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Facebook Sues Rankwave For Misusing Data

Limo Ok



Facebook is stated to ask for a lawsuit against Rankwave, a South Korean firm to get audited for using data unlawfully. It is also said that the audit will be to confirm if the activities of Facebook users from their country is sold for different agendas or not.

One of the most used social media platforms, Facebook has revealed to BBC that it is still a question mark to how much of the data is stolen or misused. It is also not determined the affected users.

The lawsuit will be regarding how developers go against the policies of Facebook. Furthermore, Facebook’s Director Jessica Romero has told that the investigation of Rankwave of all the practices that are executed within the marketing and advertising services.

Rankwave didn’t co-operate with Facebook to verify if the findings were authentic or not. On this, BCC couldn’t reach to Rankwave to get a reply or comment.

It is also documented by the court in California, on this Friday that Facebook is blaming Rankwave that it is using thirty (different) applications to analyze as well as track likes and comments on various Facebook pages.

Rankwave is also said to have an application that uses and tracks user’s popular posts on Facebook. That application calculates “social influence score” which is against the policies of Facebook.

Furthermore, Facebook’s data was collected by Rankwave since 2014 for its own business agendas where it provides consultation to marketers and advertisers in the country. In this regard, two questions were targeted by the audience. The first one, what exactly is the privacy plan by Mark Zuckerberg? The second one that, does Facebook bans individuals who are dangerous? Both of these questions are not addressed by Mark Zuckerberg as yet.

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