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Burger Cooking Game : Burger Food Maker Shop 2019



Burger Cooking Game – is a new free cooking game for girls and kids which love to cook French cuisine or American cuisine! You will learn in the game how to cook delicious burgers and manage your own restaurant and become a true Star Super Chef in kitchen! This free burger cooking game have more than 30 Burger Recipes to make with 16 Items (Beef Burger, Chicken Burger, Fish Burger, Bacon, Cheese, Mayonnaise, etc.) to choose. Beat your fever of burger cooking today and start to cook in each country in the world, delicious burgers and desserts! You can start with tasty fast food to Oriental Restaurant and Chinese Restaurants foods and learn all the burger cooking techniques in the world of chef! Use only the best ingredients to create tasty burgers! Your kitchen will become your playground, use all the kitchen appliances like pizza ovens to burger maker to cake maker and coffee makers and to rice cookers! The game of burger cooking will make out of you the best world chef!

How to Play:

– Join us and Makes your favorite Burger Maker in your mobile device!

-Children’s adore to stay in the kitchen and prepare the perfect burger for the loved ones!

– Become the world number one chef and build your own trademark in food!

– Steal some really good recipes for preparing Burgers and French fries with ketchup toppings!

– Of course, don’t forget about burger games and you’ll love the burger cooking game too!

– Multiple challenges, puzzles of different levels and hamburgers to serve the customers with!

– Addicting restaurant time management game and hamburger management!

– Serve fresh burger with mustard and Ketchup to make more money!

– The fever cooking is strong, so try to collaborate with your apprentices like a real cooking chef!


  • Unlock different challenging levels upto 180 levels in burger restaurant game
  • Upgrade your kitchen with new things in your burger cooking shop
  • Serve your customers and please your diners
  • Add different items in burger cooking shop
  • Serve and cook fast food in burger cooking games
  • Learn different recipes of burgers
  • Make your own fast food recipes with secret ingredients.
  • Get money from satisfied and happy customers
  • Addictive time management best burger games
  • Grow your food menu in your kitchen
  • Spend your money to buy new items
  • Earn bonuses and stars for more coins
  • Increase your kitchen size
  • Play Best burger games is in offline mode also
  • Race with stress and work.
  • Upgrade your kitchen appliances and interior!
  • Decorate your restaurants to bring more clients to buy fresh burger!
  • Create your own kind of burgers!
  • Beat your fever of cooking today!
  • Start the dash of cooking and create tasty burgers!
  • Play with tasty ice burger maker graphics and functionality!
  • Help Masha in her cooking dash adventure and help her discover her chef abilities!
  • Start your restaurant business today and you will become a chef world!
  • You will enjoy this Burger Cooking game very much and learn how they cook.
  • World chef will teach you how to prepare best burgers and fries with ketchup topping!
  • Open your famous burger food make shop and serve your customers with some tasty pastry!
  • Multiple clients will want to eat different burgers, so try to make them fast and serve diner in time.


Cooking Fever Pros and Cons


  • A good game to kill the time.
  • Fast pace and it keeps you on your toes.
  • Keep hand-eye coordination order.
  • Entertain children and adults.


  • Too many gems needed to upgrade.
  • Hard to get gems.
  • Hard to proceed after the first level.
  • Must connect to store to buy gems.

Serve these hungry customers the best burger! Prepare the dish they order and make sure not to make    them wait longer!

Enjoy this burger game like a super chef. Good luck

If you like this game please leave a review and tell us how delicious this game cooking is.

Download Top Burger cooking game

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Kids Car Washing: Super Car Cleaning Game 2019



Learning can be hard but games can make it fun for your kids. Let your kid play in an interactive car simulator game. Your child will love our new kids car washing game. They will learn and enjoy while exploring car cleaning.

Kids! Love cars. Let’s play with cars and this is the spot for clean your car in the best way
Car wash games comes in best car fixing games and car wash games for kids. As we know every kid is a car lover so if you want that your kids learn while he plays with his toys cars and have compulsive urge for car cleaning then this car wash games is in the list of one of unique learning games for kids.

While releasing the game we directed this game towards the idea of learning of car vehicles for kids, knowledge about carwash, gas station, car tow, lavage volture or lavage auto. App knows that kids love to play with toys so all the cars in this games are in the form of kids vehicles or toys.

Car wash games is the free car washing game in which kids can do car wash and can give makeover to their dirty and damage cars.

Many feature are present in this free kids app for car cleaning.

  • First a dirty car of different types such as truck, police car, sports car, trailer, speed car, toddler car, causal car and amazing car
  • There are near to ten car washing machine in this kids car games.
  • First step of car service for kids is to cut clear any leaves branches from the car,
  • then wash car with the water after that sponge car and pour water to clear it.
  • After that kid can paint and polish his car and make it shine like the new car.
  • car goes to petrol pump and full kids will full their petrol tank of cars
  • can check the air in car wheel.
  • At last kids will drive and fun and can feel proud that I fix my car in my driver app.

This new car wash game can be used as the part of study in kinder spieled gratis schools as it is learning car games for toddler.

Car washes game can play on mobile car detail and mobile learning can be done. Also kids will know the advance technology and ethical usage of mobile. This best game for kids will keep your kid in right direction.

Why will your kid love this game?

  • Totally free exploration
  • Kid-friendly interface
  • Roll playing
  • Extremely intuitive to play!
  • It is super fun!
  • Colorful toy cars

You will find everything in kids car washing whatever you need for your car wash

Items in the game

  • Clean the dirt
  • Wash dirty cars
  • Learn about cars
  • Scrub the car
  • Sponges
  • Soapy water
  • Buckets
  • Cloths
  • Paint remover
  • Remove giraffe from car
  • Drive and fun

Why is this app for kids so unique?
It’s the interactive car washing game for kids

where you can use unique tools with cross functionality!

And this is not the end! Further it is not only car cleaning

game you can fill up the tank and run the car.
Kids car washing is full of bright colors and HD graphic,

Which will increase the visibility of items for car cleaning to next level.

Some of the unique features of brand now kids car washing 2019 game are:
+ 100% safe game for kids!
+ No Advertising and no push-notifications during game play!
+ Free content!
+ Action tools can be used all the time!
+ Amazing HD graphics, animations, music and sound effects!
+ A lot of cool car wash actions and special dirt actions!
+ Multiple functionality for actions!
+ Blend out your Tools to only see your car on the screen!
+ A lot of cool cars and vehicles to wash!
+ Contains “Things not from this world!” 😉

Great car cleaning game for children 3 to 12 years old. Let your kid play in an interactive car simulator.
Kids car washing pros and cons

  • A good game to kill the time.
  • Fast pace and it keeps you on your toes.
  • Keep hand-eye coordination order.
  • Entertain children and adults.


  • Too many stars needed to open new cars.
  • Hard to get star.
  • Hard to proceed after the first level.
  • Must connect to store to buy cars.

Download kids car washing to enable your kid to develop role playing skills.

It is 5 out of 5 stars game! One of the best kids games worldwide!
And the best part: It’s 100% safe to play without any ads or push-notifications disturbing your child during game!

Play Kids car cleaning now and see for yourself!


  • This activity kids car washing has been brought to you by Instaberry.

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