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The Entrepreneurial Baby, Raise Your Baby to Think Creativity.



Babies , Kids and Fun

When you think about your childhood, the first things that come to your mind are playing under the sun, with friends and creating and inventing new games and getting your funny baby onesies dirty in the mud. However, as time has passed, new technology has developed which has led to the kids of this generation finding fun through pre-made games and staying indoors all the time. As parents, we have a huge role into developing our kids future, by things that we do on purpose or even things that we do by habit. We want our kids to become those successful child entrepreneurs. This can be done consciously and unconsciously by encouragement of certain qualities which your child presents. There lies an evident difference between playing indoors on phones and playing outdoors with nature and using creativity to create new games. This has now led to younger children to lack both creativity and risk-taking behaviour. These are necessities for becoming child entrepreneurs and having the entrepreneurial spirit. Creativity and risk-taking behaviour are crucial for kids to develop a future entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. By playing games at home, they lack the fundamental risk-taking skills and learning that failure exists, and one can bounce back from failure.

What should parents do?

As parents, we have a duty into making our kids live a life and push them towards certain direction, however, due to difficulties and the lifestyle changes, we have become helicopter parents that worry too much and fearful parents. As an example, when your child wants to put his shoelaces on, don’t try speed the process by doing their shoelaces for them, give them time and let them learn. Teach your child to be optimistic and not fearful of failure. Teach them these essentials on the entrepreneurial spirit and to become child entrepreneurs and not to be fearful of failure. Let your child take small risks, let them play outside, and grow their young creative minds. When your child fails, don’t quickly help them, let them learn to embrace failure knowing that they can conquer it, even after they have failed. Kids these days may have become, stronger faster, fearless however they lack the entrepreneurial side. Creativity and risk taking.Some experts say humour is essential, and some mothers believe its best to get funny baby onesies , baby toys , colourful baby head wraps or other cute baby colourful items to enhance creativity however this isn’t scientifically proven yet.


These activities should be encouraged:

  • Playing games outside
  • Music class
  • Drama class
  • Art classes
  • Chess
  • Creativity
  • Optimism
  • Risk taking behaviour
  • Embracing failure
  • Encourage entrepreneurial spirit and to lead them towards becoming child entrepreneurs

Don’t forget, that entrepreneurs that make it within Silicon Valley usually have 2-3 previous fails.

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4 good Putlocker alternatives to stream movies online




The original Putlocker was closed in 2016 due to threats of legal action and by the target of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Since then, many clones have appeared in place. Until those clones prove that they are reliable, what are some good Putlocker alternatives?

Search for ‘putlocker’ and you will see hundreds of returns for those clones. From, to, there are many that offer the same service as the original. Given the nature of the service offered, we do not know if we can trust any of these sites. That does not mean that they are bad, not at all, but it does give a moment of silence.

So what are some feasible alternatives for Putlocker?

Four Putlocker alternatives that are worth a try

The original Putlocker was illegal in many countries because it was only intended to connect users to illegal TV streams. It was not the only company that offered this type of service, but it was certainly the highest profile, which is the reason why it was attacked by the MPAA.

Although Putlocker never host copyrighted material, it does have links to hosting, and that caused problems. Like most successful websites, as soon as someone goes down, many impersonators appear to fill the gap. That happened here.

Popcorn Time

Although the scope is slightly different from that of Putlocker, the use of Popcorn Time is the best way to access free movies and TV programs. You have to download an app instead of via a browser, but the app is small and does not contain malicious code that I could find. Install the app, find a title, select it and it will play. There is also Popcorn Time Online if you prefer.

The interface and app are pretty good with clear category selections and many new and emerging titles. There are the usual no-names here, but the selection also includes many blockbuster or top-TV titles. The disadvantage of installing an app instead of looking through a browser is easily compensated by the ease of use and the huge amount of available content.

Solar film

Solar Movie seems pretty much appreciated, although I have never heard of it myself. The website is clean and easy to use and also works pretty fast. It is not the most slick interface in the world, but it does away with finding films and TV programs to watch. Both have their own category and there is also a useful search function if you need them.

The range of films and shows seems mixed. Some titles that I had never heard of before, but others were recent and what we would consider successful. Streaming is also seamless. Highlight a title and a pop-up appears, select Watch and a new screen appears with the title front and center. There seems to be little buffering and speed acceptable.


FMovies is a bit like Solar Movie, but the interface is much more fun. It also seems to contain many more Hollywood titles and regular TV shows. The layout seems better with FMovies and the general experience is better for the leaf area. When it comes to watching, FM movies can stagger a little. During peak hours, selecting and viewing a title can take up to a minute.

Select a title and you will be taken to the movie page. The film should play automatically. Keep in mind that, click on the movie on the page and a pop-up will appear for Forge of Empires. Leave the page alone and the content should play without shenanigans.


123Movies has been around for a while and may or may not be a clone of the original, depending on what you read online. Anyway, this version of the site works well. The website itself is smooth and easy to use. It has the usual category selections and even land for those who love foreign films. The selection is wide and varied and includes the most new releases as far as I can see.

