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5 simple improvements that will revalue your house

Imran Javed



Are you thinking of selling your house? Making certain improvements in a home can revalue your price by more than 25%. There are large and small reforms; they are all welcome, but they do not have the same value. For example, changing an old and outdated floor will improve the appearance of your home, without a doubt, but will it revalue its price? Not as much as you would if you invest in changing windows, for example. Today we reveal what works revalue a home, yes or yes.

1. Pull walls and join spaces

Pulling partitions down may seem like a fad but there are many advantages that we do not consider:

·         It contributes to giving a greater feeling of spaciousness to the house.

·         It allows natural light to flow better.

·         The vision of the house is cleaner, less oppressive. Your field of vision finds fewer obstacles and delights in the order and decoration of the space.

More versatile and multifunctional spaces are created, since, without having delimitations, you can change the furniture’s layout and purpose as many times according to your home design ideas.

2. Increase natural light

Less bulbs and more windows, natural light gives vitality and warmth to the environment, contributes to regulate naturally the air conditioning of the house and give a greater sense of spaciousness. In addition, it is synonymous with health; since it is scientifically proven that our body regulates and influences our mood. So, would not you like to enhance the natural light of your house? You can do it by pulling partitions and joining spaces, as we mentioned in the previous section. Or, you can create new holes in the house or expand existing ones.

3.  Renew the facilities

Today it is very difficult to find a new construction home on the site you like. Therefore, many people choose to buy second-hand homes and reform them. Or, invest in reforming your own home instead of buying a new one. In any of the cases, renovating the facilities is a necessary investment when there is a certain age in the home.

It is not only a matter of revaluing its price, but of security and energy efficiency. Remember that electrical, water, heating and gas installations can be the source of unpleasant domestic accidents. Posts to reform, do not skimp on renovating the facilities

4.  Improve energy efficiency

The energy cost of a home is like a second mortgage that you will pay for a lifetime. Therefore, investing in improving energy efficiency is the wisest decision you can make when planning the reform of your home. These home design ideas will really revalue your home. On the one hand, you will save on each invoice, which will take you to recover the investment. On the other hand, it is an important revaluation of housing in the face of the sale, since more and more importance will be given to the energy efficiency certificate.

·         Change the windows by more efficient models of double or triple glazing and low emissivity glass, depending on the climate of the region where you live.

·         Thermal rehabilitation of the facade. It is more complicated work, because it concerns the whole building, but there is some public aid and it is an improvement for all.

Improve the insulation of your home indoors and gaps that can produce drafts.

5. A picture is worth a thousand words

There are really important improvements that revalue the house but do not look, as facilities, for example. Then, there are others that will take the entire leading role even if they are less transcendental. We refer to minor works such as:

·         Change the floor covering.

·         To reform the bathroom and/or the kitchen.

·         Paint the walls.

·         Renew the decoration through furniture, home textiles, and other decorative accessories.

They are very visible changes and, for that reason, they have a lot of power. Everyone likes to live in a nice house, but remember that, in case you have to prioritize your budget, improvements in energy efficiency and facilities should be the priority in terms of savings, safety, and quality of life.

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