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Best 10 KissAnime – Replacements When the Site Goes Down

Mujahid Ali



KissAnime, a website for online streaming with subtitles and dubbing is known for its high-resolution picture quality. The main catch for its popularity has relied on the fact that it doesn’t need any registration. However, one thing that puts off a user is the number of times KissAnime goes down.

Naturally, users don’t like the feel and end up in frustration. To combat this situation, users or you have to have certain alternatives sites which work similarly to KissAnime. Here, in this article, we have listed ten best of the best substitutes to KissAnime which doesn’t go down at all.

Best Ten Replacements to KissAnime when it Goes Down

Your site KissAnime may go down due to one or many reasons mentioned below.

First of all, it is about traffic. When too many visitors come together in a large group, the site goes down. KissAnime also tends to stop when admins want to maintain the website, this happens at least once in the month.

The third reason is that many visitors find broken links or problem in loading a page. All these problems constitute in agitation and unhappiness. Therefore, it is important to know some alternatives to KissAnime.



GoGoAnime is just like KissAnime on several grounds. It contains content from archives to the latest series. Black Clover is one of the examples of the rarest anime series. Manga(s) are readily available on the site. The best feature of all that is stored on the website is subtitles in English for non-native fans. In this site, you are also allowed to leave comments so that others can exchange their views based on your comment.



Are you thinking what is AnimeDao famous for? Well, it is known for high definition and collection of anime series with complete episodes. Since the site is set up in a way that users don’t find difficulty in navigation, it is rated on the top ten alternatives on Google search. Also, it takes care of search option, means you can watch whatever you like after a quick search on the search bar. In short, it contains all that any anime lover would ever wish to watch. For instance, you can easily find “Dororro” on AnimeDao.



Interestingly, since the launch of Crunchyroll, many have gotten attracted towards the content it holds. Furthermore, this is the site which tends to provide both, subtitles and dubbing in English for those who don’t know Japanese. Besides anime, Crunchyroll also has a good collection of many Asian dramas. When it comes to licensed content, there are approximately 15,000 hours of dramas and anime series loaded on this site. Crunchyroll also has 25,000 episodes on different anime series. It clearly means that whatever you watch on this website is official and not pirated. Therefore, it is regarded as the best alternative to KissAnime.



Another alternative to KissAnime is Chia-Anime. It is a website that has a huge number of content (shows, movies, and anime). You can easily stream content online without any interruption of advertisements. Like other replacements of KissAnime, this site also has dubbing and subtitles in English. That enables the user to enjoy movies, shows, and anime without any language barrier.

Anime Planet

Anime Planet is awesome for online streaming and finding the latest as well as the oldest content (anime series). One feature that makes it unique among the rest is based on sections. Some of them are titled “Newest Anime Recommendations”, “Popular Anime This Week” and “Winter 2019 anime”. All these options are displayed right in front of the website, the homepage. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one of the most convenient websites that functions just like KissAnime.


We have AnimeLab too which functions similar to KissAnime. On this website, users get to watch shows of various genres and categories. When it comes to navigation, it is user-friendly. Reason being, the interface or layout of the website is such which makes everything organized and clean. If someone wants to know its unique features, it would come to one – information. It means that when you point a cursor to a particular thumbnail, it will flip and certain information (year of release, synopsis, episodes in the series) comes in the display. Last but not least, AnimeLab facilitates users with the classic and latest content. Two examples are “One Punch Man” and “The Promised Neverland” which goes for classic and latest respectively.


AnimeFreak is a site that gives high-resolution picture quality. It has numerous anime series which are more or less like KissAnime. The layout of AnimeFreak is such that anyone who lands on this website doesn’t leave because of complexity in the navigation or low standard content. Anime that are uploaded on AnimeFreak are well-classified and are organized in alphabetical order. Other ways that are implemented for a better and quicker search for your favorite anime is through genres. However, you need to register in order to get access to watch anime free of cost. Mangas are updated as well which suits well to the Japanese users.

Otaku Stream


Otaku Stream is another website which is recommended to all those who are in the lookout for alternatives (to KissAnime). Known for sharing anime feature, this site has a very interactive layout. It means that Otaku Stream is based on the community where users contribute their favorite anime to other anime lovers. The website is largely run by the fans and other users take advantage of the shares. If you want to watch a particular anime which is not uploaded by anyone, a simple request can fix the issue.

Like KissAnime, Otaku Stream is one of the most popular interactive sites sharing anime. It is a community-based website where people contribute their share of anime so that other people can have a watch. You can also go to their discussion section to request for a series. It is a great place to watch popular anime such as “One Piece”, “Detective Conan” and “Pain No Mori”.



AnimeStream is a site that projects alternative to KissAnime. All the content on this website is related to anime which are subtitled and dubbed in English. That helps all those users who are not accustomed to the Japanese language. Another feature that makes AnimeStream best among other websites (not mentioned in this article) is that once you place cursor or mouse on the thumbnail, basic information reveals. It also has an option which suggests categories and anime that you could watch. This is mainly when you or the user is not sure about what must be watched next. “Most Rated” and “Most Viewed” options are also present which helps in determining the next watch.


Anilinkz is a site that has several added series which are either ongoing series or a complete list of episodes are uploaded. It is one of the most viewed websites as an alternative to KissAnime. Reason being, it is totally free of cost with the section called “Random”. This option, “Random” allows the user to get random recommendations which are famous among newcomers to the world of anime.