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Google Maps is rolling out a new feature, Bike Sharing Stations in 23 new Cities

Mudassar Hassan



Google Maps

No matter whether you’re new in a city or country, as long as you’ve Google Maps you can easily go anywhere you want. Google Map is highly used these days by most of the smartphone users. To make the experience better, Google is rolling out with new support of Bike-Sharing stations. With this feature, you can be informed about the bike-sharing services near them.

This feature was already introduced in New York and was in the testing phase, but now Google is expanding to 23 more cities that include London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Berlin, and more. This report was claimed by The Verge, on Tuesday.

Google took the assistance of ITO World, which has provided some important data to Google, which can be used to find bike-sharing services near the user. It can help to know whether the bike is available not, and also about how many numbers of bikes are available. It can also help to know whether there is space for you to dock your bike or not. These data are used for the user convenience and can help in a better experience of the user.

Since Google has introduced this feature in New York and is currently expanding to other cities, but not countries, so the chances of growing to India is quite low, this year though this feature can be seen in Android and iOS devices.

Since 2019, Google has been working on several features for Google Map, even in the last year 2018, it has added new functionality to direct the users towards shared Lime scooters and bikes. Hence including bike-sharing service will be a big plug for Google Map.

Google has rolled out speed limits and mobile radar locations in India and 40 other countries. With this expansion, Google will track the need for serviced people.

The most liked feature on Google Map was Augmented Reality and off-route alert feature that notifies users for wrong turns.


The Technology That Is Used In Making Footballs





Football is a game that has the most number of fans all around the world, but what most people don’t know is that this game is much older than we all know to be. Officially football started around 2nd to the 3rd BC in China. But some studies suggest that the game is a lot older than that.

However old the game may be, the rules of the game have never been that different for the time it has lasted. However, the equipment that is used to play the actual game has changed substantially over the centuries, and that is to be expected because over the year’s technology has also improved a lot thus creating new opportunities for people to use it and make better versions of the equipment itself.

Today we will be taking a look at the infamous football, how was it made and what kind of technology is used to making the footballs that are used in some of the most famous football games in the world.

The History of Football

Originally the football was a ball that was filled with feathers to provide a structure to the ball itself. Over the years the first big change that came to the ball was the introduction of air-filled balls on around 206 BC -220 AD. Now the ball was a two-part construction, the inner layer for holding air and the outer layer for strength and shape.

The outer layer was made from real leather back then which made the balls much heavier but since there wasn’t an alternative back then the people stuck with it and used the same materials and techniques till the introduction of the artificial leather. Since then almost every football is made from artificial leather on the outside and rubber bladder on the inside for capturing the air.

Since the game is so old, we have come to realize that people back then also used to bet on these matches much like people today who use websites like Bet365 to place their bets.

How Modern Footballs Are Made?

The football making and testing process have greatly improved over the centuries and FIFA footballs are made from the finest product there is to date. So let’s discuss more about that process.

The process can be broken down into 3 parts, first making the necessary parts from raw materials, assembling the footballs, testing the footballs.

The first part starts when the raw materials are brought to the factory. The bladder or the tube of the football is made by melting a specific combination of rubber and other materials and pouring them into a pre-made mold to make the form of the bladder. Once it cools down and solidifies the valve is added into the rubber bladder to complete the bladder portion of the build.

On the other hand, a trade secret recipe is used to make synthetic leather, and then it is converted into sheets. Those sheets are then used to cut out the shape of the outer layer components. A laser-guided cutting table is used which works by adding material to the table, the computer sensing it, and then making the cuts to minimize waste.

After the materials are cut and made, the assembly process starts which sews the outer shell over the bladder completing the build. Now each ball is tested using specialized digital pressure chambers to ensure its reliability. If passed the balls are good to be used.

Ending It

Even though the game and its equipment have changed so much over the years, the only thing that has not changed is the enthusiasm of people betting on this sport using websites like for their ultimate enjoyment. Everything written about this article represents only our personal opinions.

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To learn more about solar street lights, let’s introduce the solar street light parameters today.





Solar street lights are the main currents of existing lighting vehicles. Click here to learn more about solar street lights, let’s introduce the solar street light parameters today:

Work every day: 6 ~ 12H (can be designed according to needs) Rainy days: 3 ~ 8 days (can be designed according to needs)

The total amount of light: 2100lm ~ 14300lm

Light efficiency: 60lm / w ~ 159m / w

Lighting: 15 lux ~ 38 lux (can be designed according to your requirements)

Wind resistance: 41.4m / s

Working temperature: -30 ° C ~ +55 ° C

Panel: Single/polysilicon high conversion efficiency panel with a lifetime of -25 years.

Battery: valve controlled, maintenance-free sealed gel, lead-acid battery, special for solar energy, 3 to 7 years lifetime.

Controller: Microcomputer smart controller, overcharge, over-discharge, light control, time control, life ≥ 5 years.

Battery box: The mold is pressed and shaped, it is completely sealed and waterproof, has a good heat preservation effect, and its service life is ≥20 years.

Life time: 8,000 – 60,000 hours.

Solar street lamp battery components selection

■ Battery: A single crystalline silicon solar cell (size: 125mm × 125mm). The anti-reflection film of the battery is a silicon nitride film developed by plasma chemical vapor deposition, which is dark blue or black. The average conversion efficiency of the battery is over 17%.

