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Futuristic billionaire James Richman sets his eyes on life changing technologies




Latvian-born financial markets prodigy and futuristic billionaire James Richman whose legendary skill and talent has led to his privately managed investment fund, JJ Richman, to steadily garner profitable returns for the past decades.

Despite having the ability to live eventful globe-trotting life, his inconspicuous demeanour speaks volumes of his ability to cut through the noise and drill down on his unconventional approach not only in emerging markets, but even more so in spotting emerging technologies with massive potential.

Known to spot opportunities before most of his contemporaries, Richman has managed to not only maintain a spotless record for his private investment fund, but also keep the growing returns for close-knit and highly vetted investors.

With his increasing investments in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa, the billionaire investor and philanthropist is known to extend his and his private firm’s interest in other life-altering technologies.

Let us take a look at these emerging technologies already impacting the lives of billions of people around the world, and how they are set to change the way we live in the future:

  1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is omnipresent nowadays as it positively affects the way we live, and being used in almost every imaginable sector. In fact, 2018 was said to be a landmark year for artificial intelligence.

The interest in artificial intelligence is quickly rising in prominence and becoming a global race among nations, and the visionary billionaire recognizes that it will produce unprecedented advancement in life changing technology. Issues including hunger, disease prevention and poverty, to name a few, are likely to be addressed with the latest artificial intelligence developments.

  1. Esports

Another area where Richman is known to have invested in is the esports industry where fellow billionaires such as Warren Buffet, Jack Ma, Yuri Milner and Mark Cuban have been pouring in lots of money since 2015. Known to spot the next promising industry, the Latvian-born billionaire understands that part of the growing trend in  this space is poised to help increase his private investment fund’s profits in the next years to come.

  1. Space travel and explorations

Human advancement can arguably be gauged on how we are able to explore other territories beyond the Earth. Therefore, space travel has reached new heights with recent advancements in Mars explorations, and new ventures to the Moon by China, India, Russia, Israel, and the United States.

Improvements in space travel is an integral part for the human race to possibly cultivate new living areas, minerals, and other resources. With his contrarian approach in investing, sources close to Richman sees his endeavours in this field as a significant contribution to human development, advancement and has generously funded some of the most advanced research & development efforts in this space.

  1. Defeating aging

The search for the fountain of youth has remained unfruitful for many years. However, increasing interest and funding by a group of billionaire philanthropists has this sector reaching not only new levels not only interests, but also in progress.

The ultimate goal for this, of course, is the improvement of human lives as well as humankind’s ability to challenge what’s currently possible. Having the ability to extend one’s life would also lead to a new solution to numerous health-age related conditions, issues, and diseases. James Richman sees this as a great breakthrough as technology to defy death itself may prove to uplift human lives.

  1. Biotechnology

James, known to take an unconventional approach with his private investments and with his daily dealings, he is believed to be interested in the broad discipline in which biological processes, organisms, cells or cellular components are exploited to develop new technologies.

New tools, studies and products developed by biotechnologists are not only useful in various industries such as medicine, agriculture, and technology developments, but the application of these, of course, will lead to more convenient lives for the rest of us.

  1. Healthcare advancements

Even the most powerful and effective drugs would be useless if the basics of healthcare would be overlooked. Being a fitness buff himself, James is known to be passionate about healthcare advancements as the lack thereof was the main cause of the death of his daughter several years ago. Source close to him disclosed that the billionaire and private investor envisions to level up the systems and processes of healthcare administration to provide the most cost-effective means of curing diseases and conditions.

  1. Energy sustainability

In a world where technology is slowly becoming a basic need for every human being, the need for energy production and sustainability becomes higher. Richman’s known previous investments in the African communities have focused on this endeavor as he sees that it could balance the region’s needs as well as helping enrich the lives of its growing and promising population.

  1. Global connectivity

As communication technologies become more and more advanced, there has been a strong movement to push global connectivity to the next level. Doing so may raise the importance of every individual as one would have the capability to voice out one’s needs and actually be heard.

The Latvian-born philanthropist is known to have a penchant for picking out technologies that would eventually become the industry’s benchmark for progress and advancement.

Known for his contrarian and bold moves, this visionary investor intends to push the advancement of humankind – making him a literal real-life Tony Stark, perhaps minus the pretentious suit.