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In this publication we indicate the minimum age at which you can access the different permits, licenses and driving licenses. It can serve as a guide if you are in a hurry to get one or another card, but keep in mind that to get some cards you will need several months or have another one in advance. For example, you can get your truck license up to 7,500 kg with 18 years, but you need to have the B car license first.

16 years, 125 cm3 motorcycles and agricultural vehicles

LVA driving license

At the age of 16, the LVA license can be obtained for special agricultural vehicles with mass and dimensions of ordinary vehicle and with a limited speed of 45 km / h.

Driving license A1

More important for this age is the A1 driving license for motorcycles with a thermal engine up to 125 cm3 or electric, in both cases with a maximum power of 11 kW (15 HP) and with a maximum power / weight ratio of 1 kW / kg. In the case of tricycles and quads, the engine may have a power of 15 kW (20 HP). The student can attend the exam with a motorcycle with gear change or automatic change. In the second case the license will limit driving to automatic motorcycles.

1 8 years, cars, motorcycles, trucks and minibuses

Driving license A2

With 18 years you can get the A2 card for motorcycles with a maximum power of 35 kW (47 hp) and a power / weight ratio of 0.2 kW / kg.

Driving license B

At the age of 18, you can obtain a driver’s license B for passenger cars and commercial vehicles with a maximum admitted mass (MMA) of less than 3,500 kg and a maximum of nine seats, including the driver’s. In addition, vehicles with a light trailer (less than 750 kg) can be driven with license B, provided that the package does not exceed 4,250 kg or vehicles with a heavy trailer, provided that the set does not exceed 3,500 kg. It also allows driving all types of quads, ATV, UTV, three-wheeled motorcycles approved as a tricycle and quadricycles of any size. It also gives access to driving the agricultural vehicles of the LVA License and the disabled vehicles of the LCM License.

B + E driving license

To drive vehicles with a heavy trailer that altogether exceeds 4,250 kg, it is necessary to take out the B + E driving license that allows you to drive sets of up to 7,000 kg distributed between a car of up to 3,500 kg and a trailer of up to 3,500 kg.

Driving license C1

From the age of 18 you can also obtain the C1 driving license for trucks of up to 7,500 kg and for construction or special vehicles up to 7,500 kg. The only requirement is to have card B.

C1 + E driving license

Once the C1 card is obtained, you can also take out the C1 + E card that allows you to drive sets made up of a vehicle authorized to drive the B and C1 cards and a trailer or semi-trailer of more than 750 kg, as long as the set does not pass of 12,000 kg.

Driving license D1

Another license available from the age of 18, for drivers who already have a B card, is the D1 driver’s license for buses and coaches of up to 17 seats, including the driver.

Driving license D1 + E

The D1 + E card allows you to drive a set consisting of a bus with up to 17 seats including the driver and a trailer of more than 750 kg.

18 years, trucks without limitation, minibus and motorcycles with B license

A1 driving license validated

When the driving license B is three years old, it is validated to drive the A1 motorcycles. So the minimum possible age is 18 years with three years of seniority of card B.

Driving license C

From the age of 21, one can opt for his HGV license. All you need is your valid CAT B license & a reputed HGV training provider.  It is not necessary to have previously the C1 card, but if you have the theoretical the truck is saved. is one of UK’s reputed truck driver training provider. Check them out for more info.

Driving license C + E

Once the C is obtained, you can get the C + E card for trucks with a trailer in any of its configurations.

24 years old, buses and large buses

Driving license D

To obtain the D card for coaches and buses of more than 17 seats, it is necessary to have reached the age of 24 and have the B card. It is not necessary to have the D1 card previously.

Driving license D + E

The D + E Card allow you to drive a bus with more than 17 seats with a trailer of more than 750 kg.

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