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Filtering the appearance of the successor of the iPhone XR

Imran Javed



The iPhone XR has become the company’s best selling mobile in the US. After knowing that the company is working on the renewal of the iPhone XS, now they have known the first details of the successor of the iPhone XR, which could be called iPhone XE.

According to the popular OnLeaks information filter , the iPhone XE, or XR 2019, will keep this year’s design betting on the same 6.1-inch panel and colorful finish, however, its main renovation will be in the back camera and in its internal specifications.

While the iPhone XR mounts a single camera and uses the powerful A12 Bionic to take photographs with portrait effect, the new Apple phone will have a dual rear camera. Both will have a sensor of 12 megapixels and one of them will be telephoto, as it happens in the current iPhone XS.

The design of the double camera is different from the module that currently has the iPhone XS and will be a larger bumper, similar to what is expected to have the successors of the iPhone XS, which could be called XI.

This outgoing will make the phone have a maximum thickness of 8.5 mm compared to the 8.3 mm that the iPhone XR has on the body. However, in general, the next iPhone XE will be thinner than the current to have a thickness of 7.8 mm.

In any case, we will have to wait until the second half of the year when, as usual, Apple is expected to present their phones.

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