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Goodbye to WhatsApp on Windows Phone: will stop supporting on December 31

Imran Javed



The WhatsApp messaging application will no longer support the Windows Phone mobile operating system in all its versions on December 31, and the company has stopped developing for this system so some of its features may stop working “at any time “

This is what WhatsApp has expressed through an update on its support page, in which it also announced the end of support for Android 2.3.7, iOS 7 and the older versions of these systems as of February 1, 2020. .

Windows Phone, the mobile operating system created by Microsoft with the aim of competing with Android and iOS, had already stopped receiving technical and online support from its developers in 2017.

Now, WhatsApp has set a date for the end of its application support on the Windows Phone system in all its versions as of December 31, 2019. Version 7 of Windows Phone no longer received support from the end of 2016 on WhatsApp.

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