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CMOs: Why It is Important to Add Video Marketing in Your Skillset & Tips to Get More Out of Video Campaigns

Cheri Lynne Marie



Making effective marketing strategies and adopting new techniques to reach people is crucial to survive the market. CMOs know that the static ads are becoming ineffective that’s why a lot of them added video marketing to their suit.

Videos leave a lasting impression unlike pictures or static ads. As reported by HubSpot 80% of people remember videos that they watched in the last 30 days. Another benefit is videos improve the overall SEO status of the website. About 92% of mobile device users share the videos they watch and find interesting. People build a bond with a video message easier with a video than an article or an ad.

Video funnels, live streaming, long videos, and explainer video are the most used form of video for video marketing.  So, what factors make a video effective to get desired results and how to get the most out of your video marketing projects? Let’s have a look!

  • Designing an Effective Video: The first thing is to defining the audience. Identify your targeted age group. The age group of the audience will decide the tone of the video and the tone will decide the impression of it. Among the content, the title and description of video help people in deciding whether it will be worth watching it or not? One tip is to keep the titles engaging and description questioning. People will watch the video for the answers to those questions. Next to content is the length. A common misconception is that longer videos are more conveying but actually, it is not. According to a survey of “Think with Google,” the 30-second videos have the highest VTR.  The same survey said that 15-second videos are good for awareness purposes. The length of the video can be negotiated if the content grabs the attention in the first 20 to 30 seconds of video. None of the platforms need heavy investments for video marketing and all of them offer a wide spectrum of audience. In fact short authentic videos can be more powerful than long scripted videos that can be costly to create. Gary Vee an entrepreneur, influencer, investor and owner of several business is a prime example of creating content like this. He has millions of followers on instagram alone.

Finally keep all the points in mind with an emphasis on building a bond with people is what makes outstanding videos.

  • Deciding the Platforms & Share Natively: Make sure to share the videos natively on related social media sites that have a large fan following. Sharing videos natively means to upload the videos to each social media account one by one rather than just uploading to Youtube and sharing that link across all your social accounts. According to VIVEKA VON ROSEN an author at Social Media Examiner there’s certainly a huge difference in reach using native video on LinkedIn. One of her native videos received more than 20,000 views in just a few days.
  • Things to Do After Launching Video: After launching a video keep an eye on social engagement? Are people responding if yes then what is the response? If your video is getting likes and comments on social media channels, then respond to those comments. Pay thanks to the good ones and ask the bad ones what you can do to improve the point that they didn’t like? Responding to people helps  your audience feel a personal touch rather than automated ai software. If the message of the video is not conveyed and it is doing more harm than good, then be prepared for another video that presents a different tone and another angle of the message. An angle that can turn the un-liking to liking. There are different tools to analyze the video response. For YouTube, YouTube Insights provide information about traffic resources, retention time, playbacks, and a lot more things. WISTIA helps to know the response of people on video and BrandWatch is more helpful for brand awareness video response tracking. There are a lot of other tools specific to track the Key Performance Indicators.
  • Something General

Let’s discuss some common points.

  • Be specific in the message you are conveying. Don’t stray away as it will make the audience also stray away.
  • Work on metadata. As the search engine crawlers assess the content of video from title and meta description. On YouTube, I max out my text within the description area to give my video the best chances.
  • Don’t forget the importance of live events on social media channels as well as on your website.
  • Embed the video in Email campaigns. According to HubSpot, videos in Emails increase the click-through rate to 200-300%.
  • Try explainer or how to videos as according to Wyzowl 95% of people watch explainer videos to know more about a service or product.
  • About 15% of people on average watch online video content of more than 3 hours and an average person give daily 1.5 hours to online video content. It means video marketing has tremendous potential to attract people.

The above-stated lines are not enough to get all the knowledge about video marketing. If you want more techniques and strategies then I recommend you sit down with a Google certified digital marketing professional as this will further improve on your video marketing skills. As these points are enough to create an effective marketing video and make it successful.


Lorenzo Gutierrez MBA is a digital marketing consultant from California. His background is in digital media and search engine optimization. Lorenzo likes to write about everything marketing and when not working enjoys the beach, time with his dog and family. Connect with Lorenzo on his social media accounts LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

With a Masters in Computer Science, Cheri Lynne Marie is passionate about game development, game programming, and game testing for computers and mobile both. But it is not just about games for him. Apart from the gaming world, he also loves to play guitar and create one or two rhythms of his own.

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