infusions with grated ginger. You can sweeten with honey, which will greatly improve the antibacterial properties of ginger. Two or three cups of ginger tea per day are recommended.

  1. Pepper

Peppers contain a high content of Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and powerful antibacterial agent. This helps prevent the onset of degenerative diseases such as prostate cancer or prostatitis. You can consume one cup of raw peppers a day or incorporate it more frequently into the meal.

  1. Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice, in addition to being beneficial to the health of any individual, is especially beneficial for people suffering from the prostate. Vegetables such as spinach and carrot contain large amounts of vitamin A, E, C and minerals such as zinc, which have a healing effect on the prostate.

You can try combining different vegetables, such as carrots, spinach, and beets, you can even incorporate fruits like orange in some mixtures, which will also give you healing and autoimmune properties.

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