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GOLDEN rules to choose a lipstick

Mazhar Hassan



To make the duck face of your selfie look better, in addition to a good angle you need a good lipstick.

The lips are a very important part of our face (and of our relationship, because of the kisses), so in addition to taking care of them we must paint them correctly, because a tone that does not fit us or a bad outline spoil the rest of our makeup.

The vered lipstick can give shine, volume and prominence to our lips … as long as we know how to take advantage of it. You can buy vered lipstick from atomee. Here are some golden rules to choose the best lipstick:

# 1 Know your face

This goes for any makeup tool, from foundation to eye shadow. It is not only essential that you know the shape of your face, but other details such as whether you have thin or thick lips , whether they are generally hydrated or frequently dry out. In other words: analyze the canvas to find the best technique.

# 2 Check what’s in fashion (and if it suits you)

This tip also applies to makeup trends, which are constantly changing, or do you not remember the metallic blue lipstick of the 90s anymore?

Before you stock up on the colors that celebrities are wearing, make sure they are shades for you. Take into account factors such as your skin color, the shades of makeup, shadows and blush that you use and even the state of your teeth.

I leave you this guide to lipsticks for brown skin.

# 3 Define: what are you looking for?

There are at least 5 points that you must define before choosing a lipstick:

Hydration:  Color and hydration are not in conflict this will have a better effect on your lips, because in addition to highlighting the tone, they will look healthy.

Glossy or matte?  A basic tip: lipsticks with gloss or shine give volume, so they are perfect for thin lips, while matte ones are better for thick lips. You can still play with a combination of both.

Duration:  It seems obvious that we all want our lipstick to last all day, but we know that this is practically impossible (because we have a life, hello!) Still, check the duration of the lipstick you are looking for, to know if it is necessary take it in the bag or not.

The effect of color:  When choosing your lipstick, remember: dark lipsticks create a slimming effect, while light ones amplify the dimensions.

# 4 Consider your age

Regardless of whether or not you MUST wear lipstick based on your age, it’s about the effect you want to achieve.

# 5 Think about the occasion

Looking for one for every day? It is advisable to have a lipstick for every occasion; maybe a nude or pink for office days, a red to go out with friends and one with glitter to go to party.

# 6 read the label

Check what ingredients the lipstick contains, to see if you are not allergic to any, and on the other hand, there you can tell if it has expired.

More fantastic makeup you can discover at and you can click here then start your experience of shopping! Also you can find more skincare products like salicylic acid face wash from atomee.

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Romantic gifts for wives





It is often said that romanticism is lost. Nothing is more wrong! Romance is everywhere when you make the right choices! And especially with regard to gifts! Because giving a romantic gift to the wives of your heart is also showing originality and daring. Are you lacking ideas? We refer to this page for romantic gifts for wives! With them, romanticism takes different forms and never disappoints! Here are some romantic gift ideas for wives!

Romantic gift for wives: the personalized cushion

Romanticism by the fireside, in front of a good film or an exciting series, that’s the best! With comfortable cushions, it’s even better! So for a romantic gift for a warm and comfortable wives, the personalized cushion stands out for itself. A beautiful cushion that you can personalize in a few clicks, with a beautiful photo, a nice design, color or more sobriety. Everything is possible !

Romantic gift for wives: personalized plaid

We continue in the same tone with the personalized plaid. A beautiful cuddly gift that also offers the opportunity to please the wives in his life, while showing a romanticism to say the least original. A plaid with a photo? Yes you are not dreaming, it is now possible!

Romantic gift for wives: the photo on canvas

Photos are just waiting to come out of your hard drives and dusty albums! With the photo on canvas, it is thus possible to display your most beautiful memories on beautiful canvases. Only one photo per canvas for an incredible and very classy result! And if you want to show even more originality, turn to the canvas jumble. With it, you can have up to 100 photos on a canvas polyester canvas mounted on a wooden frame.

And if you want an even more prestigious gift, don’t panic! The Premium composite canvas, with its beautiful frame, is there to fulfill all your class desires!

Romantic gift for wives: the photo book

When we talk about photo books, you should know that here again, anything is possible! The photo book offers several combinations to give your memories a choice setting. Tell your love story differently, in pictures, by composing for the wives you love, a beautiful photo book and choose the best format and the most beautiful designs to really please her.

The photo book is perfect for birthday gifts, for Valentine’s Day or for the end of the year celebrations. With her, feelings are expressed in the most beautiful way.

When to give a romantic gift?

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to give a romantic gift to your partner. Starting with Valentine’s Day, which can also be an opportunity to spice up your love life a little with a naughty gift. Birthdays are also a great time to please each other with a gift for lovers, which you can experience together, such as a day at the spa or a sporting activity that you both enjoy. You can also make a romantic gift for Christmas, or to celebrate a wedding anniversary, based on the material of the year in question (paper, cotton, silver, gold…). But above all, a gift is planned to please the person you love, you can offer it at any time, to surprise the other.

What romantic gift to give to a wives?

To make your partner happy, there’s nothing like a romantic gift. A pretty colorful bouquet, a scented candle, or even a massage oil will certainly please her. You can also bet on a gift to share. A dinner at the restaurant, a wine tasting workshop or a night in a beautiful hotel or a castle.

