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Amazon Alexa Transcriptions Stay On, Even After Deleting Voice Recordings

Corey Alvarez Keller



Text recordings and audio recordings are said to be different from each other. Amazon Alexa seems to delete voice recording however text recordings seem to stay safe in the storage. Now Amazon doesn’t need audios to listen to your recordings because it can still read them. It is possible because of the way it works. As soon as you wake Alexa by calling out “Alexa”, “Computer” or “Echo”, SA (smart assistant) starts transcribing each and every word. Obviously, it is done while the user utter words.

Amazon playing smart and tricky deletes voice recordings to satisfy privacy concerns. But the question is, “does it really delete those audios?” Answer to it is not very easy to digest. Reason being, it keeps the transcription and stores in the cloud server. That way the user can’t reach its source and can’t help much regarding deletion.

According to Amazon, Alexa erases transcripts from its “main system” but it still remains in some of the areas where it is stored. It is also confirmed that Alexa is working on finding the solution of removing audios and transcripts from other places where it travels.

It is revealed by one of the correspondents of Google that Alexa has violated privacy and now it is at the peak and has reached risk of next level. Even Facebook confessed it in April 2019 that it has stored data of permanently deleted or deactivated their profiles/accounts.

White House’s CIO (Chief Information Officer) Theresa Payton stated that “delete” is not “delete” and it simply means that you are fooled by not seeing it anymore. Whereas, all the information is recorded and saved by Google and Amazon Alexa.

On Thursday the 9th of May 2019, a total number of nineteen consumers lodged a complaint against Amazon Echo Dot Kids at Federal Trade Commission. These people asked to help them in deleting voice recordings which were recorded even after they actually deleted those audios. Parents of these children had to call the customer service to remove recordings from the “Remember” feature.

Corey Alvarez Keller is a performance-driven and highly accomplished IT security specialist with more than 7 years of significant experience in Quality and Risk assurance. She had applied his skills in diverse domains which cover Business and Banking solutions. When not working you will find him spend his weekend watching movies or clubbing around.