Selection is simple, find a title, select it and you will be taken to the page. The movie will play automatically or quickly after a prompt. It loads smoothly, buffers quickly and offers HD playback without hassle.

We Do not approve of piracy or violates the law. I advise you not to use any of these sites, but only suggest alternatives to Putlocker if you are looking for them.

If you decide to use one of these, always use the protection. Keep your antivirus software running and use a VPN!

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Why Cosmetic Surgery Doesn’t Lead to Lasting Self-Acceptance?




Beauty pageants, businesswomen, and other people from different walks of life are always in the lookout of something that could make them more gorgeous and wanted. Something that could make them a little prettier in terms of flawless and tightened skin has been the missions of many beauty products and manufacturing companies. Therefore, they happen to appear on television advertisements with massive conviction power about bringing a huge and drastic change in your skin and beauty.

However, the best practices of undergoing plastic or cosmetic surgery processes enable treatment on the surface level alone. That clearly means methods are not penetrated into the skin and seems to occur time and time again. To curb these situations, certain acts and actions are taken place. In such cases, fillers in general, help in settling with the skin and make a long-term effect.

Cosmetic Procedure – Ways of Painless Cosmetic Surgery

Following are the types of fillers which are at times needed to bring out the best from the skin and person.

Let’s delve in to understand types of fillers…

  • Bellafill is that kind of filler which is also called Poly Methyl Methacrylate. It is mostly present in the markets but happens to have a shortage too. Bellafill is mixed with collagen to show least side-effects.
  • Silicone filler is medically used where the silicone is of the highest quality. Also, these facial cosmetic fillers are the oldest ways of dealing with plastic surgery.
  • Calcium Hydroxyapatite is that type of a filler which is used on the face. It is a lot like bone and filler material and is used by injecting it into the body.
  • Hyaluronic acid is used as facial fillers. It is a substance that already is structured in the face by nature. So, the filler used is that which copies and mimics substance which is already present in the face. People, in general, get this one done because it is easy to use in any part of the body.


Reasons Why Cosmetic Surgeries Don’t Give Feel of Lasting Self-Acceptance?

First and foremost, we need to understand: what are the ways of staying happy after receiving tons of Botox, treatments, cures, and cosmetic surgeries.

Let’s see the answers of the question mentioned above.

So, the question: what are the ways of staying happy after receiving tons of Botox, treatments, cures, and cosmetic surgeries?

Primarily, the reasons as to which people feel sad after spending tons of money on themselves to become different or to have the desired look is based on taking care of the sinking self-esteem. They happen to strive longer to maintain standards of beauty set in the society and region. Unfortunately, not meeting the expectations, following norms which don’t make sense to them, and going through the procedures; everything costs them an arm and a leg.

Idealization, Self-Respect, and Self-Acceptance

Idealization occurs when everyone in society talks about the latest trends. People, in general, take charge of those trends and count them as the modern gateway to look prettier and most wanted in terms of glamour. It is observed that females undertake cosmetic surgeries the most. Young adults and adults are the main focused age groups which are targeted by the cosmetic surgeries, cosmetic products, and eventually cosmetic setbacks.

Anyway, adults and young adults both go through procedures which make them have desired features in the most enchanting ways. For example, they get their nose, boob, eyebrow, and eyelids jobs did thinking it will change their lives and they will get everything on its base.

Despite getting better job designations, these people who get plastic surgery done, remain sad from inside. Reason being, they don’t seem to accept who they have become is the need of society and not what they wanted from themselves.

Self-acceptance and self-respect come with knowing about oneself and not changing looks. Perhaps this is what bothers them the most.

Statistical Studies on Plastic Surgeries and Self-Acceptance

According to studies, 93% of all those who got the cosmetic surgery done are of the point that they will go for it again as they cannot accept who they have become (after surgery). It was either due to the result they had to see was not satisfying or they wanted some tweaks in the looks again. However, a fair percentage of plastic surgery patients were fine with the results.

Understanding Myth: plastic Surgeries and Connection to Self-Acceptance

Self-image or self-awareness are two things which are not always connected to plastic surgeries. Advanced technology has made these surgeries possible, long lasting, and even less painful. However, they are the need of time as well. For instance, when people get cataracts in eyes, they get it removed through one of the surgeries – not plastic surgery though.

Other than that, there are other needs which aren’t related to plastic surgeries but are categorized under same (plastic surgery). Those include boob jobs or “breast expansion” and “breast rhinoplasty”. Though they both have a huge difference, they’re classified under the same category.

Summing Up – Conclusion

To accept ourselves, we need certain changes in our bodies and faces, right? And we understand that it is not possible to get fixing done after every few months. Not only because of financial concerns but also the pain, agony, and the process of accepting oneself over and over again. However, we should and must know the reactions of people who judge us for not opting plastic surgery. We should also know that it is okay to be how we are without the surgeries of any kind.

Therefore, to conclude we can say that, it is fine to accept the person who you are and care the least about people who judge you on having a crooked nose, wrinkled skin, and what not. Go for the best solutions if you think it is needed because you want it and not because it is required in order to settle or gel in with society. In short, you should matter the most.

