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13th Birthday Party Invitations

girl’s 13th birthday is a rite of passage into the teen years. Regardless of your budget, you can throw a terrific party to make her day extra special. After choosing a theme and location, it is time to tackle the birthday party invitations. Here are some 13th Birthday party theme ideas and invitations that correspond to them.

1. Dance Party

Sweep out the garage and turn it into a disco for a night. Buy or borrow a karaoke machine and download some of her favorite tunes. Let her sing and dance the night away while punch and cupcakes decorated with vinyl records are served.The invitations can reinforce the theme by displaying a vinyl record, a disco strobe light, or a microphone.


2. Camp out

Invite her closest friends for an overnight camping trip in the backyard. Pitch a tent and serve hot dogs and s’mores that the guests make by the camp fire.

The birthday party invitations can picture a tent or a s’more. For extra fun, the invitation can let the guests know that party entertainment will include ghost stories told by them.

3. Beauty Bash

She and her friends will love manicures and pedicures given during her beauty bash. 13 year old girlsare very attuned to their appearance and trends so be prepared with crazy colors, glitters, and other nail accessories.

Nail polish can be the prominent image on the invitation, and the dessert served could also be colorful marshmallow treats shaped as bottles of nail polish.


4. Mexican Fiesta

If her favorite food is tacos, a Mexican fiesta could be a perfect choice. The menu is easy, tacos, enchiladas, nachos, burritos, and Mexican chocolate. Serve it buffet style so the guests can have fun making their own food.

The invitations can resemble a sombrero or a taco and promise salsa dancing lessons as the party entertainment.

As you can see, the theme, entertainment, and key menu items should be determined before the invitations are designed. Invitations can be paper, electronic, or even text messages to the guests. Keep the birthday girl’s personality and preferences forefront in your mind when planning the party and designing the invitations. Your budget should also be a factor, but there are many ways to create an inexpensive party and invitation that makes your 13 year old girl’s birthday the best one yet.


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