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Men’s Pendants – an Accessory You Can’t Ignore

Mazhar Hassan



Perhaps, men’s jewelry is not the first option as a gift but the truth is that more and more men attempt to step up their casual look with accessories. Gone are the times when the only accessory adorning a guy was a watch. Today, men recall the days of the glorious past when they wore jewelry on a par with ladies. Rings, bracelets, and necklaces are now accepted among men of all ages and masculine styles. One of the most underrated male jewelry pieces is probably a pendant. But you shouldn’t ignore it – even a simple pendant will give you the desired boost of confidence.

After several years of minimalism predominance due to economic crisis, men’s jewelry has returned in all its glory. Precious stones, blends of various metals, ample selection of colors, style gamut ranging from classic to vintage and even punk – this is all about men’s pendants you can currently find on sale. Right now, we are going to guide you through the most popular styles and motifs.

Zodiac Signs

Men’s pendants featuring zodiac signs are available in any shape: round, square, rectangular, asymmetrical, and even abstract. The focal point of such a pendant is, of course, a zodiac sign. To make zodiac pendants even more striking, designers utilize stellar paraphernalia and themes of four elements: water, fire, air, and earth. Instead of zodiac signs, you can go with totem animals corresponding to the year you were born. If according to the Chinese calendar you are a tiger, a pendant with this fierce animal will become a perfect complement to your style.

Name pendants

Who said that only girls can wear name pendants? Men spotted this trend too and not going to lag behind. Guys desire to stand out against the crowd and are actively looking for a way to be remembered. And the best way to achieve this is through personalized jewelry. Pendants shaped as first letters of a name, surname or a nickname can be found off the shelf. You can go one step further and order a custom-made item with your initials or name. Whatever option you’re up to, it will act as a magnet drawing attention to your persona.

Biker Pendants

The most masculine option in our list is a biker men’s pendant. The burly dudes on motorcycles are known for love to leftfield symbolism and over-the-top sizes. Designers couldn’t help mimicking these shapes and images in their collections. Furious skulls, crosses, bikes, motorcycle club symbolism, etc. are not only for riders anymore. You too can be bold and kick-ass with a weighty biker-inspired pendant.

Celtic Pendants

Intricate and skillfully crafted, Celtic motifs are all the rage these days. Being so sophisticated and refined, they nevertheless find many fans among the sterner sex. Shamrock images, knotted patterns, Celtic cross, emerald inlays – nobody can resist their beauty. To maximize the cohesiveness of your look, we recommend going with a Celtic pendant and a ring in a similar style.

There is a vast selection of other styles and designs – from traditional crosses with a twist to marine motifs, punk symbolism, and Gothic models. No matter which style is to your liking, you won’t find it hard to unearth an awesome pendant to pamper yourself.

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Plus Size Gowns to Make You Look Amazing

Mazhar Hassan



Plus Size Gowns to Make You Look Amazing

No matter you are short, tall, fat or slim; the designers these days offering outfits for everyone. You should accept yourself the way you are. You can always come across the outfits that would look elegant and stylish on your body.

If you always wanted to wear different types of gowns but you feel that you cannot because of your overweight then shun the misconception. You know what you can easily wear plus size evening gowns. Yes, there is a rich streak of options in the plus size gowns. Once you check out the variety at JJ’s House you would start loving your body even more. These dresses would nowhere make you feel any less or low.

A line gowns

You know the beauty of a line gowns is that they look quite fluffy. In this way you would look really cool in them. They are in the shape and there designs further enhance their style and looks. You can find so many different designs and shades in the A line gowns. These gowns look phenomenal and once you wear them you would feel at ease too. The icing on the cake is that you can find plus or extra-large sizes these days to meet your needs. After all, everybody has the right to look glamorous and stylish.

Off the shoulder

Ah, you must be thinking that you are not meant for this type of gowns right? Well, you can find many oversized women wearing these off shoulder gowns.  These gowns are available in different sizes and plus sizes are not difficult to find any more. The designers of these gowns are giving much attention to all types of gowns for every type of customer.  After all, it is about the gowns and the wearer both. You can flaunt your shoulders through your gown and feel like a diva for sure. After all, those extra kilos cannot steal your charm and beauty.

Floor touch ruffle gowns

You heard it right there are many gowns that touch the flower and have beautiful ruffles on them. These gowns look stunningly beautiful and elegant. You can simply wear them for any occasion or party and they would not disappoint you. Some of the gowns have ruffles right from the chests while some have ruffles from the waist line. Whatever is the case, this floor touch, plus sized ruffle gowns can also be a good choice for you.

V Neck knee length gowns

Yes, you can find a variety in these types of gowns too. Y0u can easily come across the sizes that you want. In this way you can flaunt your stunning legs and look elegant at the same time. The knee length gowns look cool and when mingled with stylish v neck, the charms see no boundaries. You would definitely find different designs, styles, colours and patterns in these gowns.


Thus, having all these things in mind you need not to be worried about your size. These gowns won’t disappoint you ever if you explore them properly.

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