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4 good Putlocker alternatives to stream movies online




The original Putlocker was closed in 2016 due to threats of legal action and by the target of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Since then, many clones have appeared in place. Until those clones prove that they are reliable, what are some good Putlocker alternatives?

Search for ‘putlocker’ and you will see hundreds of returns for those clones. From, to, there are many that offer the same service as the original. Given the nature of the service offered, we do not know if we can trust any of these sites. That does not mean that they are bad, not at all, but it does give a moment of silence.

So what are some feasible alternatives for Putlocker?

Four Putlocker alternatives that are worth a try

The original Putlocker was illegal in many countries because it was only intended to connect users to illegal TV streams. It was not the only company that offered this type of service, but it was certainly the highest profile, which is the reason why it was attacked by the MPAA.

Although Putlocker never host copyrighted material, it does have links to hosting, and that caused problems. Like most successful websites, as soon as someone goes down, many impersonators appear to fill the gap. That happened here.

Popcorn Time

Although the scope is slightly different from that of Putlocker, the use of Popcorn Time is the best way to access free movies and TV programs. You have to download an app instead of via a browser, but the app is small and does not contain malicious code that I could find. Install the app, find a title, select it and it will play. There is also Popcorn Time Online if you prefer.

The interface and app are pretty good with clear category selections and many new and emerging titles. There are the usual no-names here, but the selection also includes many blockbuster or top-TV titles. The disadvantage of installing an app instead of looking through a browser is easily compensated by the ease of use and the huge amount of available content.

Solar film

Solar Movie seems pretty much appreciated, although I have never heard of it myself. The website is clean and easy to use and also works pretty fast. It is not the most slick interface in the world, but it does away with finding films and TV programs to watch. Both have their own category and there is also a useful search function if you need them.

The range of films and shows seems mixed. Some titles that I had never heard of before, but others were recent and what we would consider successful. Streaming is also seamless. Highlight a title and a pop-up appears, select Watch and a new screen appears with the title front and center. There seems to be little buffering and speed acceptable.


FMovies is a bit like Solar Movie, but the interface is much more fun. It also seems to contain many more Hollywood titles and regular TV shows. The layout seems better with FMovies and the general experience is better for the leaf area. When it comes to watching, FM movies can stagger a little. During peak hours, selecting and viewing a title can take up to a minute.

Select a title and you will be taken to the movie page. The film should play automatically. Keep in mind that, click on the movie on the page and a pop-up will appear for Forge of Empires. Leave the page alone and the content should play without shenanigans.


123Movies has been around for a while and may or may not be a clone of the original, depending on what you read online. Anyway, this version of the site works well. The website itself is smooth and easy to use. It has the usual category selections and even land for those who love foreign films. The selection is wide and varied and includes the most new releases as far as I can see.

Selection is simple, find a title, select it and you will be taken to the page. The movie will play automatically or quickly after a prompt. It loads smoothly, buffers quickly and offers HD playback without hassle.

We Do not approve of piracy or violates the law. I advise you not to use any of these sites, but only suggest alternatives to Putlocker if you are looking for them.

If you decide to use one of these, always use the protection. Keep your antivirus software running and use a VPN!

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