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13th Birthday Party Themes

13th Birthday Party Themes

When your daughter was younger, it may have been easy to come with several fun birthday party themes for her to choose from. For example, you may have suggested a dress-up party, a princess party or even a pony party in her younger years. Now that your little girl is approaching the teen years, however, these party themes may no longer be appealing. However, she and her friends may also not be ready for a more mature party theme. While a 13th birthday party can seem challenging to plan, the fact is that there are several fun ideas that you can suggest to your daughter for her upcoming celebration.

When you think about birthday party themes for a younger teenage girl, the general idea will be to select a theme that lacks the juvenile flair associated with cartoon characters while still appealing to the fun, carefree spirit of children this age. Whether you decide to host a co-ed party and invite a few boys or the event will be an all-girls affair, you can consider a few fun ideas.

For example, while dressing the girls up as princesses may no longer be appropriate, a costume party can still be a fun idea. Think about if there is a Hollywood blockbuster movie that all of the kids are raving about. Dressing up as characters in the movie can be fun. If the birthday is close to a holiday, holiday-themed costumes may be a creative solution for fun. For an all-girls celebration, taking a few girls for a spa treatment, lunch and a movie is also a more mature spin on the dress-up or makeover party that you may have hosted for your daughter in previous years.

If the birthday falls during the warmer months of the year, a luau girl’s birthday party theme at the neighborhood pool is fun. If you have access to a heated indoor pool at a local gym or health club, a luau idea can even be pulled off successfully during the winter months.

If you are open to your home or backyard getting a little dirty or if you want to host a party outdoors at a park, you may consider a messy birthday party theme. This party may include everything from water balloons filled with shaving cream to dried, washable paint and more.

Another idea is to look at upcoming big events in your community or a neighboring community. You can take a few girls to a concert of a teen music idol or to the opening of a play. If there are no special events coming up in the near future, taking your daughter and a few friends to a local theme park or water park for a few thrills is always a fun idea.

While you can always simply open up your home for a typical girl part or slumber party, you may be looking for fun birthday party themes that give your daughter and her friends a special experience with great memories. The 13th birthday is a special one, and these are just a few of the many great ways that you can give your daughter a unique experience to celebrate the milestone event of becoming a teenager.


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