■ Component frame: The component frame is made of anodized high-quality aluminum alloy frame with 25-micron surface aluminum oxide film thickness. The component frame is equipped with four sets of screw holes for easy installation and a set of grounding holes that fully meet the international authority certification requirements.

■ Tempered glass: The surface glass of the module uses Pilkington, Australia, 3mm thick low iron (0.02% iron) tempered glass; Bands.

■ Encapsulation material: The assembly is laminated with anti-aging EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate polymer) imported from abroad and high-quality TPT (composite fluoroplastic film) material.

■ Junction box: The junction box of the component is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of solar power generation in the international market. The junction box uses high-quality PP material as the outer case and inner insulation material, silver-plated copper electrode material as the binding post, and two A bypass diodes to reduce the hot spot effect. The junction box has a good sealing and waterproof performance.

Why More And More Solar Powered Street Lights Use Lithium Battery?

With the deepening of the new socialist rural area and the construction of beautiful villages, solar street lights have become the preferred lighting equipment. Solar street lights not only save energy and protect the environment but also generate electricity bills, so they were met by large masses of people. In the past, many solar street lights used lead-acid batteries, and now lithium batteries were used.

Why are lithium batteries so popular? What are the advantages of lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries?

  1. The lithium battery is small in size, lightweight and easy to carry. Compared to the lead-acid colloidal battery used in the same power solar street light, the weight is about a third and the volume is about a third. As a result, transportation is easier and transportation costs naturally decrease.
  2. Lithium battery has high energy density and long life. Energy density refers to the amount of energy stored in a given area or mass unit. As the battery’s energy density increases, more electricity is stored per unit weight or volume. Many factors affect the lifetime of a lithium battery, and energy density is one of the most important internal factors.
  3. Solar street lights are easy to install using lithium batteries. When installing a traditional solar street light, a battery pit needs to be separated and the battery is placed to be sealed in the underground box. Lithium solar street lights are much easier to install and the lithium battery can be mounted directly to the bracket using a hanging or built-in type.
  4. Lithium solar street lights are easy to maintain. While lithium-ion solar street lights need only be removed from the battery box or battery board during maintenance, the traditional solar street light needs to dig up the battery embedded in maintenance; this is more troublesome than lithium solar street light.

Solar Street light Installation Tips

Solar street lights require Wiring as traditional street lights that are not easy to install and do, but they also require some installation skills and precautions during installation. This makes it easier and easier to use solar street lights.

First, solar street lights should be installed on sunny days

When installing solar street light should be done on a sunny day. We know that the sun rainy day is not enough and it is not possible to complete the charge quickly after this installation. If it is discharged at night, it will not only get good results but also solar street lights will affect its service life.

Secondly, it should not be illuminated on the first day of installation

The battery is the core of solar street light. The professional recommends for the first daylight after installing solar street light to increase solar cell usage time and extend the number of charges and discharges. When we install it, you can connect the controller first, so the maximum amount of battery allowed, so that the battery can be activated better, the battery rechargeable battery charge, wake up the loaded person, so that it lit after two days. Increase usage time.

Waterproof products choose third, solar street light controller

Due to the effect of cloud and rainy weather, this controller is recommended to choose a waterproof task with a high-quality product to ensure better solar street lamp stability and thus improve its waterproof ability.

Fourth, pay attention to the angle of the battery card

The solar street light panel angle must be selected to choose the correct position. It is recommended to choose an angle of 45 degrees. Because of the angle is not suitable, it not only affects battery charging performance but also decreasing the lighting time and making the auto lighting time wrong will also affect the battery detection performance.

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Digital Marketing Methods That Work





If you’re working hard to uncover a digital marketing campaign that really works for your business, you’ll find plenty of useful information in the next few minutes.  

If you can learn how to effectively build content that is easily seen by your target audience, then you will have championed digital marketing.  

Take some time today to further your knowledge in the realm of online marketing, and check out a brief look at some digital marketing methods that really work.  

Step into social media 

If you’re looking to make digital waves, then you need not look further than the many different social media platforms on the web today.  If you can reach your target audience through social media, then you’ve got a regular route for consumer connections.  

A little research on your target market will reveal which social media networks are most likely to be an interest of your target consumer.  You can use the information you find to narrow your marketing efforts to just two or three different platforms.  

Build an engaging business blog

Building an engaging business blog is an invaluable marketing tool for business owners.  If your business can present a worthwhile read once a week, you can draw return interest from readers.  

Your business blog is also a useful tool for boosting your digital visibility.  Write posts with relevant topics, and utilize the concepts of SEO to make it more accessible to readers.  Use your blog posts to contribute to your link building strategies, and get the word out about your business.  

Email marketing is still effective 

There are several ways in which you can build connections with consumers through email.  Collect email addresses through innovative website design. Offer an “opt-in” option on your business website, so you’re only gathering addresses from willing participants. 

Send out a regular business newsletter to keep people informed, and offer special deals to email participants to draw further engagement.  Stay on top of your email rolodex to get the most out of this method of marketing.  

Cater to your mobile audience

Mobile is the way to go with web users today.  People don’t typically spend their time sitting in front of a PC anymore.  

We’re a mobile race, and smartphones, tablets, and iPads are the main ways in which people access the internet.  Design all of your digital content to appease mobile users, and you’ll fare better overall.  

Never stop keeping the pace 
When it comes to digital marketing, the most important thing to remember is to stay up with the trends.  Keeping up with changes will keep your content relevant to users. Tech moves at the speed of light, so you’ll have to work hard to keep up.  

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