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Hackers steal 7,000 bitcoins valued at 41 million dollars from the Binance platform

Imran Javed



A group of hackers has stolen 7,000 bitcoins valued at 41 million dollars from Binance, one of the largest virtual currency exchange sites in the world. The company itself has been the one that recognized this morning the theft of virtual currency, which comes at a time when there have been several robberies of this kind around the world.

The bitcoins were removed by hackers using a variety of techniques including phishing, viruses and other attacks, said Binance executive director Zhao Changpeng.

The CEO explained that users’ funds would not be affected because the company would use its own insured funds to cover the recorded loss. Yes, the price of bitcoin fell by 4.2% in the first operations in Asia when the news of the hack was released, although it later regained its valuation.

For now, Binance has suspended deposits and withdrawals while the company performed a comprehensive safety review that would take about a week. In addition, Zhao explained through Twitter that other cryptocurrency exchange sites – among which his rival Coinbase would be included – would have blocked the deposits of the addresses linked to the hack.

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