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Benefits of Quitting Smoking Now




Smoking is an act that not only puts you in a lot of health concerns but also lessens life expediency. However, chain smokers are addicts of nicotine just the way people who use pot, cracks, or any other form of a drug are of drugs. This makes it sound a little too scary that what actually happens to smokers when they go off smoking. Is it just the willpower that counts or anything else besides it is needed too? Well, according to studies and research the very first aspect that helps in taking an action against bad habit (in this case, smoking), is willingness. After which support, care, rehabilitation, and other measures come in handy.

In this article, we are going to read about the significance of quitting smoke NOW! Let’s delve in and know the topic in length.

Health Benefits to Expect During Your First Few Months Smoke-Free

The myth that surrounds smokers is that you happen to cut down on the addiction to consuming nicotine right away, is totally bogus. Another myth that smokers think is that your system starts getting clean the very first day of stopping smoking. Well, both the myths are MYTHS and not realities.

However, it is true that the human body starts to accept change in eight to ten days. In a case where a person was a chain smoker, it takes up to several months (more or less around three to four months).

Certainly, the body starts getting used to of new mechanisms and getting off nicotine helps in the cultivation of goodness in personality.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Advantages that are seen after getting the body system clean from nicotine or cigarettes are mentioned below.

Normalization of Brain’s Wires:

Nature has made everything easy if we look up to it by believing in getting best. By saying so, we mean that whenever a smoker quits and promises on not consuming nicotine, he is taken back to the best form – the form in which he was born, all clean. Therefore, when a smoker doesn’t smoke, brain receptors starts to get back to a normal state. Sensitization, however, helps in curbing smoking addiction.

There is a condition through which ex-smokers get to notice – a cough. Former smokers find themselves coughing because of cilia in the throat. They are advised to consult a doctor in this case.

The boost in Lung’s Mechanism

It is a known fact that lung’s improvement or its performance is determined on consumption of smoke, drugs, and environment. However, smoking in terms of inhaling nicotine is concerned, there are several advantages. First of all, lungs start to act better as in breathing issues are minimized. Also, tracheal or tubercular sensitivity is cosseted. Secondly, it also becomes easier to climb against gravity (mountain, stairs, or even ladder). All these signs happen to appear in less than three months.

Heart Concerns and Blood Circulation

Since heart malfunctioning leads to several diseases, it has become one of the major reasons of death in the United State of America. Smokers get attracted by heart diseases easily. Reason being, nicotine imbalances adrenaline in the bloodstream and leads to high blood pressure. That becomes another reason for increased heartbeat (also known as palpitation).

Skin Recuperation

Smoking is one of the main reasons as to why skin starts getting pale, wrinkled, pigmented, and starts to lose elasticity. However, something great happens to occur when smoker leaves consumptions of nicotine. For example, he experiences subtleness, brightness, flawlessness, and has more elasticity. Interestingly, this drastic change can be noticed within three months of termination of smoking.

In case you are a smoker and willing to quit, then after-effects of terminating smoking should serve as motivation.

Alternatives to Cigarettes

It is a known fact that nothing remains same forever. Likewise, trends change. Smoking cigarettes are hazardous for health, which may even lead to death. This notion is taken as a warning.

E-Cigs or Vapes

Today’s trend in the world of smokers is based on E-cigarettes. They are also known as vapes or virtual cigarettes. The most common way of consuming tobacco or nicotine is based on E-cigs or vapes. According to research, high and middle schoolers are totally fixated to it which is a lot better than smoking fags. There are no side-effects as such. Liver, tummy, throat, and chest pains are not a complaint by people who use vapes. However, vapes also have a very thin possibility of bringing damage to your health, it is still better than smoking cigs. Having said so, using vape will motivate to be smokefree without experiencing the signs of withdrawal from cigarettes.

Other Options

The following comes as other options which help in quitting smoking.

  • Nicotine patches
  • Herbal fags
  • Acupuncture
  • Hypnotherapy

What Happens When Nicotine Subsidies in Human System?

Last but not least, if you are a serious chain smoker, who consumes more than ten cigarettes each day; but want to curb on it, then joining a rehab center would be the best. Though what may happen to you in the withdrawal period is a frequently asked question.

In the first two weeks smoker feel extremely exhausted, craves for nicotine, and the urge kills him (of course not literally but metaphorically). He feels tightness in the neck as well as the stomach. It persists for another few days or even weeks. But by three or four months, the ex-smokers body becomes used to of a cleaner version.

There are ways through which smokers or even ex-smokers can stay away from consuming nicotine in the form of fags or cigarettes.  Among them, the main is to divert mind and don’t fall prey of smoking with a company of friends or bunch of people who smoke. Finding everything about nicotine and cigarettes also assist in eliminating nicotine from life.

Focusing on all the ideas that you have in mind and writing them down (aka journaling) helps in stopping smoking. Moreover, find the reasons why, when, how, and where of smoking. As in why do you smoke, where do you prefer to smoke, how do you smoke, with whom do you smoke. Answers will definitely help you in knowing yourself which will result in fantastic ways.

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